Why are nursing and IT courses in Australia favourite among Nepalese students?

Confused what course to choose for studying in Australia? The island country presents wide range of valuable courses as education department of the country has 22,000 courses to offer. But the recent trend shows that most of the immigrant students are choosing information technology and nursing courses in Australia. These courses provide higher opportunities in Australia. This country is an advanced country where technologies are being used in every sector. Hence, the demand for professionals specialising in information technology is great. Similarly, the nursing course also got heralded due to the sudden increase of healthcare industry. Regularly, new heath care centres are being opened thus, creating new opportunities.

Most of the overseas students rush for IT courses in Australia with the aim of applying for a permanent residency visa in the country. It is because this course presents the opportunity to graduate students from abroad to join professional year program. This program, after successful completion, fetches automatic five extra points of immigration to be used for applying for a permanent residency visa. During the program, students are exposed to practical hands-on experience through which they equip all the skill sets required to make entry to the job market and join Australian workforce.

How are nursing courses in Australia helping to get PR visa application approved?  

Nepalese students willing to study nursing in Australia will have high prospect. International nursing professionals who want to migrate there to join nursing workforce will require getting registered first. However, for that, they need to undergo through a bridging program. IRON is a bridging program for nurses in which they get exposed to typical Australian nursing system. The program enhances the nursing skill level and then they can join the nursing workforce as registered nurse. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has a vast job market for nurses and nursing career looks promising for them. Further, the program will also help you in getting your application for permanent residency visa approved. It is because Australian Government intends to keep skilled nurses in the country to narrow down the widened gap between demand and supply of nursing professionals to avoid a shortage of qualified nurses in the country.

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