Why Students Prefer to Study Nursing in Australia?

Want to see yourself as a successful nurse in future? If you do, you need planning and hard work to achieve your goal. Above all, you need to study at a university offering advanced nursing courses and programs to acquire quality education and knowledge. It is because nurses require experience and skills in providing modern healthcare services to patients. Otherwise, they won’t succeed and take the life of patients at peril.

If you want a successful nursing career in life, there can’t be a better destination than Australia. It is because you will find courses useful to kickstart the same. Nursing courses in Australia are known for their quality and practices in the academic world. Training is offered on the simulated projects to deliver real work exposure and skills needed to find employment after completion.

High Job Opportunities in Healthcare Industry

The shortage of registered nurses is widening in the national healthcare system. To meet the growing demand for medical facilities, Australia needs migrant nurses. That is why nursing graduates enjoy the higher possibility of getting jobs after completion of studies. Employers prefer locally trained nursing graduates for recruitment. Study nursing in Australia to be ready for a successful career and join the elite professional of nurses. Further, international qualified nurses can kick-start their dormant career joining the IRON program for orientation and hone skills based on the local settings.

If you don’t love to study nursing, you can pursue IT courses in Australia. There are top-ranked universities offering courses to develop skills needed to find employment in Australia. There is no dearth of job opportunities in IT field as it is added in MLTSSL and STSOL reflecting the scarcity of professionals in the industry.

Further, IT conglomerates like Google, MICROSOFT, IBM, Fujitsu, NEC, etc. have established their centres in Australia. They regularly require qualified IT graduates to provide services across the globe. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for overseas students looking to acquire IT jobs in Australia.

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Why Nepali Students Prefer to Study in Australia?

Are you contemplating to study in Australian universities? If you do, you’ve landed at the right place. A growing number of Nepalese students are choosing to study in Australia due to many privileges available in the country. As an aspirant, you need to meet the requirement to be eligible for a student visa from an Australian consulate. Here are the requirements to get students visa as prescribed by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP):

  • Meet genuine temporary entrant requirements
  • Financial requirement
  • English proficiency requirement
  • OSHC and character certificate

Plenty of Courses for Aspirants

After getting a student visa, you can take admission in the top-ranked universities in Australia. It has 1100 premier institutions offering over 22000 courses in different fields. The courses are designed to the international standard under strict monitoring of Australian Qualification Framework. Use of simulated projects and modern infrastructure help in getting skills demand by recruiters in the industry.

Availability of Scholarships

Another privilege enjoys by international students while studying in Australia is a scholarship in the chosen course. The country has allocated $200 million to provide scholarships to the deserving students. The scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is an initiative taken to encourage enrolment in the local university. The scholarship includes concession in the admission fee, tuition fee, and OSHC fees in some courses. But, the amount of scholarship varies among colleges and courses selected to study.

Migration Opportunities

Migrants students fall in love with the local culture, cuisine, high standard of living, safe, and laid back environment. The dream of staying back in Australia can be fulfilled after getting Permanent Residency. If you’re an aspirant of acquiring PR in Australia, you can consult with experts to create a blueprint of the pathway.

High Job Opportunities

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors. The areas facing skill crisis are added in Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) and Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). Pursuing the courses falling under these categories would help you to get a job in the domestic market.

Thus, a study in Australia for Nepali students is always a profitable venture. But, it is necessary to take counselling about the career path, courses, and other information from education consultants. Book a free consultation with our AECC Global education experts to get help in realising your dream in Australia.

4 reasons why study in Australia could be your best decision ever

Decided to study in Australia? Here are the top 5 reasons why study in Australia may give rich dividends to Nepalese students.

You will not be lonely: Australia is a country where every year large number of international students migrate to study higher education. You will meet many other international students who also see plenty of scopes and opportunities that would come up when one studies there. The Australian universities are overseas students friendly. They can settle, develop and foster new friendships and can enjoy every bit of their international experience.

Wide range of courses to choose from: This island country with around 23 million population has been a home to some of the renowned educational institutions. Australian education department has 22,000 courses with 11,00 institutions. Aspiring Nepalese students have the plenty of choices to make regarding institution and course. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students attracts hundreds of international students. And most of them choose top courses such as accounting, engineering, nursing, management, etc.

Various scholarship options: Australian Government offers different kinds of scholarship and another form of financial assistance to international students. The country invests around AUD 200 million on an international scholarship. Availability of scholarship is one of the prime reasons why international students want to migrate to Australia for higher education. Nepalese students can apply to many scholarships under various schemes. However, each university has its own scholarship schemes that can directly apply to international students.

Opportunity for work and study: No doubt, how strict is Australia in granting visa and immigration as international students need to pass the Pearson Test of English as part of the eligibility process. However, once the overseas students arrive, they can look to do part time job along with their studies. Australian visa allows international students to work for 40 hours fortnightly while still in course session and students can work for unrestricted number of hours during the holiday break. There is no shortage of jobs as employment can be found in sectors such as tourism, retails, banking, healthcare, etc.

Best places to study in Australia

Didn’t choose where to study in Australia? The country has some of the best places which can be considered as educational hubs for international students. Some of the students wonder where to study in Australia . But they can find cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth as important destinations for international students. These cities have world class universities where aspirants would get exposure to quality Australian education.

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What Do You Gain Studying Nursing in Australia?

Are you looking for a suitable place to study nursing abroad? If yes, Australia may be an ideal choice to study nursing, and it is fast becoming a hub for international students. Australian universities offer internationally recognised courses programs and courses that are useful to start a career in the chosen field. The courses are designed to international standard to deliver quality education to the candidates. That is why students prefer to study nursing in Australia to get industry-relevant skills and get a job in the relevant field. Training is offered on the simulated projects to get real work experience in the course.

Benefits of Studying Nursing Courses in Australia

As an international student, you may get a scholarship from the education institution where you intend to study nursing courses in Australia. Nursing is added in Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) which reflects the shortages well. Pursuing a diploma, bachelor degree and master in nursing with a specialisation help students to prepare for the domestic market. Further, recruiters also prefer to hire locally trained nursing graduates in the local market.

The need for a skilled nurse is increasing due to the rapid growth of country’s population. It is producing tremendous opportunities for aspirants to offer quality healthcare services. Thus, pursuing nursing courses in Australia is always a profitable venture for foreign students.

Apart from nursing, many students prefer to study IT courses in Australia in the reputable university. The courses are designed to the international standard to deliver quality education to candidates. Training is offered with modern facilities on advanced curriculums to get knowledge and skills needed by candidates to get jobs. Working on the simulated projects help graduates to gain practical exposure during the course.  Additionally, graduates can go for Professional Year program to increase employability and inch towards permanent residency in Australia.

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Why is it always beneficial to study in Australia for Nepali students?

Australia has become a brand when it comes to quality education in the world. The country became a best educational hub for aspiring Nepalis students. Why not, the country has many things to offer. Quality education through numerous skill oriented courses and a large number of institutions, widened job opportunities in Australian market are some of the things that attract overseas students. It is beneficial for anyone from Nepal to migrate to Australia with such abundant scope to begin a bright career.

The study in Australia for Nepali students become a valuable experience to explore and grab the right jobs in the chosen career.  They can learn many things which they can utilise later even on returning home from there.  The elite courses that have demand in international market can shape up the career and change the fortune of the students from abroad. Besides, there are plenty of other courses that can help overseas students in more than one way. For instance, aspiring students right after their graduation from any of the recognised Australian universities in accounting, engineering or computer science can opt for a professional year program. The program fetches five extra points towards permanent residency right after successful completion of it.

How scholarship made Australian education accessible to Nepalese students?

The study in Australia has been a dream of hundreds of overseas students. It is because studying in this island country is a sure way towards a bright and fulfilling career. Earning opportunity coupled with standard lifestyles and peace and friendly atmosphere are also the considering factors. Apart from that, generosity showed by Australian Government in the form of scholarships and other schemes also play a part in making world-class education accessible to Nepalese students today.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students became one of the best affordable means. No matter how much quality the education system, but it is always expensive for overseas students from countries like Nepal. However, the scholarship covers entire educational expenses comprised of course fees, admission fees and accommodation. In some, overseas students’ health cover is also included with scholarships.

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Why and where to study in Australia?

Australia became a centre of attraction for quality education seekers. The country has world class cities with globally recognised universities. The typical Australian education system consists of quality in which practical aspect of learning gets more emphasised. It has 22,000 courses available offering a broad range of choices to aspiring students. Interestingly, students can opt for the best one from the list of 11,00 institutions. These are all scattered in cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne. The cities have their own attractions which capture the hearts of international students. Any aspiring overseas student can choose where to study in Australia and can apply for admission in a particular course in any specific cities.

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ presents immense scope for building a career by offering good choices to overseas students. Major courses in universities which are attracting students are accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science, etc. These courses are an important part of the undergraduate study in Australia for international students. After completing graduation in Australia in any of these subjects or courses, students can further do the professional year program. This program is mainly for Australian international graduate students. It equips the students with all the necessary skill sets comprising of practical exposure of students to jobs that acts as an internship. They learn and gain work experience about typical Australian working style which makes them more employable in Australian job market. After successful completion of the program, candidates earn 5 points extra towards permanent residency.

Why study in Australia becomes the first preference for overseas students?

Australia can be considered as the ‘land of good fortune’ for pursuing higher education. Quality and excellence became the synonyms of Australian education. Vocational and technical education gained an appreciation and drew global respect for quality and innovation. The education system has been designed in such a way that it focuses on delivering practical and career-oriented training to the students. Students, after the completion of the course, feel confident about their skill sets gained. And they win the hearts of employers. The teaching is world class with every institution has its state-of-the-art laboratories. The country has high usage of newly developed technologies which are being used for research and training for students.

In a nutshell, standard quality of education, plenty of choices of courses and institutions, the opportunity of ever growing Australian job market and some Australian scholarships are some of the major pull factors for overseas students. These are the reasons why study in Australia became highly popular among today’s generation.

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Why Approaching to Education Consultants For Australia Is Always Beneficial?

Not knowing how to begin your educational journey in Australia? This could be what you are thinking right after you decided to study in Australia. An international student finds many challenges lying on the path of pursuing study in abroad. However, there is a solution to every problem. So, choose education consultants for Australia and keep all your challenges at bay.

As a first timer, you may find education consultant helpful in many ways. Here you read on to how approaching education consultant will benefit you.

Counselling: When you decide to study abroad, so many things usually come to your mind. Most common ones include what course you must choose and which university or institution offers this course. Once you approach well-informed consultant, you will get plenty of your doubts cleared after counselling. You will come to know if your decision is the right one.

Consultant helps to be specific: The education consultant will let you know the right time to take admission and helps in choosing best universities or institutions. He stays updated with latest notifications or announcements declared by universities. Students will also be able to know the current Australian job market scenario.

Helps to estimate the cost or expenses: Overseas students can stay relaxed about expenses as the studyin Australia consultants will update everything in this regard. They tell students about the course fees, accommodation fees and overall living cost.

Ensure Safety: Students willing to study abroad always seek safety. And once they approach consultancy, they can sense safety and security right from the beginning. It is because from admissions to visa approval, the consultant will always be there guiding the students.

Helps To Attain Student Visa: The greatest challenge lies on the path for an international student is acquiring visa approval. The process appears to be quite complicated requiring many essential things. However, a consultant, on approaching him, would make the process much simpler. He knows what it takes to get visa application approved and will help a student in arranging the right documents. He would eye the process of documentation. Hence, it is always advisable to get all the possible assistance from the experienced professionals who knows everything in detail.

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Grab the opportunity to work and study in Australia now

Looking for the opportunity to work and study together in abroad? If it is the case, Australia could be the destination matching your dream, right? Some of you have Australia in your dream but not sure how you can go for your higher education over there. Since you have only heard about quality education, pleasant ambience and environment for international students along with many kinds of study programs from your friends. Well, now you are geared up, made up your mind, and your heart is aching for migration to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’!

Just hold on your excitement little over here, let us tell you how you can fulfil your dream to work and study in Australia in little greater detail. Having a dream is not enough; along with it, you must first remove English proficiency test which is essentially required not only for taking admission in various universities’ courses or programs but also asked while applying for Australian Visas. The Australian authorities made it mandatory for any immigrant to possess a certain level of English proficiency through many tests like: IELTS, Pearson Test of English-Academic, TOEFL and many more are what needed to crack to be eligible for pursuing higher studies.

In Australia, students can work part time while studying in universities. Students can work for 40 hours for every fortnight and an unlimited number of hours during the holiday. However, make sure your visa allows to work. You may also be eager to know how much the study in Australia cost will be. The cost also varies depending upon the level of study, institutions and courses.

As per the report by HSBC, the cost for international student per year is AU$42,093. Australia has turned out to be a vital hub of quality education, and today, international students can find various kinds of courses such as accounting, engineering, IT, social science, management, nursing, hospitality, etc. These are the major courses in Australia for international students who can opt out. You can also approach to any of the Australian education consultants who have in-depth knowledge and can inform and guide you in different areas from admission process to giving you course and universities details and telling you about Australian job market.

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Why is Study in Australia a Good Investment for International Students?

Studying abroad is always a bold decision involving risks and a huge monetary investment for aspirants. It is natural for you to contemplate about the possible outcomes or benefits before making your decision. Assessing the benefits and privileges offered by the Australian government, a lot of international students are heading to the island country for further education. And this decision has proved helpful in carving out a successful future career in their chosen fields. If you’re also seeking reasons why to study in Australia, then read on to find out your answers below.

Diverse Courses and Job Opportunities Locally

Australia is the third most popular destination for higher education of international students. The island country has 1100 premier institutions offering over 22000 courses in diverse fields of study supported by modern infrastructures necessary to provide quality education to students. Thus, you won’t face difficulties in finding your dream course in local universities. Certificate courses, diploma, bachelor and master degree based on your career goal. However, undergraduate study in Australia for international students is also gaining momentum these days. Most of the foreign students prefer to study in accounting, IT, nursing, engineering, and management among other courses in the regional universities.

The possible reason for opting these courses by students is high employment opportunities in the local market. The Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) and Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) rightly reflects the skill shortages in the country. Pursuing one of these courses, you will enjoy higher employability after completing your graduation in the domestic market.

Presence of Top Student’s Friendly Cities

Melbourne has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world for the fifth consecutive times. Similarly, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Perth are ranked in the top 100 student cities owing to the favourable conditions like cheap living expenses, availability of part-time jobs, friendly locals, and other factors for candidates. Knowing this, you won’t find it hard to decide where to study in Australia. Additionally, these cities also possess the highest density of reputable education institutions for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the island country.

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How can you study in Australia?

Looking for a dream course from a prestigious university in Australia? Hundreds of students from around the globe apply for different courses to study further every year. But how many of them succeed in getting an admission out there? Any guesses, alright? These days Australia has become the centre of quality education – it means quality learning, expert faculties, work opportunities, and privileges which aren’t available in other countries. Study in Australia for Nepali students got boosted due to various scholarship programs available. However, to succeed in getting admission, students require assistance from education consultants who are licensed and well informed about courses, universities, career scopes and job opportunities in Australian markets. It looks correct to say study in Australia has become easy with the launch of Simplified Student Visa Framework (subclass 500), but still, applicants need to undergo a strict evaluation process for admission.

The land of Kangaroo managed to emerge out to be one of the global leaders in quality education. Today, one can find international students applying for numerous courses to study there from various parts of the world. One of the noticeable features of the Australian education is the quantity, variety and quality that are found. Out of 100 top listed universities, seven universities are available in the island country. The Australian university ranks 8th in the list of overall global universities and running ahead of the UK, Japan and Germany.

The universities also offer various kinds of scholarship programs for meritorious international students. Australian universities offer a dedicated scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students as well. For instance, Australia Awards Scholarships offer numerous opportunities to foreign students, particularly from developing countries from Indo-Pacific region. They can take full-time undergraduate and postgraduate study in the prestigious Australian universities and Technical and Further Educational institutions.

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