Why is Australia considered as the best place to study further education?

Being the third most preferred destination, Australia is receiving a lot of international students for higher education. National standards are implemented on the education system. It results in the enhancement of the quality of education delivered by various universities and institutes. According to the Human Development Report of UNDP in 2014. Australia is ranked first with a score of 0.927 in the Education Index. That is why overseas students prefer to migrate and study in Australia after 10+2 in the regional universities.

Studying and living in Australia

Innovation, rational thinking, and creativity are the qualities promoted in the Australian universities. International students can expect to study, live, and grow in a friendly country full of opportunities. When international students complete their studies from the land down under, they become eligible for Australian job market and overseas as well.

The top benefit of studying in the island country is that you can work part-time while pursuing your higher studies. International students gain hands-on experience in different sectors while working for part-time jobs. As an overseas student, you can work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during the public holiday and course break.

Unlike western nations, the climate in Australia is warm and sunny throughout the year. Australian cities are considered as most liveable in the world. Three Australian cities break in the top ten in Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Liveability Rankings 2016.

There are options to study in Australia for Nepali students. Australian universities offer courses in diverse fields. Many Australian industries are facing a shortage of skilled employees, and international students are filling gaps in those areas. There are professional year programs after degree and diploma courses to train international students for professional life and work ethics in Australia.

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What are the educational benefits of studying in Australia?

Do you know that Australia is enjoying continued economic growth from last 20 years? Due to the continuous growth, thousands of jobs are created every year. Jobs are being created but the number of skilled professionals is low. The gap is getting widening, and Australia needs international talent to fulfil its requirements. There are numerous Australian courses for international students in their high ranked universities. The land down under can be the best destination to study and start your career.

Benefits of studying in Australia

Australian universities follow some standard rules which are implemented by the government. There is no compromise in the quality of education and especially when it comes to international students. Every university is research ready and has state of the art infrastructure to provide the best environment to their students. Australia is ranked 4th by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in international PhD student’s destination after US, UK, and France.

The prestigious universities give a chance to study in Australia after 12th. The top eight universities also known as Group of Eight (Go8) ranks in world’s top 150 Universities consistently in QS World University rankings. The Go8 is a coalition of research-intensive Australian universities. In 2012, the Australian government surveyed international students with the help of state/territory education departments. The results were mind blowing as 87% of international students responded satisfied or very happy with the overall experience in the country. The results for study experience and living in Australia were astonishingly 86% and 88% respectively.

The Australian government invested AUD $200,000,000 for scholarship purposes extensively for international students in 2016. There is ample scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students. Many meritorious students get 25% to 100 % of scholarship with outstanding merits for their college/university fees. The overall experience in Australia is far better than many countries and the learning environment offered by the universities is incomparable.

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How can study in Australia change your professional life forever?

Are you willing to study in Australia to leave a mark of professional excellence? Hundreds of students apply for different courses and institutions in the island country every year. They know the only distance lying between them and their dream careers is getting admission at the prestigious Australian university. High standard lifestyle, high earning opportunities and many income sources and not to forget to mention of quality education became universal pull factors for study in Australia.

The country offers some of the best courses, and overseas students can opt one out of 22,000 courses that are on offer in around 1,100 institutions. Availability of widened options of both the course and university in the country adds to the attraction of educational system. The best thing about studying in this beautiful island country is quality education. It is the root of professional excellence one may achieve. The method of learning and teaching is entirely technology oriented focusing on the practical aspect of learning which is most important to come out being highly skilled.

Permanent residency – A prime reason to study in Australia for Nepalis students

If you too nurtured a dream to study at one of the beautiful cities in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, you can apply to your preferred course and institution that you wish. Though, you have a plenty of options to choose for study in Australia after 10+2. The recent trend has been international students picking up the courses like engineering, information technology, computer science, accounting and nursing. They logically choose these subjects because specialising in those subjects will open the door towards obtaining the permanent residency visa.

International aspiring students after their graduation from the university can take up the professional year program. This program is mainly for overseas graduates from Australian universities. It hones up and enhances the skills equipped during graduation. Successful completion of the program means graduates became further honed up, skilled and ready to be absorbed into the job market as they get insight wholly. They also gain automatic extra five points of immigration which help them in getting their permanent residency visa application accepted. Obtaining permanent residency is the main aim of study in Australia for Nepalis students. Many of such Nepalis students became citizens of the country enjoying all kinds of facilities and leading the prosperous lives to fullest.

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Reasons why Australia is a top destination for Nepalese students

Australia has turned out to be one of the leading destinations for Nepalese students. The country, presenting all kinds of scopes consisting of quality education, high standard of living and employment opportunities became a mouthwatering hub for every Nepalese student. In Australia, the population of Nepalese immigrants settled, turned out to be eight largest overseas population. Even until September 2016, the total number of Nepali enrolments in many Australian educational institutions was 20,463.

The island country offers not only the quality education to international students but also an affordable education. The relaxed immigration policies, devising of easier student visa mechanism ensured more flow of Nepalese students for study in Australia.  Study and work facilitated by Aussie’s Government to overseas students also contribute towards the increase in some immigrants. Unlike in many other countries, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ became more student friendlier. It is because overseas students can manage their extra expenses besides their academic cost. The student visa allows students to work for 40 hours every fortnight and during holidays or vacation, there is no limit to work.

A study in Australia for Nepalis students became a source for earning huge and leading of high lifestyles. The students can nurture the dream of settling there, and they can do so because there are courses which offer such permanent residency prospects to them. Though the education system is quite vast with as many as 22,000 courses are currently available. Out of these courses, some common ones such as accounting, engineering, computer science, information technology, etc. offer the scope of PR. The international students after graduating from any of the Australian universities can opt professional year program. This program is mainly for overseas graduates specialising in those courses mentioned above.

A significant benefit from the professional year program is it fetches foreign students five extra points of immigration for permanent residency visa apart from equipping students with all the necessary skill sets.

Every year there has been an increase in some immigrant students in Australia. And among many factors responsible, availability of scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is another major reason. Australian Government invests around AUD 200,000,000 annually for international students coming for study in the country.

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How Studying in Australia Helps Nepali Students to Build their Careers?

With small population but advanced in education, Australia came out to be one of the great destinations for quality education. For Nepalis students, this beautiful island country is more than a mere hub for education. More than the education as a factor, this country is just a land of hidden treasures for them. The kind of lifestyles immigrants enjoy with high earning prospects, job opportunities and beauty of friendliness expressed by natives rob their hearts. If any of you are aspiring to study in Australia after 10+2, you may find it icing on the cake that Australia is educationally very rich.

It has one of the largest education system equipped with 11,00 educational institutions and 22,000 different courses. So, you can make an intelligent choice of both the institution and courses. The beauty of this country’s educational system is that it solely focuses on a practical aspect of learning. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has so many lovely cities full of vibrancies and must-visit too. These cities are the homes of various reputed universities and educational institutions which the country takes pride of.

How do Nepalis students aim to settle in Australia for permanently?

Some of the major cities where various overseas students study are Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. These are students’ friendly cities with every kind of lifestyles can be enjoyed. Study in Australia for Nepalis students is the best way towards leading a meaningful life full of luxuries and comforts. It can be demonstrated by the fact that Nepalis living in Australia forms the quarter million so far. This trend has been continuing from the past and there is no possibility of any pause.

The main aim of studying there is to settle for permanently. There are many pathways to do so. However, the easiest one which almost every Nepali student chooses is to go for higher studies. Accounting, engineering, IT and nursing are the popular courses which boost the chance of getting a permanent residency visa. Most of the Nepalis students willing to study in Australia go for those courses, and after graduation from any of the country’s universities, they can attend professional year programme. This program, after successful completion, fetches five extra points of immigration towards getting permanent residency visa application accepted.

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How Scholarship Schemes Help Nepalese Students to Study in Australia?

Do you feel your dream to study in Australia will remain unfulfilled due to unaffordability? Relax, the Government of Australia generously opened numerous scholarships for bright Nepalese students. The scholarships are for the overseas students with the certain degree of proficiency in the English language. Aspirants need to prove the required level of proficiency through a test conducted by Pearson. The score secured in the exam of Pearson Test of English will determine your eligibility. It has become one of the essentials of eligibility criteria set by Australian immigration department.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has been attracting students in large number. Every year hundreds of them apply scholarships for different courses. The scholarships for international students can be broadly categorised into two types. One which Australian Government offers and another provided by universities or institutions individually on their own. Successful aspirants will receive the scholarship covering the tuition fees, living expenses, overseas student health cover and airfare for returning.

Which courses overseas students should choose to obtain permanent residency visa?

With such offers, it became easier for Nepalese students to nurture the dream to study in Australia after 12th choosing some of the best courses available. The educational department in the country has the vast range of subjects comprising of 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions spread in all over the country. Some of the best educational hubs in the island country are Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, etc.

However, the recent trend reveals top Australia courses for international students are engineering, information technology, accounting, nursing and computer science. They have high demand and scope of employment opportunities are much greater. Another attractive feature of those courses is overseas students after graduation in Australian university can join professional year program in those courses. The aim of joining those programs is to obtain extra five points of immigration which will help in attaining permanent residency visa.

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What courses international students should opt for study in Australia after 12th?

Willing to give a kick-start to your dream career? Today people believe that to kick-start one’s prospective career, one requires studying at the reputed institution. It appears true with the impression that a large number of overseas students prefer to study abroad. Australia emerged out as one of the leading destinations that attract international students in large number. This country got many beautiful things that rob the hearts of foreign students. Equipped with one of the best quality educational systems, today, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has plenty of options regarding courses and institutions on offer. Along with it, scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students also plays a crucial role in attracting them in large number every year.

Aspiring students can choose their preferred courses from the long the list of 22,000 courses currently available. The island country has many beautiful cities which are homes of reputed and prestigious institutions. The state owns seven universities that have featured in the list of top 100 quality global educational institutions. Renowned universities such as University of Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, etc. offer valuable Australia courses for international students.

Choosing courses based on the prospect of Australian permanent residency

Today, subjects such as engineering, nursing, accounting, information technologies are some of the major courses that Nepalese students choose today. They choose them with the aim of having the prospect of permanent residency. Overseas students studying these courses in Australia can further join the professional year programs. Successful completion of these programs will fetch five extra points of immigration thus, supporting the application for permanent residency.

If you plan to study in Australia after 12th, you can apply for scholarships in different courses based on your interest and preference.  This island country is the best option which serves the purposes of immigrants. However, before choosing the course and institution, candidates need to get through the online based English proficiency test. The scores obtained in this test will determine your eligibility of taking admission in universities or courses and even for getting student visa application accepted.

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Why studying nursing in Australia became a choice of every foreign student today?

Rapid development in the healthcare sector in Australia made the country one of the leading countries with a large number of health-conscious people. Medical colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical MNCs, etc. made the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ appear as a paradise for nursing professionals. This beautiful island country resonates its educational richness. Well spread with some of the leading cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide, the country is paradise. Every year thousands of overseas students apply for student visa for higher study in this magnificent country. Though, the education department presents a broad scope of opportunities through diverse courses. The department of Australian education has around 22,000 number of courses.

However, among the top courses, as per the recent trend, study nursing in Australia turned out to be a craze among students in Nepal. The courses recognised and help aspirants to prepare for a career to work a human cause. Even in many developed countries, the degree of nursing from Australian universities are respected and in high demand. There is a constant need for nursing professionals, and as soon as one becomes a graduate in nursing, he or she would find an employment and join the nursing workforce.

Get your Australian permanent residency visa application approved through studying nursing course

The most important benefit nursing student would enjoy the granting of permanent residency visa. So, overseas students who aspire to settle there for permanently usually choose nursing courses in Australia. Apart from that, to lessen the gap between the demand and supply of professional nurses, the Government also welcomes the foreign professional nurses in the country. However, after coming here, overseas nurses require undergoing a bridging program, IRON (Initial Registration of Overseas nurses). The program prepares nurses equipping them with all the necessary skill sets and introduces them to various aspects of typical Australian nursing practice.

Studying in foreign countries always accompanies confusion and hesitation and not free from any kinds of challenges. However, education consultants for Australia have been assisting hundreds of aspiring candidates who are moving out to this beautiful country to continue their further studies.

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What are the best reasons to choose Australia as higher education destination?

Did you ever think of studying in the second most developed nation based on Human Development Index? Australia is one of the largest and most developed economies in the world. Studying and working in the land down under is a dream for many international students. Education consultancies are helping these students in realising their dream.

The undergraduate study in Australia for international students is cheap compared to the infrastructure and facilities provided by the country. 7 out of top 100 universities in the world reside there. It is truly the best place to get educated and grow in your career.

Reasons to study in Australia

The first question which arises in international student’s minds is why study in Australia?

With relaxed culture, beautiful landscapes, and friendly locals, Australia is considered as the most famous destination for international students. The government invested $200,000,000 in 2016 as scholarships for the international students. There are 5 Australian cities in top 30 ranking of QS Best Student Cities of the World. The infrastructure and cultural mixture even surpass the top study destinations like US and UK.

The second question which arises in international student’s minds is where to study in Australia?

According to Times Higher Education Best University Cities rankings, Sydney and Melbourne shares fourth rank. Melbourne scored a perfect 100 in the cultural diversity of students. It indicates that International students are warmly welcomed in the most livable city in the world.

Australian cities provide the best infrastructure for study, work, and live in the whole eastern hemisphere according to Mercer’s quality of living rankings. Sydney is placed at 8 in the top 10 cities with the best infrastructure in the world. Brisbane is emerging as a favourite education destination for the global students. Every metropolitan city in Australia ranks in top 50 of the quality of living.

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Why study nursing in Australian universities?

Nursing is a noble and excellent career which revolves around aiding patients in different facilities. Nurses meet countless people and help them on an everyday basis. If you are genuinely interested in making patients comfortable as much as possible, then, nursing is the best career out there.

To be a successful nursing professional, you need to acquire skills and knowledge of latest practices of the nursing industry. Learn the contemporary skills during study nursing in Australia. The country is making strides in the education sector in recent years. There are top-notch universities that are offering quality nursing courses and program to aspirants. It is a melting pot of different cultures with laidback environment and infrastructure for higher studies.

Some reasons to study nursing in Australia

There are 10 Australian universities which come under the best 50 universities providing nursing in the world according to QS Top Universities rankings. Out of these ten universities, eight of them got high employer reputation percentage i.e. above eighty percent. The University of Sydney scored an outstanding 100 percent in company reputation, something which is not achieved by any other university in the world. These rankings indicate that nursing courses in Australia are highly reputed worldwide.

Further prospects

Recently, Australia is facing a looming shortage of nurses. They will need extra 123,000 nurses by 2030 according to 2014 Australia’s Future Health Workforce report.

With an acute shortage in the healthcare industry, the doors will always be open for skilled nurses. The Australian government is helping qualified foreign nurses by giving them the opportunity through the IRON program. According to Australian Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), nurses are in shortage and urgently required in specialisations like medical, medical practice, surgical, mental health, paediatrics, and perioperative. Nurses get working visa in Australia rapidly, and they can apply for permanent residency in the future after a nomination from the concerned department.

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