Why Do Nepalese Students Want to Study in Australia After 10+2?

Australia turned out to be highly sought after educational heaven on earth for international students. The island country, though smaller in landmass and population, still holds significance for the world. The country has been contributing immensely to the world through its quality education. Australia became a synonym of ‘excellent global education centre’. The country looks advanced in every respect, equipped with standard quality education comprised of 1100 institutions along with 22,000 courses, it became a perfect choice for higher studies.

More than the quality education, it is the rich prospect and plenty of job opportunities that are responsible attracting Nepalese migrants. Today, the trend in Nepal is quite clear. Every Nepalese student nurtures a dream to study in Australia after 10+2. Last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of enrolments in various institutions and universities in the country. It was recorded that last year saw a maximum number of Nepali students which was around 20,463.

It is the vision Nepalese students carry to settle in Australia and explore the opportunities it presents. Nepalese community is currently the 8th largest overseas communities in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

How does permanent residency attract Nepalese students to Australia?

Though, the students go for higher study in the ‘Land of Kangaroo’, but after arriving, they apply for a permanent residency visa. Most of them love to move to this country because of the prospect to obtain PR.

Many Nepalese families, who can afford admire the idea to send their children to Australia for higher education. It is because they have a belief that it can change the fortune of their children. Therefore, they send them to study in Australia after 12th standard which is an ideal time as believed.    

One of the remarkable features of Australian education system is its vast range of courses. International students coming from different parts of the world always face the problem of plenty. This is one aspect of this country’s education department that attracts overseas students. Among the top courses often chosen by students today considering rich professional prospect, are accounting, engineering, IT, nursing, computer science, social science, etc. These are the main Australian courses for international students which would help them in fetching of extra points supporting towards attaining of PR.

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