Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australian Universities

With globalisation, a new age of educational and cultural exchange has ushered among the countries. Students from developing countries are moving out in search of better education and career options. Nepalese students are too moving out to different study destinations like America, UK, Canada, and Australia among others. Among the study destinations, Australia has become the most popular one for the students recently.

The beautiful country is attracting overseas students for many obvious reasons. Some of them are the presence of world-class universities, renowned education system and program, modern infrastructures, and lower tuition fees among others. The study in Australia cost is one of the lowest in comparison to developed countries offering similar education. The friendly natives, peaceful environment, and work prospects are other important factors.

Are you also planning to study higher education in Australia? If yes, you have taken the first step towards realising your goal. The popular courses in Australia for international students are given below:

  • Engineering courses
  • Accounting and Finance courses
  • Hospitality courses
  • Information Technology
  • Social Work
  • Public Health
  • Cookery
  • Nursing

The Nepalese students can pursue an advanced diploma, bachelor degree, and master degree with a specialisation. Most of the universities utilise technology-oriented learning for students to develop skills and expertise demand by recruiters. Thus, pursuing higher education in the top-ranked universities in Australia is considered an important step towards a fruitful and bright future.

Have you decided which courses to study and where to study? But do you meet the requirement of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) to be eligible for a student visa?

As an aspirant, you need to apply for a student visa at least long before the actual intake in the chosen education institution in Australia. It is because it takes time for processing and authentication from the Australian Embassy.

Here are the top things needed to get a student visa:

  • Obtain Offer from the Course Provider and Confirmation of Enrollment in a recognised institution
  • Active Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Show Sufficient funds for tuition fees and living expenses for a Year
  • Possess strong English Proficiency skill
  • Medical and character certificate

You can hasten your visa process and admission taking the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. The experts have experience and expertise to resolve your problems within a short time.

Do you need a dedicated guidance and help in your Australia study process? Talk with one of our AECC Global education experts for the same today.

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