The courses popular as Australia courses for international students

Are you looking forward to choosing the finest destination to study for giving the kickstart to your dream career? Quality education became a need for every aspirant looking to build a lucrative career. Today many numbers of students are moving away too many developed nations in the pursuit of higher education. For instance, every year hundreds of students from Nepal apply to study in Australia. They find it as the country to make a fortune with the scopes for both study and work.

Australia is a store of quality education as one can find one of the high-quality education systems in the country. The department of education in the country is richly filled with as many as 22,000 courses which are taught through 1,100 quality institutions. The infrastructural beauty and richness get expressed in their unique styles equipping with all kinds of facilities and amenities. Overseas students in large number choose to study in Australia after 12th to pursue their chosen courses. The varied range of courses available is one of the pull factors drawing overseas students in the country. For instance, when one talks about Nepal, the developing country whose majority of students apply to study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, it does not offer much choice to students regarding courses and employment opportunities.

Today the trend of course choice revolves around the courses such as engineering, accounting, nursing, computer science and information technology. These are the favourite courses of every Nepalese student.

How is Australian Scholarship a pull factor for overseas students for higher education? 

The good part of Australian education is it became students’ friendly as international students who successfully take admission in leading prestigious universities can opt to work while still studying. The country’s immigration department has relaxed visa policies to some extent. Now international students can work as their student visas allow them to work for 40 hours per fortnight and number of hours can be extended to unlimited during holidays. Another reason for the increase in many enrolments of students from Nepal for studying in the ‘Island country’ is the scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students.

Aussie Government invests around AUD 200 million every year on scholarship for overseas students who can apply it for different courses. There are two types of scholarships that students from other countries can apply. One kind of scholarship is Awards scholarship, and Nepalese students can apply it after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Another category includes of scholarships that most of the universities or institutions offer of their own. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, living expenses and Australian health cover of students. And overseas students applying for them must meet their eligibility criteria too. For applying for the scholarship, it is important to choose any of the Australia courses for international students and check if the course offers any Aide or award.

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