What to expect from undergraduate study in Australia for international students?

Looking forward to studying undergraduate in Australia? This beautiful island country is the perfect educational destination for you. The wide range of options for choosing courses and institutions is truly one of the major pull factors. Australian education department has a diverse field of study with a total of amounting to 22,000 courses in 1100 premier institutions. Hence, the country has become the third most preferred destination for overseas students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the regional universities.

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students became easier for foreign students from countries like Nepal. However, the first thing a candidate requires to possess is good academics and English language proficiency. Study in this beautiful country became one of the best wishes for many overseas students. If you are also willing to study there thinking to have a bright career full of prospects and opportunities, you are right. It is a place to start a successful career in the chosen field and also to gain enriching life experiences.

Where to study in Australia for undergraduate courses?

Studying in this beautiful ‘Land of Kangaroos’ means a lot. It adds prestige to the life of a student; it also offers a chance to lead a life of high standard with luxurious lifestyles. Another addition to the list is limitless earning opportunities. These are the main reasons why study in Australia became popular among today’s students. Though smaller in population, this country has always had a hallmark of punching above its weight.  And the results are very much evident from the fact that this country has given so many things to the world. Apart from availing the quality education, the entire world owes for some of the great inventions comprising of Google maps, penicillin, the black box of flight, etc. These were the result of quality education and advancement in the areas of science and technologies.

Some of you may not be known where to study in Australia, but you can choose any exciting and vibrant cities for education from many leading hubs such as Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth that are important cities of the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

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How can you find reliable education consultants to study in Australia?

Australia is the third most preferred country after USA and UK for overseas students in term of quality education. There has been a steady increase in the enrollment of international students in the regional universities. The technology-oriented learning, faculties with expertise, well ambience with advanced and sophisticated infrastructures are all part of attraction pulling the overseas students. The country has 22,000 approved courses offered at 1100 premier institutions. The quality education system and modern facilities are the reasons of attracting thousands of overseas students every year.

So, are you also willing to enjoy such quality education? You might have made up your mind to study abroad. But if you chose Australia as your destination abroad, there are some things that you need to pre-arranged before getting your visa application accepted. In case you do not know anything about the country’s immigration policy and education system, it is better to approach education consultants for Australia.

Why is it better to opt assistance from education consultants for Australia?

Studying abroad in the top universities is not easy as it appears. The country’s rules and policies of immigration come to play which become a challenge for aspiring students to cross. A student from abroad willing to apply for admission should be known and aware about all the detailed requirements, eligibility, visa application process, educational institutions and its policies. These are the reasons why most of the international students prefer taking assistance from a study in Australia consultants. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide an aspirant to write success stories in the island country.

Many educational consultancies have come into being to provide assistance while studying in Australia. They are the experts and can offer solutions to aspiring candidates when required. For instance, expert consultants will provide guidance and help at every step starting from the selection of courses to admission in the reputable institutions. In a nutshell, education experts play a significant role in writing success stories of overseas students while studying abroad.

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Reasons why study in Australia is the best option for Nepalese students

As soon as the results of School Leaving Certificate exam are declared, some of you may find it as a pleasant headache where to study. If your heart beats to study abroad, you consider studying in Australia. The country with plenty of options for courses and institutions to choose from as because Australian education department has 11,00 institutions and 22,000 courses. You can choose any of your favourite subjects or courses. In the global list of quality education providers, this country is positioned on 9th regarding its university ranking.

The Government of the country is generous with the fact that it invests around AUD 200,000,000 on scholarship for international students. The quality and standard of Australian education system is very high and draws respect from around the world. The country is a home to top global eight universities and five cities out of best 30 students’ friendly cities of the world. The system is focused on technology-oriented learning with modern equipment and amenities. After the study, one can look forward to joining the Australian workforce as there has been a steady progress of demand in the ever-growing Australian market. These are the reasons why study in Australia became popular among international students.

Best places and courses for your undergraduate study in Australia

Australia is a country with a smaller population, but it has some of the magnificent cities. These cities are not only the homes of some of the reputable universities but also provide various kinds of breathtaking things to enjoy. Some aspiring students willing to study in this island country may want to know where to study in Australia.

The country has some of the most popular cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Sydney, etc.  So, aspirants can also opt any city based on the preference. The Universities of Melbourne, Sydney offer exciting courses to overseas students. However, some of the major courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students are engineering, accounting, nursing, computer science, Information Technology, etc. The courses provide various kinds of employment opportunities and help in getting the permanent residency visa. It is because overseas students right after completion of their graduations with above courses or subjects from Australian universities can choose professional year programs. These programs fetch international students five extra points for attaining the Australian permanent residency visa.

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Value of consulting with education experts for study in Australia

When one thinks about study abroad, they sometimes face problems of plenty. But few choose Australia over others, and they rightly do so, because they have valid reasons to select this overseas educational hub. However, simply choosing it as a best favourable centre does not get them into prestigious universities. There comes a lot of challenges on the way to pursuing quality education in a foreign country like Australia. First thing strikes on the mind of every aspirant is how to apply for a student visa; how to choose best courses and institutions. Besides, often aspiring students wonder what it would be like migrating to a foreign country with no ideas about the country’s laws, educational system and native cultures, etc. These are the things which require deep thinking on the part of aspiring students.

Role of education consultant for overseas students

Nevertheless, these challenges should not prevent you from getting quality Australian education. It is because education specialists are the right professional experts who may assist you at each step. There are many increasing numbers of such experts who have vast work experience, knowledge and information about universities, courses, admission policies, etc. Education consultants for Australia can easily help international students willing to migrate to island country for further education. When approached, they help right from the beginning to till the completion of every formality required to fulfil.

On request, they will apply for admission to the Australian universities on your behalf. They keep updated with every latest happening of Australian education systems such as policy change, admission and course notifications, and keep an eye on market trend and employment. Study in Australia consultants plays as a bridge between the education destination and aspiring students. Migrating to foreign soil always requires international students to be mentally ready and fit to adjust themselves amidst of cultural difference.

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Why Study In Australia Became A Favourite Option For Overseas Students?

Looking to give wings to your dream career by studying at prestigious college in Australia? Australia became a synonym of quality education. The island country with a small population has been a huge quality education provider. Australian education system has been effectively engaged in offering world class quality education to the world. As equipped with 11,00 institutions and 22,000 courses, international students are turning up towards it. They have many options of choosing courses with their budget and many good institutions offers ranges of Scholarship for meritorious students apart from quality faculties and facilities for students. The quality of the education can be measured by looking at the numbers of scientists, doctors, researchers, and inventors it has produced so far over the years.

Most of you may not know that great inventions in the form of a black box, Penicillin and Google maps had all taken place in this island country. Moreover, the country has widened employment opportunities for overseas students. They can also engage in work and study together which is the option most of the international students truly admire. The Australian student visa allows working for 40 hours per fortnight and full-time during holidays or vacation. These are the reasons why study in Australia is preferred mostly.

This country offers the opportunity to both the post-graduate aspirants as well as undergraduate ones. Among a large number of courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students, most prefer courses like accounting, computer science, engineering, nursing, social science and information technology, etc.

How does professional year program benefit international students in more than one way?

One of the significant advantages that international students would enjoy while studying these courses is high demand in the local market. Australian market needs professionals with skills in these subjects. To bring down the shortage of skilled professionals, the Australian Government introduced many professional year programs. Those are bridging programs for international students who have graduated in accounting, engineering and computer science, etc. from any of the Australian universities. The professional year program fetches five extra points to international students towards attaining the permanent residency. This is an additional benefit apart from equipping all the essential skill sets such as real work experience, learning Australian work ethics, etc. through the programs to be fit to join the Australian workforce.

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ have some of the beautiful cities which are also the homes of some quality educational institutions and universities. The main cities of the country are Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Canberra which international students willing to study can consider quality hubs for quality education. Even if any aspiring student does not know where to study in Australia, he can get in touch with Australian education consultants. These experts are meant to guide and assist international students.

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Best Courses for Overseas Students in Australia

Are you planning to study higher education in Australia? Are you confused which courses to study in Australian universities? Let me tell you, Australian universities have 22,000 courses on offer under academic courses and vocational training program. As you can’t opt for all, you need to decide the best course that suit your goal and initial qualification. If you’re aspiring to get a job in Australia after completion of higher education, you need to choose a course coming under MLTSSL and STSOL categories. These categories aptly reflect the condition of Australian job market.

If you want to start a career in the healthcare industry, studying nursing courses in Australia is a good option. The Australian Nursing courses and programs are popular across the globe. The courses are designed based on the international standard under the close monitoring of Australian Qualification Framework. The aim of this organisation is to ensure the quality of programs provided by Australian university as needed in the local market. It is a vital step your successful career in nursing for you.

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled nurses in the domestic market. That is why graduates are more likely to get jobs in the local market post study nursing in Australia. The post-study work facility enables graduates to look for a suitable job in the niche industry. If your profession comes under special category and meets other eligibilities, you may get a nomination for permanent residency from the state.

Another important course that overseas students prefer to study in Australian universities is IT course. The country is a home to top-rated institutions offering IT courses in Australia for aspirants to kickstart their career. Working on the simulated projects enable graduates to get practical skills and knowledge during the training. Pursuing IT courses in the regional university is an important pathway for graduates to kickstart their career in the chosen field.

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Why Do Nepalese Students Want to Study in Australia After 10+2?

Australia turned out to be highly sought after educational heaven on earth for international students. The island country, though smaller in landmass and population, still holds significance for the world. The country has been contributing immensely to the world through its quality education. Australia became a synonym of ‘excellent global education centre’. The country looks advanced in every respect, equipped with standard quality education comprised of 1100 institutions along with 22,000 courses, it became a perfect choice for higher studies.

More than the quality education, it is the rich prospect and plenty of job opportunities that are responsible attracting Nepalese migrants. Today, the trend in Nepal is quite clear. Every Nepalese student nurtures a dream to study in Australia after 10+2. Last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of enrolments in various institutions and universities in the country. It was recorded that last year saw a maximum number of Nepali students which was around 20,463.

It is the vision Nepalese students carry to settle in Australia and explore the opportunities it presents. Nepalese community is currently the 8th largest overseas communities in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

How does permanent residency attract Nepalese students to Australia?

Though, the students go for higher study in the ‘Land of Kangaroo’, but after arriving, they apply for a permanent residency visa. Most of them love to move to this country because of the prospect to obtain PR.

Many Nepalese families, who can afford admire the idea to send their children to Australia for higher education. It is because they have a belief that it can change the fortune of their children. Therefore, they send them to study in Australia after 12th standard which is an ideal time as believed.    

One of the remarkable features of Australian education system is its vast range of courses. International students coming from different parts of the world always face the problem of plenty. This is one aspect of this country’s education department that attracts overseas students. Among the top courses often chosen by students today considering rich professional prospect, are accounting, engineering, IT, nursing, computer science, social science, etc. These are the main Australian courses for international students which would help them in fetching of extra points supporting towards attaining of PR.

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Reasons why studying IT and nursing courses in Australia became popular?

Willing to study IT or nursing courses in Australia? This country offers overseas students many prestigious universities and courses with demand in global market. The ‘land of Kangaroos’ is way advanced educationally when compared to other nations. There are 22,000 courses and 11,00 institutions which offer various options of courses and institutions. The quality is always there and the country, at any cost never compromise it.

It is the perfect hub for international students willing to study IT and nursing. Information technology has a high demand in the Australian market. It is because it plays a crucial role in technology driven industries. The courses have been designed in the way they transform the students into professionals with high-level expertise. Apart from that, IT courses in Australia have other benefits too for the international students. Overseas students, after graduating in IT from any Australian university can join the professional year program. This program offers the opportunity to students to learn practical knowledge and get introduced to work in the office. It is where they can learn and experience the typical Australian work cultures, increase communication skills and learn how to deal tough situation, etc.

Besides, after successful completion of the program, overseas students willing to settle there can automatically gain five extra points towards obtaining the permanent residency. Education quality is unbeatable and surpassing under the eye of Australian Qualifications Framework. The degrees and certifications are respected in every part of the world. There are also many scholarship schemes offered in the areas of information technology.  

Why should you choose to study nursing in Australia?

International students who want to study nursing in Australia know about the prospects already. Australians became health conscious, and the scope got widened with many international hospitals emerging out in the market. To be a successful a nurse, it is crucial to gain practical knowledge along with the theoretical learning. And this is where Australian universities or institutions focus mainly. Even there is an opportunity for international nurses.

However, to work and join the Australian workforce, the overseas nurses are required to attend the bridging program called IRON. This initial registration of nurses equips them with right skill sets required as per Australian Standard of nurses. The demand for skilled nurses is very high, and this is the reason overseas nurses can apply for permanent residency. Hence, the chance of visa approval is quite high.

Some of the major nursing courses in Australia are Diploma of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Science (Nursing) and PhD (Nursing).

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Educational opportunity to study in Australia after SLC

Decided to study in Australia after successful completion of School leaving certificate in Nepal? Australia would be the perfect option for you if you chose it for quality education. Plenty of opportunities regarding courses and institutions and employment are the primary reasons why any student would desire to study there. International students from Nepal willing to study in Australia after SLC must meet eligibility criteria, particularly the English proficiency test. This test is crucial for the grant of study visa and admission in courses and institutions.

The proficiency test of English known as Pearson Test of English tests candidate’s flair and fluency of the language. All the universities and institutions accept the score of this test. This is the reason candidates willing to take admission in the reputed institution should score high. However, for that students can prepare to improve their writing, listening, speaking and reading skills through constant practice and dedicated effort. There are many ways for practice. And even they can also take assistance from education consultants for guidance.

Undergraduate courses available for study in Australia

Australia a country of high-quality education. It is equipped with some of the world-class universities and institutions. This country has around 22,000 courses offered at 1100 institutions perfectly spread in different cities. Overseas students would be able to not only choose the favourite courses but also can prefer the best cities. Some of the major cities which attract hundreds of students from abroad include Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Among the elite courses available, most of the overseas students choose Accounting, Engineering, computer science, social science, nursing, etc. These are the major Australia courses for international students.

These courses not only help students with a plethora of employment opportunities in Australian job market but also assist them towards attaining the permanent residency. The aspiring students after graduating in Australian universities would be able to attend the professional year program. This program would help in gaining five extra points apart from introducing students into typical Australian work experience. So, gear up to study in Australia after 12th and explore the quality Australian education system.

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Role of scholarship to study in Australia for Nepalis students

Are you looking for a scholarship while studying in Australia? The island country is a favourable destination for higher education. Hundreds of Nepalese students apply for the scholarship every year. The government has allocated AUD 200,000,000 solely on scholarships for international students in 2016. Hence, Nepalese students willing to migrate to Australia for further quality education can look for applying for the scholarship. There are some reasons why the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ became every international student’s favourite educational hub today.

Availability of too many options to choose courses and institutions as this country’s educational system has 1100 institutions and 22,000 courses. Besides, quality learning through quality experts and faculties with modern technologies and sophisticated, student-friendly infrastructure are the pull factors. The numerous opportunities for scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students are also worth mentioning. For instance, Australia Awards Scholarship offered by Australian Government can help the needy aspirants. This scholarship is for undergraduate or postgraduate study in numerous Australian universities as well as in Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, establishment allowance, return air travel, contribution to living expenses (CLE) and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). So, a study in Australia for Nepalis students who cannot afford became possible because of the scholarship.

Requirement for applying for Australia Awards Scholarship

If you want to apply for the Australian Awards Scholarship, you must be a citizen of Nepal and meet all the eligibility criteria. Aspirants should have passed the minimum English language proficiency through PTE exam scoring 58 marks on an average. Besides, passport, citizenship certificate and degree certificate or School Leaving Certificate are also required.

If the aspirants fulfil all these requirements, they can apply for the scholarship, and on granting it, they can achieve their dream to study in Australia at leading prestigious institution.

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