How will accounting and engineering courses in Australia help you obtaining permanent residency?

Today the significance of studying in right and quality institution has substantially increased. The job markets became fiercely more ‘battle fields’ and meant for only highly skilled professionals. Many international students prefer these days to study abroad at reputable and quality institutions in the pursuit of higher education. When it comes to studying abroad, developed nations like USA, UK and Australia are the most trending destinations.

However, from the last few years, a new trend has set up. Many students from developing nations like Nepal have been shifting their focus to Australia. And this country has turned out to be a ‘nation for building destiny’ as clearly reflected by increasing enthusiastic students preferring to study there. High-quality education, beautiful landscape, high standard of living, advanced health care, plenty of scopes of employment and courses offered by institutions are the primary pull factors.

So, won’t it be exciting to study there and trying to obtain permanent residency? Permanent settlement in this advanced country is one chief reason making overseas students choose it as their study destination. Now, here the course selection holds significance determining if you will find a clear path to permanent residency. And this is the reason students are choosing engineering courses in Australia.

Aspiring students choosing engineering course can further take up the professional year program of engineering right after the graduation from any of the Australian university. This year-long program acts as job readiness program, enhances the skills of overseas graduates and prepares them for employability. Apart from these, extra five points of immigration towards obtaining permanent residency visa are also awarded to graduates after successful completion of the program.

How easier to obtain PR in Australia for accounting and engineering graduates?

Similarly, study accounting in Australia also provides the same scope for getting the permanent residency. Though not to mention the vast job opportunities for accounting graduates after completion of the professional year program. Many Nepalese students settled in Australia and contributing to the country’s economy have the same story how they obtained the PR.

Studying engineering and accounting courses in Australia has become easier now. The aspiring international students with financial challenges can also dream to study with the number of scholarship schemes introduced by Australian Government. So, all you need now is to be mentally prepare yourself and apply for any of your preferred courses from 22,000 courses currently on offer. If you require any guidance for making the right choice of course and institution, you can come approach to expert Australian education consultants sitting at AECC GLOBAL right now!

Find Out the Benefits of Studying in Australian Universities

Are you planning to move abroad for higher education? If yes, it is a good decision to get valued education and enjoy higher career prospects. But, it is always a challenge to choose from a plethora of study destinations. Some of the popular destinations are the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada among others.

However, Australia is fast becoming one of the most preferred destinations for international students including the Nepalese. Data revealed that a record 20, 463 Nepali students have enrolled in Australian universities till September of 2016, which is twice the previous year. The decision to study in Australia for Nepali students come due to conducive environment and facilities in the country.

Here are the top reasons why the aspirants prefer to study in Australian universities:

1.Quality of Education

Australia’s higher education system is recognised and ranked 9th in the academic world. The educational institutions are supported by modern facilities like technology for training of students. Further, the training modules are set in accordance with international standards with the strict vigilance of Australian Quality Framework to ensure quality of courses. Pursuing higher education is a preparation for a bright future of overseas students.

  1. Better Career Options

With over 22,000 courses on offer in different study areas, you can easily find a course based on your goal with better career choices. There are 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Engineering, public health, nursing, medicine, nursing, accounting, and IT are the top Australia courses for international students. Students can pursue an advanced diploma, bachelor degree and master degree in the renowned universities.

  1. Lower Tuition Fees and Scholarship Facilities

The tuition fees in Australian universities are lower than counterparts in the US and the UK.  Additionally, the scholarship schemes are available for the meritorious students to help in saving money.  Students can get 25% to 100% of scholarship based on their merit from the enrolled institutions.

  1. High Job Prospects

Another important benefit of studying in Australia is employment opportunity after graduation. As the Australian market lacks qualified professionals in many sectors, the possibility of getting a job is high for foreign students. In fact, the Australian government offers Temporary Graduate Visa to graduate students in different fields.

  1. Presence of Student Friendly Cities

Most of the Australian cities are ranked higher in the Global Student Friendly Index. The cities are considered for the foreign students’ due to the presence of suitable condition and facilities like accommodation, cheap living expenses, employability, lifestyle, and other factors. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Coast top the list in Australia.

  1. Relaxed Visa Policy

While the US and the UK are making their visa policies strict, the Australian government has simplified its student visa regime taking under one roof – Student Visa (500 subclass) for all courses. With the launch of e-facilities for enrolling in institutions and visa application, the country has become a top destination for aspiring students.

These are the common factors attracting international students to study in Australia. Pursuing higher education in the top-ranked universities is a vital step to start a successful career in life.

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Most Popular Courses on Offer in Australia for International Students

Some reliable data show that the number of Nepalese students stepping out to study in advanced countries like the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia has reached new heights. Out of all these nations, Australia has always been interesting and most preferred destinations to pursue higher studies.

Beautiful landscape, world class education standards, easy student visa process, part-time job opportunities, various scholarship options, and better career prospects are some of the important attractions which allure students to study in Australia courses.

In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the most popular courses that Nepalese students want to study abroad. Alike more international students, Nepalese students also choose courses based on their interests.

Here are some of the most popular courses in Australia for international students:

Nursing Courses

Due to the inclusion of contemporary practices in the training, nursing courses in Australia are recognised globally. So, nursing courses can be an ideal choice to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse. International students can apply for a diploma, bachelor degree, and master in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Engineering Courses

When it comes to engineering, Australia has seven top-ranked universities offering engineering and technical courses. Varied scholarships schemes, internship programs, chance to settle in the country permanently and booming job opportunities make students study engineering in Australia.

IT Courses

Seeing the popularity and utility of Information Technology, Nepalese students in Australia see golden career opportunities in this field. Top-rated IT institutions and universities in Australia assist overseas students to acquire quality education and skills to make a fruitful career.

You can opt for certificate courses, diploma, bachelor or master in IT. Furthermore, fresh IT graduates enrol in Professional Year in IT to be prepared for the local markets.


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Things that make Australia your best destination for study

Deciding which career to choose in advance is always a wise thing to do. For giving shape to your career which can keep you happy and satisfied must be your priority. When it comes to building up a career, the study in a reputable institution holds great significance. And there is no better way to giving wings to your dream through studying in Australia.

After deciding to study it is the time for you to choose the right course. However, recently nursing course has been the trending course, and international students from Nepal are opting it. The scope of the nursing course is immense in Australia. The constant growth of healthcare industry in the country and creating plenty of opportunities and scopes are pushing students into the course. Study nursing in Australia opens the door to the plethora of possibilities in the healthcare sector. The bonus of studying in this beautiful country is degrees obtained from Australian universities carry global respect. The Australian University graduates will never be jobless because the quality of education in the country is known to everyone in the world.

Factors responsible for attracting overseas students to study in Australia

The widened options available in the country regarding courses and institutions make the country appear appealing and attractive ones. Some of the students rush out for admission in Australia because they find their preferred subjects. The education department runs around 22,000 courses which are itself an attraction and pull factor. Apart from this pull factor, international students also find the quality education accessible due to the various scholarship schemes available for them.

Work and study opportunity, supporting the needy students who do not require depending on their parents for their extra expenses also acts as an attraction. It is possible only because Australian student visa allows overseas students to work. They can engage for 40 hours per fortnight, and during holidays they will be able to work for the unlimited number of hours. It is one of the top reasons why study in Australia became a trend for international students today.

Successful pursuit of higher education from Australian universities is not easy as there are challenges most of the new aspirants may face on their path. Some of them may not have the idea how to apply for admission and procedure to follow, and the entire process may appear daunting for them. And here comes the role of education consultants for Australia. The consultants are the professionals with vast experience and knowledge of dealing with aspiring students and placing them at their preferred universities.

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Why do international nursing aspirants intend to come in Australia to study nursing?

Nursing is the noblest profession of all. Every industry may run short of employment opportunities for any possible reason, but when it comes to health-care, nursing is such a field which will not get affected by any global trend or adversities. It does not have any impact of global recession and all. The global market of nursing is expanding with each single passage of the day. It also depends on the skills gained by the nurse which is directly linked to the availability of the scope.

If you intend to be a skilled nurse, you better to choose nursing courses in Australia. The education department of the country is very advanced and those who study nursing there are counted as ‘highly fortunate’. The entire world knows well the value nursing studies offer to the students pursuing the courses. There are different kinds of courses and programs offered in nursing. The system of nursing education in Australia is unique and advanced. The programs help aspirants gaining of knowledge, skills and thorough ethical understanding leading to make the overseas students into competent and successful nursing professionals.

All the Australian nursing courses prepare international students into professionals capable of delivering the high quality, patient-centred healthcare services in different situations. The courses mainly focus on developing the practical aspects of the students. Nursing is a popular course for undergraduate study in Australia for international students though there are many other different courses currently on offer.

Universities offering the nursing courses are all scattered with each breadth and length of the country. And aspirants won’t have any issue in finding the right institution.

The main cities where overseas students can choose to study are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra etc. These are the major beautiful cities, and you can opt anyone of them and won’t run short of option where to study in Australia.

Few of the major advantages of studying nursing in Australia are as follows-

Be part of Australian healthcare industry: When you choose to study in Australia, after completing your course, you can apply for job after applying for the visa. The healthcare industry is in progress and expanding at high pace.

Quality education: Choosing this country means you are going to acquire the best quality education and degrees obtained from any of the country’s universities draw global respect. So, you will not have any shortage of employment issues anywhere in the world.

Study and work opportunity: Many international students choose the ‘Island country’ because they can both study and work since Australian student visa allows to work part-time. Extra expenses can be easily managed by engaging in part time work.

Enjoy the high standard of living: Every aspiring student willing to study desires to settle down there permanently because of high standard living one can enjoy.

After Graduation: Nursing is one of the highly paid occupation and has migration possibilities too.

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Scopes you can explore with IT courses in Australia

Do you want to advance professionally with your IT career? A career in information technology means entering the trillion-dollar industry! Information technology is one of the important areas which transforms and shapes everyone’s life. The way people live, entertain, socialise, work, communicate and learn, every aspect of one’s life get positively impacted. And credit must be given to information technology.

Bachelor degrees of Information technology in Australia can help in shaping up your career in this field. This bachelor degree is one of the major IT courses in Australia which can equip international students the contemporary knowledge, experience with relevant skill sets required to kick-start a successful and prospective career. Australia is famous because of quality education and overseas students looking for establishing IT career can have the wide range of IT specialisations as per their preference and interests.

Apart from taking up this degree course, the IT graduates from any of the Australian universities can further opt the professional year program in information technology. This one-year program, one can consider it as job readiness program. Within this program, the overseas students can truly learn and master the art of solving the problems of people who are real world clients through series of internships. The demand for the IT professionals is on the constant increase, and if you can complete your degrees successfully, then you are all set to make entry into the high-paying job.

If you are newly passed out aspiring students looking to building a career in information technology, it is better to opt Australia. Maybe you feel helpless when the talk is about studying information technology in developed countries like Australia. It is because you need to know the eligibility criteria, how to apply for admission and visa and availability of courses with the number of seats in universities etc. It always appears to be highly challenging.

How does Australian scholarship directly benefit Nepalese students?

But never mind, you can approach any of the study in Australia consultants who are specialised in all the above mentioned. Some of the aspiring candidates have concerns over financial aspect when it comes to studying in developed countries. And Australia is no different, but the Government has been supporting enormously as it annually invests around AUD 200 million only for the scholarship for international students.

Scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is appearing a great financial help as it covers the educational and living expenses. But most of the students from Nepal engage in the number of part time works as study and work privilege is available with the student visa. Overseas students can easily manage their extra expenses through such part time works, and once they become graduates after acquiring high level IT skills, they can look for job opportunities. They will mainly find suitable employment as the application engineer software developer, data analyst, cyber-security manager, digital media specialist, IT manager, system analyst etc.

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How can you shape up lucrative career through study engineering in Australia?

You have heard somewhere that engineers are in demand and nature of their employment is always high paying. If you want to earn huge, lead standard lifestyle and looking how to pursue such lucrative career in engineering, choose Australia as your study destination.

There are the numbers of engineering institutions globally scattered offering various kinds of engineering courses in this subject. But the sorry part of it is not all the institutions have it in them to transform aspirants into skilled engineers!

Hence, choosing reputable engineering institution is essential for giving a kick-start to this lucrative career as few Universities Courses has National Accreditation of Engineering Australia and Global Recognitions through Washington Accord:  The Washington Accord is a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) which pertains to engineering programs accredited by its signatories in their jurisdictions since 1989. Signatories to the Washington Accord are organizations responsible for accrediting engineering programs in Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Washington Accord assists in determining if an engineering program in one signatory’s jurisdiction is recognized for purposes of licensure and registration, employment, or admission in to graduate school in another jurisdiction and EUR-ACE is the European quality label for engineering degree programmes at First Cycle (Bachelor) and Second Cycle (Master) level.

On the other hand, Australia, despite smaller in geographical size and population, has been able to steadily provide tough competition to many developed countries like USA and UK. Engineering is one of the best study in Australia courses and quite popular among many international students from developing nations. Among the list of countries from where the ‘Island country’ receives many students willing to pursue their further studies, Nepal tops the chart.

Why do Nepalese students prefer to study engineering in Australia?

Many Nepalese students preferring to study in Australia are opting engineering courses. It is because study engineering in Australia benefits them in more than one way. The first benefit is they can come out to be skilled engineers the way engineering is taught. Another advantage is based on their preference they can choose to work and settle there or return to their home countries. The third benefit they would have are with seamless scholarship up to 100 Percent to exceptional merit students as Australian Universities offers quite range of Scholarships depending on 10+2  or Equivalent Grade Marks.

The fourth benefit which mostly impresses every overseas student is engineering career helps them in settling down there. And the reason is very simple and clear; international engineering graduates from any of the country’s universities can take up professional year program in engineering. It not only hones up their skills and introduces them into real work scenario through series of internships but also fetches them extra five points towards acquiring of permanent residency visa after successful completion of the program.

Some overseas students find themselves clueless what to study in Australia so that such students will find approaching Australia education consultants beneficial.

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Establish your career with one of the prominent courses in Australia for international students

Do you dream to study in one of the prestigious universities in Australia? This is the right time to give wing to your dream. Now, all you need is to choose a suitable course and apply for it. Australian education system is of high quality whose sole focus is building up relevant skill sets of students through practical learning. The quality is known to the world, and international students with Australian educational degrees may never have unemployment issue.

So, this is the right time to choose any of the courses in Australia for international students as the department of education currently offers around 22,000 courses. In the same way, you also can apply at any of the universities. There are around 1,100 educational institutions out of which you can choose one with higher reputation. Before applying for your preferred courses, it is important to know the eligibility criteria. Among the challenges faced by international students from non-English speaking countries, the requirement of English proficiency is one of them.

Things newly overseas aspiring students must know while applying to study in Australia

Australia is an English-speaking country where the language is the official language of the nation. And it is mandatory to possess the proficiency of the language to be eligible for applying for the courses and student visa too. Pearson Test of English is the test aspirants need to sit and score as a proof of possessing the required level of proficiency. Besides, aspiring international students need to present the bank balance covering the living and educational expenses. Along with them, the department of immigration also asks to show the admission confirmation letter duly signed by university authority.

Most of the new aspiring students often wonder what would be the study in Australia cost. The overall educational expenses depend largely on the type, of course, accommodation, cities and institutions students choose. In certain cases, students with no idea regarding the correct procedure for applying for admission, student visa and other essential detail, always find challenging to go through all procedural details. Those overseas students can still seek the assistance from education consultants. The consultants are the professional experts with vast experiences. They know everything from admission session, procedure, courses and institutions to eying of the market trend. However, it is crucial on their part that they must choose the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia.

If you need such assistance and guidance, you can approach the Australian education consultants at AECC GLOBAL.

Secure your future in Australia with engineering courses

Engineering is one of the important areas on which most of the countries focus. Majority of the developed countries like Australia put the economic developmental wheel on it. This country became a popular destination with aspiring engineers thronging there like never. When you question about the engineering scope, one must say that the scope is vast.

Students willing to study engineering courses in Australia will find plenty of employment opportunities after graduation through accredited Engineers of Australia. The scope for overseas engineers in the country got widened because as per the report, the country is likely to face the shortage of skilled engineers soon. The newly qualified skilled engineers from overseas will fill up the devoid that may come up. So, the aspirants can take this benefit. The constant growth of mining, the emergence of technology firms and other technology oriented industries have shaped up the scope.

Why do international students want to settle in Australia with permanent residency visa?

High standard of living, high earning the opportunity, friendly locals and quality of education are the primary factors which attract many students from developing countries. If you are looking to pursue the elite courses such as engineering and accounting, choosing Australia is the best option. The country has world class cities in the form of Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Perth and Canberra which are the best amazing destinations to pursue your higher studies.

Accounting courses in Australia have also gained significance over the years. It also has the scope which runs parallel with the engineering courses. After completing your accounting courses, aspiring students will be able to find suitable employment in Australian job market. The degrees of both engineering and accounting offered by universities draw global respect from all around the world. It means graduates holding Australian degrees would never run short of employment or suitable jobs.

The students can engage in various part-time jobs while studying as student visa allows working for 40 hours per fortnight, and one can work for the unlimited number of hours during holidays or vacations.

Study accounting in Australia is a trend today among students from developing nations like Nepal. They choose to study, and after that, they want to settle down there permanently.

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Rely on professional Australian education consultants for admission to nursing courses in Australia

You love listening to your heart like many others. The study in Australia is the call of your heart now, but considering the challenges you are required to deal, you feel discouraged, right? But never mind, make your mind more determined and never shy away from taking the bull by the horns. Just imagine, how amazing it could be to study abroad. Studying nursing courses in Australia would truly mean a lot. It is like a gate-pass to make entry into one of the most lucrative and noble professions. Students who study nursing in this country always turn into highly qualified nursing professionals. The degrees or certificates they hold, fetch them respect from around the world, and they never stay unemployed.

It is no lesser than an achievement being able to study nursing in this part of the world. This Island country is an educational paradise for international students. This beautiful country has many breathtaking cities which are all equipped with top rated universities and other educational institutions. So, if you are aspiring to study, you can decide where to study in Australia with so many options currently available.

Education consultants guide overseas students and solve the challenges lying on their path

As an aspirant, you may not know about the top universities, norms, and criteria for admission in the Australian universities. You will find the new procedures confusing creating obstacles in the admission to the best institution.

But, you won’t face these problems after consulting with the education experts for guidance and help while taking admission in the chosen university. The undergraduate study in Australia for international students will be fruitful receiving the counselling from the experts before enrollment in the selected field.

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