Why study nursing in Australian universities?

Nursing is a noble and excellent career which revolves around aiding patients in different facilities. Nurses meet countless people and help them on an everyday basis. If you are genuinely interested in making patients comfortable as much as possible, then, nursing is the best career out there.

To be a successful nursing professional, you need to acquire skills and knowledge of latest practices of the nursing industry. Learn the contemporary skills during study nursing in Australia. The country is making strides in the education sector in recent years. There are top-notch universities that are offering quality nursing courses and program to aspirants. It is a melting pot of different cultures with laidback environment and infrastructure for higher studies.

Some reasons to study nursing in Australia

There are 10 Australian universities which come under the best 50 universities providing nursing in the world according to QS Top Universities rankings. Out of these ten universities, eight of them got high employer reputation percentage i.e. above eighty percent. The University of Sydney scored an outstanding 100 percent in company reputation, something which is not achieved by any other university in the world. These rankings indicate that nursing courses in Australia are highly reputed worldwide.

Further prospects

Recently, Australia is facing a looming shortage of nurses. They will need extra 123,000 nurses by 2030 according to 2014 Australia’s Future Health Workforce report.

With an acute shortage in the healthcare industry, the doors will always be open for skilled nurses. The Australian government is helping qualified foreign nurses by giving them the opportunity through the IRON program. According to Australian Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), nurses are in shortage and urgently required in specialisations like medical, medical practice, surgical, mental health, paediatrics, and perioperative. Nurses get working visa in Australia rapidly, and they can apply for permanent residency in the future after a nomination from the concerned department.

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