What are the educational benefits of studying in Australia?

Do you know that Australia is enjoying continued economic growth from last 20 years? Due to the continuous growth, thousands of jobs are created every year. Jobs are being created but the number of skilled professionals is low. The gap is getting widening, and Australia needs international talent to fulfil its requirements. There are numerous Australian courses for international students in their high ranked universities. The land down under can be the best destination to study and start your career.

Benefits of studying in Australia

Australian universities follow some standard rules which are implemented by the government. There is no compromise in the quality of education and especially when it comes to international students. Every university is research ready and has state of the art infrastructure to provide the best environment to their students. Australia is ranked 4th by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in international PhD student’s destination after US, UK, and France.

The prestigious universities give a chance to study in Australia after 12th. The top eight universities also known as Group of Eight (Go8) ranks in world’s top 150 Universities consistently in QS World University rankings. The Go8 is a coalition of research-intensive Australian universities. In 2012, the Australian government surveyed international students with the help of state/territory education departments. The results were mind blowing as 87% of international students responded satisfied or very happy with the overall experience in the country. The results for study experience and living in Australia were astonishingly 86% and 88% respectively.

The Australian government invested AUD $200,000,000 for scholarship purposes extensively for international students in 2016. There is ample scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students. Many meritorious students get 25% to 100 % of scholarship with outstanding merits for their college/university fees. The overall experience in Australia is far better than many countries and the learning environment offered by the universities is incomparable.

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