How Scholarship Schemes Help Nepalese Students to Study in Australia?

Do you feel your dream to study in Australia will remain unfulfilled due to unaffordability? Relax, the Government of Australia generously opened numerous scholarships for bright Nepalese students. The scholarships are for the overseas students with the certain degree of proficiency in the English language. Aspirants need to prove the required level of proficiency through a test conducted by Pearson. The score secured in the exam of Pearson Test of English will determine your eligibility. It has become one of the essentials of eligibility criteria set by Australian immigration department.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been attracting students in large number. Every year hundreds of them apply scholarships for different courses. The scholarships for international students can be broadly categorised into two types. One which Australian Government offers and another provided by universities or institutions individually on their own. Successful aspirants will receive the scholarship covering the tuition fees, living expenses, overseas student health cover and airfare for returning.

Which courses overseas students should choose to obtain permanent residency visa?

With such offers, it became easier for Nepalese students to nurture the dream to study in Australia after 12th choosing some of the best courses available. The educational department in the country has the vast range of subjects comprising of 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions spread in all over the country. Some of the best educational hubs in the island country are Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, etc.

However, the recent trend reveals top Australia courses for international students are engineering, information technology, accounting, nursing and computer science. They have high demand and scope of employment opportunities are much greater. Another attractive feature of those courses is overseas students after graduation in Australian university can join professional year program in those courses. The aim of joining those programs is to obtain extra five points of immigration which will help in attaining permanent residency visa.

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