How has Australia emerged out as leading hub for studying engineering and accounting courses?

“But remember this, Japanese boy… aeroplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.” ― Hayao Miyazaki

Do you believe you have it what it takes to be a creative engineer with creativity and innovation? There is no better choice than choosing Australia to build up your dream career and giving wings to it. Australia, as a country is always a preferred study-nation having built up the high reputation in the international education market. Carrying a dream to be the engineer with a purpose, it will take you all to land in this beautiful country, the ‘Land of educational excellence’.

Many aspiring engineers choose engineering courses in Australia with the aim to be a competent, innovative and creative engineer who can find the course worth studying. Becoming engineer with essential qualities need effort and best of quality engineering education. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ on the other hand is the right choice with many reputable and prestigious engineering institutions carrying global recognition and known for quality teaching. Though, engineering is a vast subject course itself with many branches of it can be explored. As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ Engineering and Technology, this country has 7 of the top universities that have featured in the list.

How can engineering and accounting courses play the crucial role towards obtaining PR

In parallel to engineering, accounting has come up as another hot course. Many overseas students from around the world are rushing for the course of accounting. Study accounting in Australia would open the door into unlimited scopes and widened opportunities. Besides plenty of possibilities for both the courses in Australia, one can also find many additional benefits. For instance, aspirants who want to settle in this beautiful ‘Island country’ can choose either engineering or accounting course to study. These two courses are the most relevant ones fetching the rich prospect of permanent residency.

To enjoy permanent residency, many students from different developing nations prefer engineering or accounting courses in Australia. The one-year program not only equip students with relevant qualities and skill sets but more importantly successful completion of the course fetches five extra points of immigration. This is the main reason why aspirant students from developing nations always apply for these two courses for extended time benefit.

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