What are some ways to study IT in Australia?

Choosing a destination for higher education is always a daunting task for international students. Many factors like cost of living, tuition fees, and atmosphere should be taken in to account. If you are looking for an English-speaking nation with world-class infrastructure and friendly environment, then Australia is the best destination for you. The research-oriented education system and excellent teaching methods put Australia in top places for higher education.

Information technology is a field which is gaining a lot of attention lately. Since most of the people on the earth use electronic gadgets equipped with different software and the Internet, this has opened many positions for IT jobs. IT courses in Australia are counted in among the best in the world.

Studying IT in Australia

There are two ways to study IT in Australia. They are Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education.

Many people associate advanced studies with a university education, but Australia is one of the few countries offering vocational courses to aspirants. The professional training focuses on the development of the skills relevant to the field of study. The VET is internationally recognised and consists of private and public training institutions. Institutions are listed under Registered Training Organisations (RTO). Government-funded and public training providers are known as Technical and Further Education (TAFE). TAFE offers IT training from Certificate level to an advanced diploma. Private providers registered under RTO provide world-class training too. Undergoing these vocational courses help students to enhance their career prospects acquiring the much-needed skills in the training.

Another way to study IT in Australia is through traditional higher education. According to QS World University Rankings 2017, there are eight universities in Australia out of top 100 best universities offering courses in computer science and information systems in the world. Universities offer research-oriented training to students on the modern infrastructure to develop contemporary skills in the subject. In the end, the choice is to the students whether they want to pursue further studies in IT through vocational or higher studies.

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