Open the gate of Australian permanent residency with top courses

You managed to migrate to Australia for study. Now, you fell for everything there. The beautiful cities, world-class education, increasing job opportunities and friendly native Australians really captured your heart. And now, you intend to settle there permanently, right? But, you do not know how. For international students like you, it is important to get a right to live, study and work for permanent and for that you need to attend two years of study. Then you can apply for temporary work visa. It is the initial step towards making a move for permanent residency.

It is because the visa would permit international students who have recently completed graduation in Australia to live, work and study temporarily. And for more details and assistance, you can also approach to study in Australia consultants. The expert consultants will guide you and help you at each step.

Top 3 courses for your permanent residency in Australia

However, if you are professional in occupations which have been included in the list of Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you will enjoy the higher possibility of getting PR. Then you can look forward to attending Professional Year Program which is 12 months in duration. After successful completion of the program, you will gain five extra points of migration. The professional year program is mainly for international students who have graduated in accounting, computer science and engineering. Hence, any of the education consultants for Australia would advise you to choose top three courses mentioned above. These courses can be your keys to open the gate for your permanent residency in Australia.

It is because the demands for the skilled engineers, accountants and computer science professionals or experts is very high. The demand would be long term due to stiff competition in international market. And Australian Government is putting effort to turn overseas graduates into long-term assets.

Do you need assistance to create a blueprint for your permanent residency in Australia? Contact our AECC Global education and migration experts for counselling today.

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