Most Popular Courses on Offer in Australia for International Students

Some reliable data show that the number of Nepalese students stepping out to study in advanced countries like the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia has reached new heights. Out of all these nations, Australia has always been interesting and most preferred destinations to pursue higher studies.

Beautiful landscape, world class education standards, easy student visa process, part-time job opportunities, various scholarship options, and better career prospects are some of the important attractions which allure students to study in Australia courses.

In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the most popular courses that Nepalese students want to study abroad. Alike more international students, Nepalese students also choose courses based on their interests.

Here are some of the most popular courses in Australia for international students:

Nursing Courses

Due to the inclusion of contemporary practices in the training, nursing courses in Australia are recognised globally. So, nursing courses can be an ideal choice to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse. International students can apply for a diploma, bachelor degree, and master in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Engineering Courses

When it comes to engineering, Australia has seven top-ranked universities offering engineering and technical courses. Varied scholarships schemes, internship programs, chance to settle in the country permanently and booming job opportunities make students study engineering in Australia.

IT Courses

Seeing the popularity and utility of Information Technology, Nepalese students in Australia see golden career opportunities in this field. Top-rated IT institutions and universities in Australia assist overseas students to acquire quality education and skills to make a fruitful career.

You can opt for certificate courses, diploma, bachelor or master in IT. Furthermore, fresh IT graduates enrol in Professional Year in IT to be prepared for the local markets.


By now, you might have got the answer of “what to study in Australia”. If you still have queries related to selecting institutions or courses to study in Australia, you can visit the website of AECC Global. The agency has been providing quality services to the students who want to pursue their higher studies abroad.

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