How helpful is a scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students?

Everybody dreams to study abroad in developed countries like Australia. But it is not easy to actualize the dream. Affordability comes as a big challenge for international students from developing nations. Nepalese students also face the same challenge. However, to make Australian quality education accessible to all sections of people, the Australian Government shaped up many scholarship schemes. It invests around AUD 20 crores every year in scholarship schemes meant for overseas students.

However, international students from Nepal can opt various kinds of scholarshipin Australia for Nepalese students. Scholarship for masters, masters of research, PhDs, also for undergraduate courses can be applied. There are two types of scholarship available in Australia. One is the scholarship offered by Australian Government. Another is scholarship individually offered by universities and institutions. The scholarship helps aspiring students to pursue their dream courses. It covers course tuition fees, overseas student health cover and annual living allowance. Nepalese students can apply for scholarships such as Australia Awards Scholarships, Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and many other universities’ scholarships.

How favourable is to study in Australia for Nepalese students? 

Australia has turned into an educational paradise for international students. Study in Australia became a matter of pride and prestige for Nepalese students.  A recent study found an increase in Nepalese students migrating to Australia for further education. In 2015, it was found through a survey that Nepalese students were the fastest growing immigrant population in Australia. They also held the fifth position in the list of the largest foreign population found. The country became an attraction with many higher ranked universities offering quality education along with wide range of courses to choose from.

The educational system in Australia is quite advanced and more in quality. The education department has as many as 22,000 courses with 11,00 institutions. The extension of financial aid by Australian Government to international students is admired globally. The government expenses in huge to impart or share the country’s quality education with the students living in other parts of the world. It was found that Australia invests around AUD 20 crores annually every year offering various kinds of scholarships. Any needy international student can realise his dream to study at the prestigious institution in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

In a nutshell, it presents equal opportunities to all. Now study inAustralia for Nepalese students is easy with such abundant support in the form of scholarship programs.

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