A glimpse into the professional growth and scope of students after study in Australia

Can you think of leading a luxurious life with all level of comforts? Of course, everyone can. If you want such life, step back little and deeply contemplate on what your focus must be now. Yes, you may find quality education is the right vehicle to take you there. It is the prevailing trend found among students from Nepal, the country with scanty scope for higher education and employment opportunities.

However, on the other hand, Australia became a country of fortune and often referred as ‘finest centre for quality education’. Every Nepalese student dreams to study in Australia because it is a ticket for ensuring and transforming the vision into reality. Career options for aspirants have widened in the regional universities. Good choices of careers and increased employment prospects are primary motivators pulling many Nepalese students in the Island country.

The studying in Australia became a new trend and today was receiving Australian education is more than getting high-paying jobs. It is, in fact, seen as prestige. A Large section of Nepalese students has already settled in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and enjoying their professional life. So, are you also gearing up to try your luck to study in Australia after 10+2?

Essential requirements to study in Australia for Nepali students

For aspirants, it is important to note that English language proficiency is an essential prerequisite. The English language is the official language and medium of instructions in universities and institutions. In a nutshell, one cannot escape from using the language while staying in the country. Aspiring candidates willing to opt study in this beautiful Island country must sit for the Pearson Test of English. The score secured in the test determines the eligibility of the candidates.

It is also important to show admission confirmation letter received from universities or institutions duly signed and bank balance covering study expenses to immigration department while applying for student visa. The path to study in Australia for Nepali students often appears challenging. Newly passed out students willing to apply for admission in degree courses always seem to be clueless about the procedures. Immigration policies, verification process and application process, etc. come and pose a lot of complication to them.

But luckily, they can choose to take the service of Australian education consultants that come of highly useful for them and solve their problems. Education consultant knows the process and is well-informed with everything related to admission, visa application, remains updated with the latest notification of universities, Government and market trends. In a nutshell, he or she is of immense help for overseas students seeking to study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

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Incredible reasons to opt undergraduate study in Australia for international students

When it comes to building a career, it is very crucial to choose the right courses and institutions carefully. Giving good start of pursuing a course from reputable university holds much significance. So, are you looking for the opportunity to move abroad for your higher education to give it a right start for fulfilling your dream career?

If yes, set your eyes on Australia-The land of fortune for quality education seekers! The country could be your best destination for several reasons. Here let’s talk why study in Australia is quite popular among today’s international students and the factors associated with it. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is not only one of the leading quality education providers, but it also has some of the amazing things to discover. The laid-back nature, high standard of living, beautiful cities and friendly locals make the country as one stop-destination for education.

Reasons making Australia an excellent destination for global education

Australia as a growing Destination: This Island country is currently the third most preferred country after USA and UK when it comes to undergraduate study in Australia for international students. The cultural diversity, friendly natives along with the high quality of education are ensuring the country to be one of the leading global destinations for overseas students.

Global Recognition of Australian educational degrees: The education system of this beautiful country is respected and known in every part of the world. The employment opportunities for graduates of Australian universities are not confined to the job market of the country. The scope for them is widened, and they are highly sought-after candidates in other parts of the world.

Low Cost of Living: For international students, the study in Australia is comparatively less than studying in America and the United Kingdom. So, who does not want to avail quality education at lower expenses or budget? Along with the less education cost, the country also allows overseas students the scope to work and study through the student visa. There are plenty of ways to earn for extra expenses as the country is richly filled with many service industries intermingled presenting widened scope of job opportunities. The scholarship available for overseas students is also another attractive part of an education system which helps international students to enjoy receiving the quality education. This financial aid covers tuition fees, living expenses, and health cover costs.

Educational Diversity: Australian education system is truly outstanding with diverse ranges of courses on offer. It has 22,000 courses comprised of varieties ranging from diplomas, degrees, masters, research, etc. The country also has around 1,100 institutions engaged in offering quality education with a focus towards improving practical aspects of students through technology oriented education. Those enthusiastic students thinking where to study in Australia may find many cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, etc. which are homes to some of the world class universities and other institutions.

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What is the scope of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students?

The educational scope for Nepalese students in Australia is quite bright. Many international students from Nepal apply for different scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for study. Australian Government generously invests around AUD 200 million every year putting an effort to extend help to overseas students. Among many different scholarships, Australian Awards Scholarship is quite popular. This scholarship covers the living expenses, tuition fees, overseas health cover and returning airfare of the students. There are two categories of scholarships available. Australian Government itself avails one kind of scholarship and another categorised one as those of universities and institutions availing with their policies and terms.

When it comes to scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students, one of the typical scholarship hundreds of Nepalese students apply every year is the Australian Award scholarship. This scholarship is for aspiring candidates willing to undertake research, professional development and formal education in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. The percentage of applicants from Nepal applying for a scholarship is on the constant increase. However, the students get screened based on their qualities, profession, and academic competence. In parallel, the potential of the aspirants to impact development in home country on returning is one of the determining factors.

So, the scholarships are helping many aspiring students from Nepal who can move out of their country to Australia for further studies and can return fully accomplished professionals. So, are you ready to apply for the scholarship? Before that, you get the idea about choosing the correct Australia courses for international students available. The education system and department of this island country are rich concerning different varieties of courses offering to students. It has around 22,000 number of courses in total.

Popular courses available to study in Australia after 12th

Aspiring students can choose some of the most popular courses. These days most of the international students are rushing after courses such as accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science and information technology. These courses provide remarkable scope and the prospect with the high amount of employment opportunities in the Australian market. These are the major courses one can study in Australia after 12th.

The main reason for the popularity of these courses is the benefit of having a pathway towards permanent residency. After graduation from any Australian university, overseas students can take up professional year programs in any of these courses. Successful completion of the professional year program would fetch extra five points of immigration which can be considering factor while applying for the permanent residency visa.

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How can scholarship help overseas students to study in Australia after 12th?

Are you willing to study in Australia but your financial constraint is not allowing you? Every student today wishes to study abroad in countries like Australia, but only few can realise their dreams. There are many factors which pull students from each corner of the world into this unique educational hub. The island country is an excellent destination for quality education, and one can come forward all along looking for opportunities. The scope of employment with high pay is very vast, and the chance of standard living life is also not lesser. The prospect of establishing in a developed country with all kinds of facilities that are not available with developing nation is a common reason behind many aspirants willing to move there for further study.

The country is set to present 22,000 courses to international students who can choose their preferred courses for study in Australia after 12th.

From all aspects, one may find the country to be more advanced and developed. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has been a centre of attractions. Educationally, it is one of the richest countries and highly preferred as well. It comes in the third position as the world’s most preferred country after USA and UK. International students may find many valuable things to study there. The friendly natives, quality education and relaxed immigration policies have contributed to making this country as a top choice among the international students.

How can the right selection of courses lead overseas students into permanent residency in Australia?

Nepal is one of the major developing nations which have been enjoying the boon of Australia. Every year hundreds of Nepalese students apply for various kinds of courses. The growing population of Nepalis immigrants in the island country is evidence how Nepal, as a country is becoming the most beneficiary. Among the top Australia courses for international students, one may find overseas students opting for engineering, accounting, computer science and nursing, etc. These courses have the huge prospect. The opportunity is not confined to employment only, but also one can enjoy permanent residency. Most of you may wonder how these courses can help you in getting the permanent residency in this beautiful country.

Aspiring students would be able to take up professional year program available for foreign graduates who, after graduating from any of the Australian universities can join it. The program acts as a bridge between school and employment. This one-year program helps graduates in equipping the skills required for landing job through practical work experiences. After completing the program successfully, one would obtain five extra points of immigration towards achieving permanent residency. Australian Government always appears generous with many scholarships getting available for overseas students.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been the greatest boon as it appears.

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What are the things that you need to consider before choosing to study nursing in Australia?

Are you willing to study nursing in Australia after getting influenced by your peers? Or is it because you are truly passionate about the nursing career? Whatever be it, before you jump to catch a nursing career, here are some of the important things to consider about choosing nursing courses in Australia.

Never take nursing as the backup career: Overseas students willing to study nursing in the island country should not take it as the backup career option. It takes effort with determination and dedication to be a skilled and professional nurse to work in the country joining as registered nurse.

Enrolled vs. Registered: It is important for the aspirants to be specific and decide whether they want to be an enrolled nurse (EN) or a registered nurse (RN). Enrolled nursing is 18-month diploma course, and a registered nursing is 3-year university course.

Need Mathematical skills: If you want to study nursing in Australia, you do not require to be mathematically genius to be the nurse. But still, you will get very often to do calculations.

Burnout: Nursing is a profession that appears to make burnout to those having altruistic motives. However, candidates choosing this profession intending to help or serve people may find many reasons to pursue it.

Experience: Gaining experience is one of the major things that can indeed teach a person those things that cannot be taught in nursing classes. And at times, you only require experiencing them to have the better understanding about some of the nursing dynamics.

Ratios of a nurse to patients: It is one of the important consideration which is why Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation regularly prefers to lobby for a higher nurse to patient ratios. The research found that the safety of the patients suffers if the nurses are assigned overworked.

Shift work: The nursing professionals require to work little longer shifts. They even get to work during nights as well as weekends.

Myth for Pursuing Nursing Qualifications in Australia

Male and female both can pursue Nursing qualification in Australia and students from any stream of qualifications of 10+2 or Equivalent and Australian Bachelor Degree Equivalent in both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Nursing Qualifications through Foundation course pathways for Undergraduate Nursing and Bachelor or Master of Nursing Graduate Entry in Postgraduate Nursing level with solid English language proficiency.

Why do you need to choose education consultants for Australia?

So, you finally made up your mind and willing to study nursing at the Australian university, right? If you still see a lot of challenges on your path, then you can approach to education consultants for Australia. Education specialists are the professional experts and handle every kind of issue or concern presented by students in the country. They help overseas students in numerous ways from guiding to choose the right course and career for admission at a reputable institution, and they are the emergency contact for both the organisation and parents.

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How to enjoy having a lucrative career through study in Australia?

Are you willing to study in one of the best institutions in Australia? This beautiful country is a dream country for a countless number of overseas students. The aspiring students from different parts of the world always prefer it because of the availability of quality education. The study in Australia has been a means towards successful dream career. Here, let’s focus why studying there will be fulfilling for every student.

This country is advanced in every way. The advanced educational system, offering valuable and quality education through 22,000 number of courses and 1,100 institutions. The usage of advanced technologies in imparting education with a focus on the practical aspect of learning all makes educational system more meaningful for students. The output of Australian education has been phenomenal over the years. Many numbers of scientists, doctors, engineers have come out and gifted the world something useful, meaningful and valuable. Inventions by some of them include Google map, black box, penicillin, WIFI, etc.

These are the results of all the innovative and quality learning taught by experienced faculties. A study in Australia after 10+2 opens the floodgate of opportunities for overseas students. Some of the most popular courses among international students are accounting, engineering, computer science and nursing. These are the courses that the Nepalese students choose and prefer to study.

Why does study in Australia for Nepalis students always come as right choice?

Australia is a favourite destination for students from Nepal. The main reasons are the limited scope of higher education in Nepal, lack of satisfying employment opportunities. And on the other hand, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has one of the best educational systems which have been shaping up careers of thousands of students. A study in Australia for Nepalis students also became easier than earlier. The relaxed visa policies accompanied by work and study scope have all made it as the mouthwatering destination.

Australian Universities and Government offers many financial assistances in the form of various types of scholarships for deserving students. These are the opportunities that Nepalese students can take advantages and most importantly, one has ample options of subjects to choose. These are the factors which pull Nepalese students in the country for higher education.

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How is study in Australia a boon for Nepalese students?

Australia has surpassed both US and UK regarding some overseas students from Nepal coming for education. The country with quality education has turned out to be a paradise for Nepalese students. Nepal as a country also owes to some extent the reasons why it loses students to Australia. After schooling, students sometimes do not get the kind of courses they love or prefer to study, and the country also lacks in sophisticated and quality institutions too. On the contrary, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is globally known to have one of the best educational systems in the world.

There will be hardly any student who does not find the preferred courses in this beautiful island country. With 22,000 different courses offered through 1,100 institutions with all round infrastructural developments, it gives a clear impression how important education is in Australia. The state provides rich dividends to overseas students who opt it for further study. For example, IT courses in Australia are internationally known due to quality.

The beauty of Australian education for overseas students

The impressive thing about typical Australian education system is its inclination towards practical grooming of students with an all-round approach. The expert academicians and curriculum designers design the learning or teaching materials in such a manner that till the finishing of studies, students end up becoming expert professionals in their areas or fields. Along the boasting of world-class academic institutions, it is the scope of part-time and post-study work available that attract overseas students. So, the amount of time, money and effort invested in the pursuit of quality education, there is a high chance of getting highest returns.

It is always difficult for the student to move out to different other countries for studies particularly in the developed countries like Australia. One may meet several kinds of challenges and barriers too. For instance, having of English language proficiency, locating best institution, admission procedures, the process of visa application and courses and knowledge of job markets are all the requirements on the part of students to know. Here comes the role of various study in Australia consultants. They are the professionals who are well informed and guide students when approached to them.

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Why is Australia considered as the best place for higher studies?

Australia has emerged as an excellent place for higher education. It provides an exclusive type of education which encourages students to be creative, innovative and think independently. Australia offers the right value for money as the living standards of the country is among the highest in the world. But, the tuition fees are lower in comparison to universities of the US and UK. The undergraduate study in Australia for international students help them to kickstart their chosen career. The questions arise in student’s minds are why and where to study in the land down under.

Places To Consider For Higher Studies

Many international students think of where to study in Australia? Australia has a lot to offer, and it depends solely on you. If you’re going for the business and management studies, then choose Sydney. Sydney is the economic and financial capital of the country. The city offers an incredible infrastructure and standards of living. If you’re looking for a liveable city with a multicultural population and great environment, then go for Melbourne. Some of the best Australian universities reside in Melbourne. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, and you will witness numerous artistic and sporting events in this city throughout the year. Brisbane is a great option if you want to surf and stroll on beautiful beaches besides study. Living in Brisbane is less than the cities mentioned above, and the famous Gold Coast is near to the place.

The second question arises in overseas student’s minds are why study in Australia? Apart from being a much smaller population, there are seven universities ranked in top 100 best universities in the world. The education provided by universities is among the best and most innovative in the world. Facilities for training, research, and education are best-in-class in the country.

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What are some ways to study IT in Australia?

Choosing a destination for higher education is always a daunting task for international students. Many factors like cost of living, tuition fees, and atmosphere should be taken in to account. If you are looking for an English-speaking nation with world-class infrastructure and friendly environment, then Australia is the best destination for you. The research-oriented education system and excellent teaching methods put Australia in top places for higher education.

Information technology is a field which is gaining a lot of attention lately. Since most of the people on the earth use electronic gadgets equipped with different software and the Internet, this has opened many positions for IT jobs. IT courses in Australia are counted in among the best in the world.

Studying IT in Australia

There are two ways to study IT in Australia. They are Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education.

Many people associate advanced studies with a university education, but Australia is one of the few countries offering vocational courses to aspirants. The professional training focuses on the development of the skills relevant to the field of study. The VET is internationally recognised and consists of private and public training institutions. Institutions are listed under Registered Training Organisations (RTO). Government-funded and public training providers are known as Technical and Further Education (TAFE). TAFE offers IT training from Certificate level to an advanced diploma. Private providers registered under RTO provide world-class training too. Undergoing these vocational courses help students to enhance their career prospects acquiring the much-needed skills in the training.

Another way to study IT in Australia is through traditional higher education. According to QS World University Rankings 2017, there are eight universities in Australia out of top 100 best universities offering courses in computer science and information systems in the world. Universities offer research-oriented training to students on the modern infrastructure to develop contemporary skills in the subject. In the end, the choice is to the students whether they want to pursue further studies in IT through vocational or higher studies.

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Why are nursing and IT courses in Australia favourite among Nepalese students?

Confused what course to choose for studying in Australia? The island country presents wide range of valuable courses as education department of the country has 22,000 courses to offer. But the recent trend shows that most of the immigrant students are choosing information technology and nursing courses in Australia. These courses provide higher opportunities in Australia. This country is an advanced country where technologies are being used in every sector. Hence, the demand for professionals specialising in information technology is great. Similarly, the nursing course also got heralded due to the sudden increase of healthcare industry. Regularly, new heath care centres are being opened thus, creating new opportunities.

Most of the overseas students rush for IT courses in Australia with the aim of applying for a permanent residency visa in the country. It is because this course presents the opportunity to graduate students from abroad to join professional year program. This program, after successful completion, fetches automatic five extra points of immigration to be used for applying for a permanent residency visa. During the program, students are exposed to practical hands-on experience through which they equip all the skill sets required to make entry to the job market and join Australian workforce.

How are nursing courses in Australia helping to get PR visa application approved?  

Nepalese students willing to study nursing in Australia will have high prospect. International nursing professionals who want to migrate there to join nursing workforce will require getting registered first. However, for that, they need to undergo through a bridging program. IRON is a bridging program for nurses in which they get exposed to typical Australian nursing system. The program enhances the nursing skill level and then they can join the nursing workforce as registered nurse. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has a vast job market for nurses and nursing career looks promising for them. Further, the program will also help you in getting your application for permanent residency visa approved. It is because Australian Government intends to keep skilled nurses in the country to narrow down the widened gap between demand and supply of nursing professionals to avoid a shortage of qualified nurses in the country.

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