A glimpse into undergraduate study in Australia for international students from Nepal

Australia, the ‘Island country’ is filled with high-quality education system imparted through highly developed institutions with all kinds of facilities and amenities. Along with the quality, aspiring students from Nepal can have various options of course and institutional selection. The country’s education department currently runs around 22,000 courses and 1,100 institutions. However, the figure of this number of courses may include the higher and advanced level programs and degrees.

Undergraduate study in Australia for international students from Nepal became easier than earlier. The introduction of work and study opportunity has made all the difference now.

The aspiring students who have financial challenges can manage now. It is only because of work and study scope that they can engage right after arriving in Australia. And they can participate in different kinds of part-time works. Student visa in the country allows working for 40 hours per fortnight. But during holidays or vacation, the duration of work can be extended to the unlimited number.

Some of you may not know why international students from around the globe are more willing to pursue their higher studies in Australia. The scope of receiving the high-quality education and increasing employment prospects as degrees obtained from Australian universities are globally respected. And degree holders from this beautiful Island country get top preference when it comes to employment opportunity.

These are the major factors why study in Australia became popular among overseas students from every corner of the world. If you are mentally prepared to study there, then you can also choose the best city in the country.

Choose the best destination for quality education in Australia

This country, though smaller in both geographically and population wise when it comes to world-class cities, it never sits at the bottom of the list. Many internationally recognised and famed cities can be found such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Sydney. These are the names which have been tagged as the homes of some of the prestigious universities. And if you think where to study in Australia, you can then choose any of these cities.

In case you need any assistance or guidance while choosing the best courses and universities, you can approach Australian education consultant who will extend assistance to you when required.

So, are you wondering where to approach for such education consultant? If it is the case, then rush out to AECC GLOBAL right now!

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