Find Out the Benefits of Studying in Australian Universities

Are you planning to move abroad for higher education? If yes, it is a good decision to get valued education and enjoy higher career prospects. But, it is always a challenge to choose from a plethora of study destinations. Some of the popular destinations are the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada among others.

However, Australia is fast becoming one of the most preferred destinations for international students including the Nepalese. Data revealed that a record 20, 463 Nepali students have enrolled in Australian universities till September of 2016, which is twice the previous year. The decision to study in Australia for Nepali students come due to conducive environment and facilities in the country.

Here are the top reasons why the aspirants prefer to study in Australian universities:

1.Quality of Education

Australia’s higher education system is recognised and ranked 9th in the academic world. The educational institutions are supported by modern facilities like technology for training of students. Further, the training modules are set in accordance with international standards with the strict vigilance of Australian Quality Framework to ensure quality of courses. Pursuing higher education is a preparation for a bright future of overseas students.

  1. Better Career Options

With over 22,000 courses on offer in different study areas, you can easily find a course based on your goal with better career choices. There are 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Engineering, public health, nursing, medicine, nursing, accounting, and IT are the top Australia courses for international students. Students can pursue an advanced diploma, bachelor degree and master degree in the renowned universities.

  1. Lower Tuition Fees and Scholarship Facilities

The tuition fees in Australian universities are lower than counterparts in the US and the UK.  Additionally, the scholarship schemes are available for the meritorious students to help in saving money.  Students can get 25% to 100% of scholarship based on their merit from the enrolled institutions.

  1. High Job Prospects

Another important benefit of studying in Australia is employment opportunity after graduation. As the Australian market lacks qualified professionals in many sectors, the possibility of getting a job is high for foreign students. In fact, the Australian government offers Temporary Graduate Visa to graduate students in different fields.

  1. Presence of Student Friendly Cities

Most of the Australian cities are ranked higher in the Global Student Friendly Index. The cities are considered for the foreign students’ due to the presence of suitable condition and facilities like accommodation, cheap living expenses, employability, lifestyle, and other factors. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Coast top the list in Australia.

  1. Relaxed Visa Policy

While the US and the UK are making their visa policies strict, the Australian government has simplified its student visa regime taking under one roof – Student Visa (500 subclass) for all courses. With the launch of e-facilities for enrolling in institutions and visa application, the country has become a top destination for aspiring students.

These are the common factors attracting international students to study in Australia. Pursuing higher education in the top-ranked universities is a vital step to start a successful career in life.

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