Why to study in Australia!

Do you really think you need to update yourself with latest technologies and other forms of skill sets? To be competent and highly skilful, you got to study at the leading prestigious institutions. Undoubtedly, the name of Australia came to your mind, the country with a small population but emerged out as leading international education centre!

The land of Kangaroos has witnessed a sudden increase in the enrolment of foreign students in leading universities and institutions over the last few years. Australia has been the focal point now for aspiring international students. Why not so, here after well researching, I came to know the following points of reasons that look valid and support why study in Australia. As per the statistical details, it was found that 457,243 number of students took admission in this year 2017 with the third largest country to attract Int’l students.

And most of the students came from China, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Malaysia. This indicated that there had been an overall increase of 14% in the enrollment this year as compared to the last year with exceeding overall nine thousand five hundred students from Nepal alone. This actually speaks volume about increasing significance of the country as one of the excellent education centres for international students.

Reason for sudden increase in enrolment

Relaxed visas policy, post-study work visas for international graduates, the establishment of numerous research centres, various occupations under Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) of Australian Government that leads to Permanent Residency as well, quality life standards and plenty of job opportunities and scopes are the pull factors. These are the main reasons why to study in Australia get a life enriching experience.

There are many popular cities where reputed universities and colleges can be found. For instance, in Sydney, you will have top listed universities which come under top 50 world’s best list. Brisbane is another finest destination for you. The city is a home of three major universities where students from abroad come to study in various disciplines. Adelaide, Perth and Canberra are also the centres of excellent education where you will have top listed universities.

Undergraduate/Postgraduate courses with scholarships possibilities for international students!

Planning to study in Australia with excellent academics in possession but not sure which course and course providers to opt for? If it is the case, we have the list of various courses and course providers with various scholarships possibilities that are available to you. The primary undergraduate/postgraduate courses in Australia for international students are available in accounting, architecture & building, business and management, communication, computing and information technology, nursing, engineering & technology, economics, social work, hospitality, and tourism among others in the regional universities.

Are you ready for studying undergraduate/postgraduate courses in leading university in Australia? If yes, get in touch with expert consultants of AECC Global today.

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