Why Do You Need an Education Consultant to Study in Australia?

Do you know about the Australian education system, norms for admission, and top universities? If you don’t have much idea about these, you need to hire an education expert for help. In Australia, you would face new norms for admission and various obstacles may arise in the process. The best way to getting a smooth migration and education journey is hiring a certified agency to take care of everything.

First, you need a confirmation of enrolment (COE) from an approved university to get a visa for further study in Australia. Other vital documents required for the same are English proficiency skill certificate, Overseas Students Health Cover, and evidence of sufficient fund to get a visa based on the course duration. Don’t how to get them? Don’t worry, hire study in Australia consultants to get guidance and a smooth migration to the island country. Apart from that, you can gather information about favourable student’s cities, courses, living expenses, and top universities based on your career goal.

After reaching in Australia, you need to adapt to cultural differences and look for an accommodation to get admission quickly. As consultants are aware of the challenges faced by international students, they can deliver suitable solutions to these problems quickly.

Why Do You Need an Education Consultant?

Pursuing higher education in Australia is always a beneficial venture for students. The reasons are the quality education, recognised certificate, and life enriching experience that helps in moving ahead in your chosen career. Getting a suited program won’t be a problem as over 22000 courses are offered in 1100 premier institutions. Naturally, you will get confusions while selecting a path based on your interest and goal. In this situation, education consultants for Australia may come to your rescue with guidance and reliable information which would help to make an informed decision about your career.

As an international student, you may get a scholarship from the Australian government while pursuing your higher studies in the regional university. Besides that, you would enjoy greater employment opportunities after completing your education in an Australian university.

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Open the gate of Australian permanent residency with top courses

You managed to migrate to Australia for study. Now, you fell for everything there. The beautiful cities, world-class education, increasing job opportunities and friendly native Australians really captured your heart. And now, you intend to settle there permanently, right? But, you do not know how. For international students like you, it is important to get a right to live, study and work for permanent and for that you need to attend two years of study. Then you can apply for temporary work visa. It is the initial step towards making a move for permanent residency.

It is because the visa would permit international students who have recently completed graduation in Australia to live, work and study temporarily. And for more details and assistance, you can also approach to study in Australia consultants. The expert consultants will guide you and help you at each step.

Top 3 courses for your permanent residency in Australia

However, if you are professional in occupations which have been included in the list of Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you will enjoy the higher possibility of getting PR. Then you can look forward to attending Professional Year Program which is 12 months in duration. After successful completion of the program, you will gain five extra points of migration. The professional year program is mainly for international students who have graduated in accounting, computer science and engineering. Hence, any of the education consultants for Australia would advise you to choose top three courses mentioned above. These courses can be your keys to open the gate for your permanent residency in Australia.

It is because the demands for the skilled engineers, accountants and computer science professionals or experts is very high. The demand would be long term due to stiff competition in international market. And Australian Government is putting effort to turn overseas graduates into long-term assets.

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Best ways to find reliable education consultants for Australia

Do you find choosing best course and institution in Australia a bit confusing? When it comes to attaining a quality education, Australia is the country that resonates in the minds of hundreds of international students. However, for some Nepalese students, admission to universities and visa application policies may appear little daunting. It is always difficult to make quick decision particularly if one does not have sound knowledge about the course and institution.

Therefore, most of the international Nepalese students approach to leading education consultants for Australia. But, finding a reliable education specialist is always challenging. Though in the market, many experts claim to offer professional consultation services for Australia education. But can you rely on them for their mere claims?

Here are some of the effective ways to find the reliable consultants.

Firstly, while choosing consultants you need to check their success history. It will give you a fair idea of how experienced your study in Australia consultants are. You can also check the visa success rate of their previous clients asking from them since certified consultants always keep a record of their previous experiences.  It will help you in deciding the reliability of the experts.

Another way is you can look for anyone who has taken the services from consultants. So, you can ask recommendation from him. This will make it easier for you to select an agency as per your requirement.  Thirdly, you can check the list of the countries in which they’re offering services. Most of the consultants give the list of country options coupled with vital information to aspirants during counselling. Ask as many questions as possible about the courses, admission policies, visa application procedures and many other scholarship programs that are offered to international students. The way the consultants’ response, it will reflect how knowledgeable and informative they are. You can compare the given options and select the most suited agency based on your need.

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The value of Australia education for Nepalese students!

Are you looking for educational opportunities in Australia? You may or not know how Australia has become a golden destination for quality education for students from Nepal. Quality education delivered under industrial experts is what the need of students today to be fit in job markets. This is the reason why people are seen rushing to study in Australia.

There are many countries where the gap between the demand and supply is huge; but sadly, nothing can be done to fix it unless students can gain a set of skills required to fill up the gap. I’m sure that Nepal would not be an exception too! The Australian Government is also doing all it can to present the opportunities. As per the report, Nepalis are one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the Australian cities.

The availability of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students in numerous educational institutions is one prime reason which attracts them. Many students having their migration to Australia after completion of their Degrees have permanently settled there and had become citizens of Australia as well. Thus, Nepalese students enjoy many privileges and benefits while studying higher education in the urban and regional universities of Australia.

Reasons behind sudden increase in the flow of Nepalese students to Australia  

Some of you may want to know the statistical reason behind the sudden increase of students going out there for higher education. Well, if not, let me explain in brief. Plenty of opportunities in Australian job markets followed by Simplified Students Visa Framework (SSVF) adopted by Govt of Australia are the two reasons. Apart from that, the availability of scholarships for students also contributes to it.

The study in Australia for Nepalese students became beneficial than before. As per the growth rate statistic, the increase in annual growth rate of students from Nepal migrating to Australia is 27 percent. Here after reading these, if you also want to study in Australia like all others, you must complete some of the formalities required.

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Why Australia became a favourite destination for higher study for Nepalese students?

Struggling to start your dream course in Australia? Obviously, financial problem is an obstacle faced by international students while pursuing their education in Australia. If you want to savey money while studying higher education in Australia, you can do it by applying for a scholarship available for foreign students in the regional universities.

The scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been helpful for the international students from Nepal. Australian universities have been offering various scholarships to international students which cover entire tuition fees sometimes for highly deserving students*, establishment allowance, return air travel, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) (in some courses), and contribution to living expenses (CLE). The total scholarship offered by Australian government was $200 million in 2016 to foreign students.

If you are from Nepal and working in Australia but looking for a further education in your profession, you can avail the scholarship scheme through the universities or institutions offered by Australian Government. As a part of your preparation for scholarship application, you need to have a pre-departure briefing attendance in the same year before you leave to Australia. It is mandatory particularly if you are applying for Australia Award Masters Scholarships. However, different kinds of scholarships have different terms, conditions and procedures. In case you feel the need of financial aid to study in Australia, you can approach education consultants for more details.

As per the report by Australian media, Nepalis became the fastest growing migrant population in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ with an annual growth rate of 27 percent. The sudden increase in the number of Nepalese migrants in Australia has made people curious about – what is attracting Nepalese students to Australia?

Of course, it is the quality education system with widened job opportunities, relaxed policies for visas, and notably, the availability of scholarships for international students coming from Asia-Pacific region are major reasons making easier to study in Australia for Nepalese students.

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How helpful is a scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students?

Everybody dreams to study abroad in developed countries like Australia. But it is not easy to actualize the dream. Affordability comes as a big challenge for international students from developing nations. Nepalese students also face the same challenge. However, to make Australian quality education accessible to all sections of people, the Australian Government shaped up many scholarship schemes. It invests around AUD 20 crores every year in scholarship schemes meant for overseas students.

However, international students from Nepal can opt various kinds of scholarshipin Australia for Nepalese students. Scholarship for masters, masters of research, PhDs, also for undergraduate courses can be applied. There are two types of scholarship available in Australia. One is the scholarship offered by Australian Government. Another is scholarship individually offered by universities and institutions. The scholarship helps aspiring students to pursue their dream courses. It covers course tuition fees, overseas student health cover and annual living allowance. Nepalese students can apply for scholarships such as Australia Awards Scholarships, Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and many other universities’ scholarships.

How favourable is to study in Australia for Nepalese students? 

Australia has turned into an educational paradise for international students. Study in Australia became a matter of pride and prestige for Nepalese students.  A recent study found an increase in Nepalese students migrating to Australia for further education. In 2015, it was found through a survey that Nepalese students were the fastest growing immigrant population in Australia. They also held the fifth position in the list of the largest foreign population found. The country became an attraction with many higher ranked universities offering quality education along with wide range of courses to choose from.

The educational system in Australia is quite advanced and more in quality. The education department has as many as 22,000 courses with 11,00 institutions. The extension of financial aid by Australian Government to international students is admired globally. The government expenses in huge to impart or share the country’s quality education with the students living in other parts of the world. It was found that Australia invests around AUD 20 crores annually every year offering various kinds of scholarships. Any needy international student can realise his dream to study at the prestigious institution in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

In a nutshell, it presents equal opportunities to all. Now study inAustralia for Nepalese students is easy with such abundant support in the form of scholarship programs.

Why is Australia a dream destination for your higher education?

Studying a dream course in your dream destination has always been your wish, isn’t it? Well, the right time to realise your dream has come now! Australia has simplified its study visa procedures under one category as student visa (subclass 500) for all courses. Further, the country has student-friendly cities which improve studying experience. Australian universities offer courses and programs which are recognised well in the academic world. Australian Government has allotted A$200 million in 2016 as scholarships to offer to deserving international students coming from different nations. That is why study in Australia always become a profitable venture for international students. The country has seven universities which have featured in top 100 global universities.

Best places to study in Australia

If you’ve chosen to study in Australia, it is important to find a suitable place first based on your preference and career goal. Thus, it is necessary to think where to study in Australia to help in achieving your goal. So, let me tell you the name of foreign students favourable cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, etc. where several reputable and quality educational institutions are available.

For instance, when you study in Melbourne, you can find the University of Melbourne which is ranked at top and 33 in the world as per the university rankings. International students can apply for various scholarships as offered by this university. No matter from where one is, but any international student would have equal opportunities regarding quality education and job employment in the market too. Similarly, students will find possibilities in other universities in Australia. Hence, you can choose the right destination and right courses.

Top courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students

Aspiring candidates have many career options in Australia. Some of the popular courses available are accounting and finance, information technology, engineering, nursing, social work, NAATI, Automotive, building and construction, cookery and hospitality and English language, etc. are available for undergraduate study in Australia for international students in Australian colleges. The courses are recognised and useful for candidates to start a promising career with great employment opportunities in the domestic market.

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How do Education Consultants help to Decide Where to Study in Australia?

Do you want to have a flying start in your career through studying in Australia? Obviously, everyone will say a big ‘yes’! The country with only small population has recently been the dream destination for students from worldwide. The presence of many prestigious educational institutions and universities which have higher global ranking have succeeded to provide some of the great contributors to the world. Some of you may still want to know in little more details the reason why study in Australia became a recent trend.

The country has relaxed immigration policies, making it easier for international students to migrate. Quality and affordability is another big pull factor. Apart from that one can underestimate the prospects and scopes in Australian job markets. People always carry a belief with them that if you have degrees from a renowned institution in abroad, you will be respected, noticed and prospect increases thrice. The native people of ‘Land of Kangaroo’ are friendly and welcoming to international students. With many students from worldwide studying in universities, it only strengthened the vibrancy and cultural diversity. Courses of undergraduate study in Australia forinternational students became popular. Some of the best courses students willing to study can choose comprised of Nursing, information technology, accounting, management, hospitality, ITI, etc.

Some students choose their subjects and courses well in advance, but what lacks in them is the right guidance and information about the universities or institutions. It is always good and even advisable on your part to be well informed about the availability of courses and the right selection of educational establishments.  To know where to study in Australia, you can approach to the right educational agency or consultancy. The agents have thorough knowledge about many prestigious institutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, etc. The consultants have rich knowledge and experience as they keep each kind of educational information with them. They will also be able to assist you right from the start of the admission process to till the finalisation of students to migrate even also while applying for visas.

However, to be eligible to migrate there for an educational purpose, you need to possess a certain level of English language proficiency. Hence, you need to have a good score at PTE test. Now you came to know each detail, so are you looking for well-informed Australian educational consultant? If yes, never hesitate to contact our AECC Global education experts.

Five reasons to surely convince you to study in Australia!

I believe it is right to say people do not see the need of change of things around them; but when they go away and come back, they then see and discover many things that require changes! This is one of the reasons people love to go out in search of innovation, creativity and for learning new things. Same is the case with today’s generation of students who wants to go abroad for higher studies, to equip the skill sets and want to come back to home country fully prepared and skilled to begin something different and innovative!

If you are one of such aspiring students willing to go abroad, you can choose Australia as your favourite destination. There are so many courses in Australia for international students. Here are the four reasons why you would feel convinced in migrating to the ‘land of Kangaroos’!

You will gain recognition: In Australia aspiring students would get to involve into study under uniform and recognized progression as per the national policy, Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). It consisted of secondary school, higher education as well as vocational education and training (VET) courses. At each level of study, there are specific sets of standard and outcomes. Once a student attends and completes then he will get formal recognition.

Quality: It was in the year 2000 that the Education Services for Overseas Students Act was enacted. The sole aim was to protect standards for foreign students who study in Australia. The Government also introduced regulatory requirements to education and training institutions through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The students gave the satisfied responses to it and as per them it only added quality. No matter how much study in Australia cost will be for them, it never became a hurdle for them due to quality education received.

World-class research: Australia has the history that despite being occupied with small population, it has never stopped producing world-class research centers. It has the tendency to always punch above its weight. Students can find the University of Queensland (UQ), as one of the leading international research and teaching centers in the areas of social science, biosciences, nanotechnology and development.

Student can enjoy visa perks: In Australia, you will get permit to work when required up to 40 hours with your student visas even when your course is still in session. During course breaks, you can extend your work to unlimited working hours. So, you will be able to work and study in Australia meeting your course expenses and can enjoy visiting to some of the country’s beautiful places that are worth-visiting.

Accommodation: It is one of the important considerations for students willing to go abroad for study. But in Australia, you would have a variety of options based on your length of stay. You will be able to choose campus accommodation, short-term accommodation, homestays and rental properties.

Why to study in Australia!

Do you really think you need to update yourself with latest technologies and other forms of skill sets? To be competent and highly skilful, you got to study at the leading prestigious institutions. Undoubtedly, the name of Australia came to your mind, the country with a small population but emerged out as leading international education centre!

The land of Kangaroos has witnessed a sudden increase in the enrolment of foreign students in leading universities and institutions over the last few years. Australia has been the focal point now for aspiring international students. Why not so, here after well researching, I came to know the following points of reasons that look valid and support why study in Australia. As per the statistical details, it was found that 457,243 number of students took admission in this year 2017 with the third largest country to attract Int’l students.

And most of the students came from China, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Malaysia. This indicated that there had been an overall increase of 14% in the enrollment this year as compared to the last year with exceeding overall nine thousand five hundred students from Nepal alone. This actually speaks volume about increasing significance of the country as one of the excellent education centres for international students.

Reason for sudden increase in enrolment

Relaxed visas policy, post-study work visas for international graduates, the establishment of numerous research centres, various occupations under Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) of Australian Government that leads to Permanent Residency as well, quality life standards and plenty of job opportunities and scopes are the pull factors. These are the main reasons why to study in Australia get a life enriching experience.

There are many popular cities where reputed universities and colleges can be found. For instance, in Sydney, you will have top listed universities which come under top 50 world’s best list. Brisbane is another finest destination for you. The city is a home of three major universities where students from abroad come to study in various disciplines. Adelaide, Perth and Canberra are also the centres of excellent education where you will have top listed universities.

Undergraduate/Postgraduate courses with scholarships possibilities for international students!

Planning to study in Australia with excellent academics in possession but not sure which course and course providers to opt for? If it is the case, we have the list of various courses and course providers with various scholarships possibilities that are available to you. The primary undergraduate/postgraduate courses in Australia for international students are available in accounting, architecture & building, business and management, communication, computing and information technology, nursing, engineering & technology, economics, social work, hospitality, and tourism among others in the regional universities.

Are you ready for studying undergraduate/postgraduate courses in leading university in Australia? If yes, get in touch with expert consultants of AECC Global today.