What is the scope of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students?

The educational scope for Nepalese students in Australia is quite bright. Many international students from Nepal apply for different scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for study. Australian Government generously invests around AUD 200 million every year putting an effort to extend help to overseas students. Among many different scholarships, Australian Awards Scholarship is quite popular. This scholarship covers the living expenses, tuition fees, overseas health cover and returning airfare of the students. There are two categories of scholarships available. Australian Government itself avails one kind of scholarship and another categorised one as those of universities and institutions availing with their policies and terms.

When it comes to scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students, one of the typical scholarship hundreds of Nepalese students apply every year is the Australian Award scholarship. This scholarship is for aspiring candidates willing to undertake research, professional development and formal education in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. The percentage of applicants from Nepal applying for a scholarship is on the constant increase. However, the students get screened based on their qualities, profession, and academic competence. In parallel, the potential of the aspirants to impact development in home country on returning is one of the determining factors.

So, the scholarships are helping many aspiring students from Nepal who can move out of their country to Australia for further studies and can return fully accomplished professionals. So, are you ready to apply for the scholarship? Before that, you get the idea about choosing the correct Australia courses for international students available. The education system and department of this island country are rich concerning different varieties of courses offering to students. It has around 22,000 number of courses in total.

Popular courses available to study in Australia after 12th

Aspiring students can choose some of the most popular courses. These days most of the international students are rushing after courses such as accounting, engineering, nursing, computer science and information technology. These courses provide remarkable scope and the prospect with the high amount of employment opportunities in the Australian market. These are the major courses one can study in Australia after 12th.

The main reason for the popularity of these courses is the benefit of having a pathway towards permanent residency. After graduation from any Australian university, overseas students can take up professional year programs in any of these courses. Successful completion of the professional year program would fetch extra five points of immigration which can be considering factor while applying for the permanent residency visa.

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