How Studying in Australia Helps Nepali Students to Build their Careers?

With small population but advanced in education, Australia came out to be one of the great destinations for quality education. For Nepalis students, this beautiful island country is more than a mere hub for education. More than the education as a factor, this country is just a land of hidden treasures for them. The kind of lifestyles immigrants enjoy with high earning prospects, job opportunities and beauty of friendliness expressed by natives rob their hearts. If any of you are aspiring to study in Australia after 10+2, you may find it icing on the cake that Australia is educationally very rich.

It has one of the largest education system equipped with 11,00 educational institutions and 22,000 different courses. So, you can make an intelligent choice of both the institution and courses. The beauty of this country’s educational system is that it solely focuses on a practical aspect of learning. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has so many lovely cities full of vibrancies and must-visit too. These cities are the homes of various reputed universities and educational institutions which the country takes pride of.

How do Nepalis students aim to settle in Australia for permanently?

Some of the major cities where various overseas students study are Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. These are students’ friendly cities with every kind of lifestyles can be enjoyed. Study in Australia for Nepalis students is the best way towards leading a meaningful life full of luxuries and comforts. It can be demonstrated by the fact that Nepalis living in Australia forms the quarter million so far. This trend has been continuing from the past and there is no possibility of any pause.

The main aim of studying there is to settle for permanently. There are many pathways to do so. However, the easiest one which almost every Nepali student chooses is to go for higher studies. Accounting, engineering, IT and nursing are the popular courses which boost the chance of getting a permanent residency visa. Most of the Nepalis students willing to study in Australia go for those courses, and after graduation from any of the country’s universities, they can attend professional year programme. This program, after successful completion, fetches five extra points of immigration towards getting permanent residency visa application accepted.

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