Why do Nepalis students prefer to study in Australia?

Australia is a land of excellent education, and it has gained global recognition on quality education it imparts globally. It comes third after USA and UK as leading destination highly preferred by international students. Though high in quality yet it is an affordable destination as per as many overseas students are concerned. There are many factors which play the significant role in pulling out many students every year. For instance, the study in Australia for Nepalis students has turned out to be more than prestige.

Nepalis students do not find the course of their preference in their home country, and they want to move out to Australia for their higher studies. It is one of the important pull factors. And in addition to that, they find Australia as the land of fortune which means many kinds of opportunities and scopes are available. For instance, the country has one of the important educational systems with many courses of around 22,000. Apart from the quality education system, the facilities and amenities presented are world class, and infrastructural impression can be easily found giving the beautiful glimpse. It has around 1,100 institutions widely spread all around the country.

Most of the important education centres in the country are Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, etc. Each of these cities offers the excellent education with immense quality because each of them is a home of many reputed educational institutions. To be able to study in Australia is a hard nut to crack for many of the aspirants. The path of pursuing quality education is not free from challenges. The first challenge that you may encounter is your eligibility. Aspiring students require possessing the proficiency in English, enough bank balance and Australian health cover, etc.

What are the courses that you can study in Australia after 10+2?

Are you ready to apply for the admission in Australia but wondering which course will be the suitable one for you? If it is the case, then you can go through all the courses available and based on your preference you can choose one. However, for aspirants willing to study in Australia after 10+2, they will have many options available. But the recent trend has been students taking up courses such as engineering, nursing, accounting, computer science and information technology.

The reason behind this trend is these courses not only offer the employment scopes availing high paying jobs and rapid career growth, but they also help in gaining the permanent residency as the graduate students after completing graduation can opt to take up professional year program. After successful completion of the program, they will earn five extra points towards permanent residency apart from gaining essential work experience.

Are you willing to study engineering in Australia and intending to settle there for permanently? If yes, take guidance from Australian education experts sitting at AECC GLOBAL right now.

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