Why do work and study in Australia fascinate foreign students from Nepal?

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has emerged out as the important educational hub for students from Nepal. The students from the developing nation always aspire to move out to Australia for higher education. They want to be part of ever-growing Australian job market choosing various types of subject courses. A glimpse would reveal that Nepal does not have remarkable higher educational institutions for research and PhDs. Even the country cannot impart quality matching job opportunities. This is the reason which forces students to explore study abroad opportunities.

On the other hand, the Island country is affordable for the aspiring students who can find work and study in Australia as one of the major attractions. A hardworking student from developing nation can survive working part time and continuing to pursue his dream course and education. Now some of you carrying idea or planning of studying in Australia may wonder how work and study can be possible at the same time. Well, the Aussie Government relaxed the visa policy for the students. Now immigration department allows students to work for 40 hours per fortnight and there is no limit during holidays or vacation while still pursuing and attending classes in colleges or institutions.

How can Australian education consultants come handier to overseas students?

Even though the education system in this developed nation is of immense quality which is technology driven, focused on practical aspects of students through equipping them the required skill sets, but ‘work while you learn’ facility offered comes to be beneficial for students. They gain exposure earlier and get to taste the typical Australian work culture and hands-on work experience which most of the employers prefer in candidates. Hence, it helps overseas students in multiple ways. The increase in the number of international students opting to study abroad has also resulted in the sudden increase of educational consultancies in the market.

Australian education consultants are the best person right there to offer valuable guidance to new aspiring students. With many complicated policies and procedures to be followed, it is always challenging for international students to be able to have admission in leading institutions of their preference. Hence, the reliability over consultants has had drastic increase over the years. On choosing the right and professional overseas education consultants, students from Nepal can have the maximum chance of getting admission in their preferred institutions in the country. It is because they always have tie-ups with the institutions they represent.

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