Why and where to study in Australia?

Australia became a centre of attraction for quality education seekers. The country has world class cities with globally recognised universities. The typical Australian education system consists of quality in which practical aspect of learning gets more emphasised. It has 22,000 courses available offering a broad range of choices to aspiring students. Interestingly, students can opt for the best one from the list of 11,00 institutions. These are all scattered in cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne. The cities have their own attractions which capture the hearts of international students. Any aspiring overseas student can choose where to study in Australia and can apply for admission in a particular course in any specific cities.

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ presents immense scope for building a career by offering good choices to overseas students. Major courses in universities which are attracting students are accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science, etc. These courses are an important part of the undergraduate study in Australia for international students. After completing graduation in Australia in any of these subjects or courses, students can further do the professional year program. This program is mainly for Australian international graduate students. It equips the students with all the necessary skill sets comprising of practical exposure of students to jobs that acts as an internship. They learn and gain work experience about typical Australian working style which makes them more employable in Australian job market. After successful completion of the program, candidates earn 5 points extra towards permanent residency.

Why study in Australia becomes the first preference for overseas students?

Australia can be considered as the ‘land of good fortune’ for pursuing higher education. Quality and excellence became the synonyms of Australian education. Vocational and technical education gained an appreciation and drew global respect for quality and innovation. The education system has been designed in such a way that it focuses on delivering practical and career-oriented training to the students. Students, after the completion of the course, feel confident about their skill sets gained. And they win the hearts of employers. The teaching is world class with every institution has its state-of-the-art laboratories. The country has high usage of newly developed technologies which are being used for research and training for students.

In a nutshell, standard quality of education, plenty of choices of courses and institutions, the opportunity of ever growing Australian job market and some Australian scholarships are some of the major pull factors for overseas students. These are the reasons why study in Australia became highly popular among today’s generation.

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