How nursing became a popular choice of career among the international students?

Gone are the days when people used to consider nursing as the less attractive profession in all fronts. The sudden development of global health-care industry in the last couple of years has changed scenario. And in doing so, Australia has the most helping hand in changing the mindsets of people globally. The profession has sparked new interests among the masses with newer scopes and prospects coming up by leaps and bounds. Among the noblest professions, nursing is one of them. Someone rightly said, “When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.”

For aspirants, study nursing in Australia always comes as the priority for them. It is always beneficial for professional growth to enjoy taking the course from reputable institutions. One can take up pursuing the course from developed country as prestige. In the same way, degrees in nursing from any of the universities or institutions from the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ are always respected. There is no dearth of employment opportunities for overseas students who study nursing there.

Enjoy career breakthrough with bachelor of nursing from Victoria University

Primary courses of nursing in Australia are bachelors, masters, research and PhDs, etc.  Aspiring students can apply for any of these courses. The constant increase in the scope of nursing has resulted in the growth of many candidates applying for nursing courses in Australia. The course from this remarkable and reputable university can directly provide you professional, positive impact pushing your career to a new height.

The course equips aspirants with the broad set of nursing skills who after completing the course can join the nursing workforce as the mental-health nurse. The course also opens the door to plenty of opportunities in the health care industry. Many aspiring candidates are yet to know about how to choose the best nursing course in Australia. Apart from that, it is also important for them to know the path to follow while deciding to pursue the nursing career. For them education consultants for Australia are always there to welcome when approached, guiding them all the way from choosing the right course and institutions and assisting when required.

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Reasons why every Nepalis student aspires to study in Australia

Australian education has been a boon, and the country became an educational paradise for Nepalis students. Every year hundreds of students apply for graduate and master courses in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and this trend is on the constant increase. One of the major factors pulling such huge number of students from Nepal is the lack of scope and opportunities in the country. For research and seeking expertise in a subject, they often face challenges, and they do not get the kind of quality they require. Hence, the study in Australia is the only option left to them.

The Island country has the best quality educational system that offers quality education through 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions spread well across each breadth and length of the country. The learning system solely focuses on improving the practical aspects of the candidates which are necessary for leading successful professional life. Even after completing the course, overseas students can search suitable employment and can settle there.

Which courses are highly in demand for study in Australia after 10+2?

Today most of the students from Nepal prefer to consider courses like engineering, accounting, computer science and nursing. These courses provide immense scope which is not limited to employment opportunities. They also help in settling down there as Australia is likely to face the shortage of skilled workforce shortly. So, these are the courses most of the students choose to study in Australia after 10+2 in Nepal.

After graduating in these subjects from Australian universities, overseas graduates can take up professional year program which acts as the bridge between the universities and employment. During this one-year program, international students get their skills enhanced through series of internships and gain real hands-on work experience. Successful completion of the program fetches five extra points of immigration towards permanent residency.

study in Australia for Nepalis students is more than the pursuit of quality education. It is a prestige and best means to lead the luxurious life.

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How study in Australia for international students became easier today?

Australia became an important destination for quality education attracting international students in large number from far and wide. The increase in overseas students moving into the country speaks volume about the level of educational quality, scope available and easy immigration processes. Australian experts expressed that the country is likely to face the shortage of skilled professionals shortly. It made the Government to amend immigration and educational policies making them more overseas students’ friendly than earlier. Today, most of the Asian nations are enjoying the benefits and widened scope opened.

Nepal has joined the list of Asian countries from where students preferably opt Australia as their best-chosen education centre. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students provide plenty of options for choosing both the subject courses and institutions. The education department in the country is rich with as many as 22,000 courses along with 1,100 educational institutions.

The Island nation is a home of some of the beautiful and world-class cities. Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are the leading cities which are the primary sources of pride for the country. The breathtaking attractions, excellent education system, availability of affordable accommodation and friendly natives present the cities as best educational hubs for overseas students. The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ takes pride with eight of its universities having featured in the list of top world universities.

Title: Why do students from Nepal love to study in Australia?

Australia has been an ideal destination for higher education for Nepalese students. The continued affair with country’s quality education is evident from the fact that Nepal became the eighth largest sources of overseas students for this beautiful island country. And contributing to it is the major factors such as low fees, easier immigration process, work and study scope, scholarship programs, massive job prospect and of course permanent residency. These are the primary reasons why study in Australia became a trend for Nepalese students.

In the year 2016, the number of Nepali enrolments in the Australian universities rose to around 20,463. As per the immigration sources, the rate of increase was high, and it was as much as twice the number of enrolment in 2015. If you are aspiring to study, you can choose where to study in Australia after careful analysis considering all associated benefits and other factors. In case you do not know how to decide, you can approach Australian education agent who will help you in making wiser and important decision.

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