How study in Australia for international students became easier today?

Australia became an important destination for quality education attracting international students in large number from far and wide. The increase in overseas students moving into the country speaks volume about the level of educational quality, scope available and easy immigration processes. Australian experts expressed that the country is likely to face the shortage of skilled professionals shortly. It made the Government to amend immigration and educational policies making them more overseas students’ friendly than earlier. Today, most of the Asian nations are enjoying the benefits and widened scope opened.

Nepal has joined the list of Asian countries from where students preferably opt Australia as their best-chosen education centre. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students provide plenty of options for choosing both the subject courses and institutions. The education department in the country is rich with as many as 22,000 courses along with 1,100 educational institutions.

The Island nation is a home of some of the beautiful and world-class cities. Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are the leading cities which are the primary sources of pride for the country. The breathtaking attractions, excellent education system, availability of affordable accommodation and friendly natives present the cities as best educational hubs for overseas students. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ takes pride with eight of its universities having featured in the list of top world universities.

Title: Why do students from Nepal love to study in Australia?

Australia has been an ideal destination for higher education for Nepalese students. The continued affair with country’s quality education is evident from the fact that Nepal became the eighth largest sources of overseas students for this beautiful island country. And contributing to it is the major factors such as low fees, easier immigration process, work and study scope, scholarship programs, massive job prospect and of course permanent residency. These are the primary reasons why study in Australia became a trend for Nepalese students.

In the year 2016, the number of Nepali enrolments in the Australian universities rose to around 20,463. As per the immigration sources, the rate of increase was high, and it was as much as twice the number of enrolment in 2015. If you are aspiring to study, you can choose where to study in Australia after careful analysis considering all associated benefits and other factors. In case you do not know how to decide, you can approach Australian education agent who will help you in making wiser and important decision.

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