4 reasons why study in Australia could be your best decision ever

Decided to study in Australia? Here are the top 5 reasons why study in Australia may give rich dividends to Nepalese students.

You will not be lonely: Australia is a country where every year large number of international students migrate to study higher education. You will meet many other international students who also see plenty of scopes and opportunities that would come up when one studies there. The Australian universities are overseas students friendly. They can settle, develop and foster new friendships and can enjoy every bit of their international experience.

Wide range of courses to choose from: This island country with around 23 million population has been a home to some of the renowned educational institutions. Australian education department has 22,000 courses with 11,00 institutions. Aspiring Nepalese students have the plenty of choices to make regarding institution and course. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students attracts hundreds of international students. And most of them choose top courses such as accounting, engineering, nursing, management, etc.

Various scholarship options: Australian Government offers different kinds of scholarship and another form of financial assistance to international students. The country invests around AUD 200 million on an international scholarship. Availability of scholarship is one of the prime reasons why international students want to migrate to Australia for higher education. Nepalese students can apply to many scholarships under various schemes. However, each university has its own scholarship schemes that can directly apply to international students.

Opportunity for work and study: No doubt, how strict is Australia in granting visa and immigration as international students need to pass the Pearson Test of English as part of the eligibility process. However, once the overseas students arrive, they can look to do part time job along with their studies. Australian visa allows international students to work for 40 hours fortnightly while still in course session and students can work for unrestricted number of hours during the holiday break. There is no shortage of jobs as employment can be found in sectors such as tourism, retails, banking, healthcare, etc.

Best places to study in Australia

Didn’t choose where to study in Australia? The country has some of the best places which can be considered as educational hubs for international students. Some of the students wonder where to study in Australia . But they can find cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth as important destinations for international students. These cities have world class universities where aspirants would get exposure to quality Australian education.

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