Educational opportunity to study in Australia after SLC

Decided to study in Australia after successful completion of School leaving certificate in Nepal? Australia would be the perfect option for you if you chose it for quality education. Plenty of opportunities regarding courses and institutions and employment are the primary reasons why any student would desire to study there. International students from Nepal willing to study in Australia after SLC must meet eligibility criteria, particularly the English proficiency test. This test is crucial for the grant of study visa and admission in courses and institutions.

The proficiency test of English known as Pearson Test of English tests candidate’s flair and fluency of the language. All the universities and institutions accept the score of this test. This is the reason candidates willing to take admission in the reputed institution should score high. However, for that students can prepare to improve their writing, listening, speaking and reading skills through constant practice and dedicated effort. There are many ways for practice. And even they can also take assistance from education consultants for guidance.

Undergraduate courses available for study in Australia

Australia a country of high-quality education. It is equipped with some of the world-class universities and institutions. This country has around 22,000 courses offered at 1100 institutions perfectly spread in different cities. Overseas students would be able to not only choose the favourite courses but also can prefer the best cities. Some of the major cities which attract hundreds of students from abroad include Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Among the elite courses available, most of the overseas students choose Accounting, Engineering, computer science, social science, nursing, etc. These are the major Australia courses for international students.

These courses not only help students with a plethora of employment opportunities in Australian job market but also assist them towards attaining the permanent residency. The aspiring students after graduating in Australian universities would be able to attend the professional year program. This program would help in gaining five extra points apart from introducing students into typical Australian work experience. So, gear up to study in Australia after 12th and explore the quality Australian education system.

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