How can you shape up lucrative career through study engineering in Australia?

You have heard somewhere that engineers are in demand and nature of their employment is always high paying. If you want to earn huge, lead standard lifestyle and looking how to pursue such lucrative career in engineering, choose Australia as your study destination.

There are the numbers of engineering institutions globally scattered offering various kinds of engineering courses in this subject. But the sorry part of it is not all the institutions have it in them to transform aspirants into skilled engineers!

Hence, choosing reputable engineering institution is essential for giving a kick-start to this lucrative career as few Universities Courses has National Accreditation of Engineering Australia and Global Recognitions through Washington Accord:  The Washington Accord is a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) which pertains to engineering programs accredited by its signatories in their jurisdictions since 1989. Signatories to the Washington Accord are organizations responsible for accrediting engineering programs in Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Washington Accord assists in determining if an engineering program in one signatory’s jurisdiction is recognized for purposes of licensure and registration, employment, or admission in to graduate school in another jurisdiction and EUR-ACE is the European quality label for engineering degree programmes at First Cycle (Bachelor) and Second Cycle (Master) level.

On the other hand, Australia, despite smaller in geographical size and population, has been able to steadily provide tough competition to many developed countries like USA and UK. Engineering is one of the best study in Australia courses and quite popular among many international students from developing nations. Among the list of countries from where the ‘Island country’ receives many students willing to pursue their further studies, Nepal tops the chart.

Why do Nepalese students prefer to study engineering in Australia?

Many Nepalese students preferring to study in Australia are opting engineering courses. It is because study engineering in Australia benefits them in more than one way. The first benefit is they can come out to be skilled engineers the way engineering is taught. Another advantage is based on their preference they can choose to work and settle there or return to their home countries. The third benefit they would have are with seamless scholarship up to 100 Percent to exceptional merit students as Australian Universities offers quite range of Scholarships depending on 10+2  or Equivalent Grade Marks.

The fourth benefit which mostly impresses every overseas student is engineering career helps them in settling down there. And the reason is very simple and clear; international engineering graduates from any of the country’s universities can take up professional year program in engineering. It not only hones up their skills and introduces them into real work scenario through series of internships but also fetches them extra five points towards acquiring of permanent residency visa after successful completion of the program.

Some overseas students find themselves clueless what to study in Australia so that such students will find approaching Australia education consultants beneficial.

Are you looking for guidance how to study in Australia? Choose the valuable experts with vast professional experience from AECC GLOBAL right now!

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