A glimpse into the accounting and engineering education in Australia

Taking the right decision on right time holds the key to success. Same goes for everyone, and there is no difference for overseas students who choose courses and institutions to study. The decision they take at crucial juncture holds responsible for the kind of future they would have. So, if you are willing to study abroad, you will have plenty of options. Among the number of countries known for quality education, Australia comes as the most favourite for Nepalese students. Looking the recent trend of the sudden increase in some Nepalese students gathering in Australia, one can guess the idea behind it.

There are some factors responsible for pulling Nepalese students to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Quality education of the country plays the vital role as the pull factor. Some of the universities in the country have featured in the list of top 100 global universities.  Australia is a synonym of the high standard of living, a destination full of opportunities for both higher education and employment. The professionals who are skilled accountants and engineers have great value and scope for career growth. Considering the increasing demand for those professionals, engineering courses in Australia became today’s highly sought-after courses for many aspiring overseas students.

Permanent residency-Aim of studying engineering and accounting courses in Australia

Besides the scope of employment, there is another factor why students from Nepal are after the engineering courses. It is because every Nepalese student finds the ‘Island country’ as the economic hub and educational paradise. So, who does not want to stay forever in those land of opportunities and scopes? They believe choosing engineering courses would benefit them later.  After graduating, they can join professional year program for engineering. And after successful completion of the program, they can get five extra points of immigration that would help them to get the permanent residency visa.

In the same way study accounting in Australia also has the same amount of prospect and scope for overseas students. After graduation, they will be able to take up professional year program in accounting. The program would further help you to gain hands-on work experience and insight into typical Australian work ethics. Once you complete your professional year program, you will get five extra points of immigration for your permanent residency visa.

These are the reasons why engineering and accounting courses in Australia are of high demand in Nepal. AECC GLOBAL is your right education agency to guide you study the approved and recognized courses.  Another appealing reason of choosing this agency is it is an “ONE STOP COUNSELING SERVICES & VISA DOCUMENTATION”.

Are you in need of any assistance from education experts? If yes, do not hesitate to contact AECC GLOBAL experts for counselling today.

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