Top 5 Reasons for Nepali Students to Study in Australia

How often we hear people talking about sending their kids abroad for further studies. Over the last few years, thousands of Nepali students have settled in different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK etc. At present, more than 20,000 Nepali students are studying in Australia, making it one of the favourite education destinations around the world.

Have you ever met a student studied in Australia? Do you have the curiosity of knowing why study in Australia? Are you confused choosing the right country for your son/daughter?

If yes, then you must read this piece. Following are some of the reasons that make Australia an ideal country to study, work, and live:

Worldwide Recognition and Top Ranked Institutions

Australia is home to some of the top-ranked universities in the world. Once you earn a degree or diploma from there, it will be accepted in most of the countries. Australian government spends a significant portion of their budget on education. The Australian education system is known for integrating theoretical and practical aspects of education on school as well as college level. No matter whether you are planning to do engineering or study nursing in Australia, you will get a fine opportunity to understand your subject deeply.

Affordable Living

Course fees and living expenses are relatively lower in Australia. There are various living options available for international students such as homestay, college campus, rentals etc. The Australian Government allows overseas students to work 20 hours a week. So, an overseas student in Australia can easily afford his living expenses.

Attractive Scholarships

The Australian government offers numerous scholarships for international students coming from the countries like Nepal, India, Philippines etc. These scholarships are mostly offered to meritorious students and the ones who need them.

A Beautiful and Safe Landscape

Australia is also home to beautiful white-sand beaches and lush green forests. It’s an amazing country which offers both luxury and natural resource. Friendly natives of the country make it easier for students to adapt the conditions well.

The Post Study Work Rights and PR opportunities in Future

Depending upon UG and PG MINIMUM two Years of degree is required to stay further of two years* to claim Post Study Work Rights in Australia, in addition some cases accredited courses in SKILLS OCCUPATION LIST pave the paths to PR as well if not students has to maintain English Proficiency Test depending on Licensing Board  and fulfill professional licensing certification exams to apply PR in future.

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Top 7 Australian Cities for International Students

Ranked 3rd in the list of hottest study destinations for international students, Australia is one of the most attractive countries, offering students top-quality education in stunning locations. Following are the best seven cities in Australia to be a student- all offering minimum two internationally ranked universities and a unique study abroad experience:


Sydney is the largest city in Australia and known as an economic and financial hub. Thanks to a winning combination of a quality life coupled with a paradisiacal blend of green spaces and beaches. Apart from providing enjoyable student experience, Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most prominent universities perfect for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. The city also receives a high score for employer activity.


If you are the one interested in live music, comedy or sporting events, Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, is packed full of things to do. With the high standards of living and beautiful beaches, the city gets a strong score of desirability.


Having large and internationally diverse student population, Canberra has plenty of attractions- including numerous nature reserves, and a human-made lake right in the city centre. The city also has Australia’s top-ranked university, Australian National University.


Next in our list of the best cities in Australia for international students is Brisbane. The city is home to three major universities and a sizable student population. Considered a very friendly city, Brisbane offers an exceptional mix of students searching a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyle.


The fifth largest city of Australia, Adelaide is known for open spaces, wide boulevards, parklands, and navigable city centre. The Adelaide Nursing School in Adelaide is relatively small, but an ideal place for the ones want to study nursing courses in Australia.

Situated close to beautiful beaches and islands, Adelaide is within easy reach of the Adelaide Hills, great for cycling, hiking, and wildlife-watching.


Offering all the cultural, culinary and recreational amusements, Perth promises an idyllic climate and access to some of the stunning beaches you will ever see. Though the most isolated cities in Australia, Perth has the University of Western Australia ranked 98th in the world. By far, you might have got the answer to “where to study in Australia” for sure.

Gold Coast

Located in Queensland, Gold Coast boasts 52km of golden sands and 300 sunny days each year. Surfers and general beach-lovers will feel right at home here. Away from all the skyscrapers, Gold Coast has beautiful rural hinterland surrounding, numerous mountains, natural rock formations and spectacular waterfalls.

Why Australia Attracts International Students?

Education has played an incredible role in elevating human conscience and making us what we are today. Had there been no concept of learning, we would not have been able to achieve what we have so far. While rewriting the human history, we come to note that learning has been integral to us. It was the practical knowledge that made our ancestors to invent newer things and transfer it to the next generation.

Later, the practical experiences were started to be documented so the upcoming generation could advance the already existing techniques and concepts. Meaning, the perfect blend of practical experience and theoretical learning ensured the overall progress of the entire human race.

Now, after hundreds of years, when we have reached to newer heights of development, education has also undergone an evolution. Technology has a bearing on education itself. Internet and other techniques have turned the whole world into a ‘global village’. Though the phenomenon has given rise to the competition, people around the globe are finding the ways to beat it. For instance, people in the third world countries are sending their kids to study IT courses in Australia.

It’s not only about technical courses, but there is a list of other courses people want their kids to study abroad. In fact, a recent survey reveals that more than 20,000 Nepali students study in Australia only. The trends show that this number may surge significantly in the upcoming years.

In search of quality education, worldwide recognition, a beautiful landscape, multi-cultural ambience etc., students from Nepal and other Asian countries are heading towards Australia. Affordable living, relatively low institution fee, safety, and friendly natives are some other reasons attracting international students to Australia.

Sighting the current trends, the Australian Government has offered an exciting scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students to assist the meritorious students financially. If you want to study in Australia and need financial aid, the scholarship program can help you.

On the other hand, in Australia, various skill development programs have been designed for international students to make them aware of the Australian workplace and its culture. These programs are carefully structured to promote both theoretical and practical knowledge of the course an overseas student has studied and secured a degree in- the same pattern that once led the foundation of modern education system. The Professional Year Program is the finest example of the initiative taken by the Australian authorities.

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Why International Students Prefer to Study Engineering in Australia?

The engineering is counted among the top courses which the students prefer to study. The career provides high job satisfaction to the professionals and challenging as a profession. The demand for skilled engineers has increased significantly to tackle new challenges arising in the industry.

Engineering study needs a good amount of money, time, efforts, and of course, dedication. As an aspirant, you need to understand the requirement before making your decision of pursuing this career. Studying in the reputed institutions to get quality education and skills is the first step to succeed in this profession.

If you want a quality engineering education, there can’t be a better destination than Australia for pursuing higher education for international students. The country has seven top-ranked universities for engineering study based on the Times Higher Education World University Ranking’s for Engineering and Technology in 2015-16. The move to study engineering in Australia will be a boost to realise your dream career. You will acquire latest knowledge and skills with valued certification necessary to take your career forward.

There are numerous career options in the engineering field. You can choose one from aerospace, automotive, electrical, mechanical, civil, aeronautical, biomedical, and other engineering courses based on your preference and goal. You will receive world-class training in Australian universities no matter which course you decide to study and would have scholarship opportunities too if you have very good academic standings.

Financial Requirement for International Students

The cost of studying higher education in Australia depends on numerous factors. There are separate fees for diplomas, bachelor degrees, and master degrees in the regional universities. The price also varies among institutions and choice of accommodation to live. If you choose to live in the nearby areas of cities, your living expenses will be higher. Thus, the study in Australia cost depends on your selected location, lifestyle, courses and types of accommodation.

Apart from engineering, there are many courses in Australia for international students which are equally popular and helpful in starting successful careers. Some of the courses are:

  • Information Technology
  • Accounting courses
  • Nursing courses
  • Social Work
  • Public Health
  • Hospitality and Management courses
  • Automotive engineering

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How Studying Nursing is Different in Australia?

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The nursing profession is known for incorporating integral elements of care, compassion, commitment and effective communication. For becoming a successful nurse, you need to possess all these qualities. Where do these qualities come from, what does it take to be a good nurse, or why study in Australia are the most common questions nursing aspirants have in their mind.

Before seeking appropriate answers to the abovementioned questions, we should go through real-life stories of some charismatic personalities. Once you read the stories, you will come to know that theories alone cannot serve your purpose. You need to complement the theoretical approach with your real-life experiences or vice-a-versa. Meaning, the perfect combination of theory and practice will help you have a command over your profession.

And, that is what you learn when you study nursing in Australia. The country is a home to seven top-ranked universities in the world. The Australian universities are known for providing world-class education in a multicultural environment, enhancing your knowledge through experience.

When it comes to nursing profession, the country has been facing a shortage of professional nurses. To meet the need of trained nurses, the government of Australia and concerned authorities have taken many initiatives to promote nursing profession and driving overseas nurse from across the globe. Bridging program for nurses is one of the finest examples of these initiatives.

The country has state-of-the-art hospitals and health care centres equipped with advanced tools and equipment. If you enroll in a nursing course in Australia, there are various ways you will be trained in. You will be introduced to the Australian workplace culture and newer technologies through different skill development programs. In addition, few universities offer decent scholarship as well for meritorious Nursing students.

Since Australia spends a decent amount of its budget on health care, your career prospects as a nurse are bright. Global recognition of Australian nursing courses gives you an extra edge.

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Accounting Profession in Australia: What Do the Numbers Say?


There seems to be no middle ground with accounting in Australia. The industry is either doomed to disaster or entering its greatest renaissance, depending on whose opinion convinces you.

For example, a recruitment firm Hays recently released a report that said the demand for accountants in Australia is so high that the industry is future-proofed. The report further asserted, “the industry professionals need to keep their skills up-to-date, remain connected to the industry through social media, and digitally literate. By doing so, the professionals in the industry will experience ongoing career success.”

Another report from a reputed newspaper claims that the number of Australian students taking accounting has fallen by 20 percent from 2001 to 2012. On the contrary, the number of international students enrolled in accounting courses in Australia has gone up massively by 500 percent in the same period.

Greater career prospects, high standard education, and government-aided skill development programs are some of the common reasons why students from different parts of the world choose Australia to study accounting.

Apart from that Australia is also going to witness bumper job openings in accounting field by the end of 2019. The data provided by Job Outlook reveals that opportunities will be available in the most parts of the country.

No matter which part of the world you are from, if you have made your mind to study abroad, you can think big to study accounting in Australia. The country is famous globally for its excellent academic courses in accounting. Students studying accounting there have rewarding career options. Australia is also known for its ethnic background, quality standards of living, and fresh environment.

There’s no doubt about it that students pursuing accounting in Australia get the quality education. They have an opportunity to be trained on advanced accounting technologies under the thumb of highly qualified instructors. In addition to that six Australian universities offering accounting courses are featured in the top 50 band of QS World University Ranking 2017.

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Why Choose the Right Program to Study Abroad?


In order to enhance skills and beat the market competition, students and their parents are leaving no stone unturned. They adhere to different ways, but studying abroad in a well-known is the most preferred choice for many of them.

Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK are some of the most popular education destinations for international students. Though the decision of selecting a college or course is often influenced by the personal choice of the aspirants, consultants may help you make the right choice. They will suggest you what to study in Australia or New Zealand or any other country across the globe.

If you have decided to study abroad, numerous questions may bother you, but selecting the right program becomes imperative to gain a wholesome study and life experience. Following are some points you keep in mind while choosing a program:

Identifying your goals

This is one of the most important points as this decides your future. You should know what kind of knowledge and experience you are trying to earn from an education program. You need to give priority to your broader goals.

Some courses are industry oriented and provide skill development education, whereas others are general. You need to pinpoint your aims and intentions and act accordingly for extracting maximum benefits from your overseas education.

Program Type

There are a number of options to be considered while choosing a program. Meaning, if you want to work during the program, you need to study in Australia courses, allowing flexibility related to part-time jobs. In Australia, you can work 20 hours a week during a full-time course.


The tuition fees for studying abroad is more or less the same in different universities. However, some cities can be costlier than others. Keep budget consideration in mind to choose a feasible course.


The issue of accommodation also bothers students studying abroad. Some universities offer accommodation, but others don’t. In such scenario, accommodation conditions near the place of study must be taken into consideration.

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Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia


Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant surge in the number of Nepalese students stepping out to pursue higher education in countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, USA, Canada, and others. Out of these countries, Australia has always been on the top of their list for studying abroad.

Comparatively, low fee simplified visa process, plenty of scholarship schemes, part-time job opportunities, attractive career prospects, and friendly natives are some of the decisive factors Nepali students choose to study in Australia. A recent survey reveals that more than 20 thousand Nepali students are in Australia for study purposes.

How about the courses Nepali students wish to study there?

In general, students often choose a course based on their personal interests. Nepalese students are no exception. However, the choice of the course is often influenced by the available job opportunities and growth prospects.

Following are some of the most famous Australia courses for international students, more precisely for Nepali students:

Engineering Courses

Australia is a home to 7 top universities in the world, offering engineering and technology courses. Engineering courses and programs provided by these universities are known for its quality clubbed with advanced training facilities, helping students to enhance skills for career development.

IT Courses

Information Technology is one of the most sought-after career options for Nepali students in Australia. Studying IT courses in top universities helps students to attain skills through quality education and take a step towards making a bright career. Certificate courses, diplomas, bachelor and master in IT are some excellent options to study in Australia for Nepalis students.

Nursing Courses

Nursing is a brilliant career choice for the ones looking to work as a health professional and serve fellow human being. Australian nursing programs are designed to enhance practical skills to the students by introducing them the latest technologies in the field, also making them apt to work in Australian conditions.

Nursing courses completed from an Australian university are recognised globally. Earning a nursing degree from Australia will deliver high career prospects to graduates throughout the globe.

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Scholarship Options for Nepalese Students Looking to Study in Australia


There is no dearth of students, especially in the third world countries, who aspire to pursue their studies in Australia. You may have different opinions about the country, but I am mentioning it here deliberately. In fact, you might take it as an attempt to arouse an anxiety among readers. And, why not?

Let’s have a look at the numbers. Over the last few years, Australia has emerged as one of the top student destinations in the world, following the US and the UK at first and the second place, respectively.

Apart from its top 3rd rank status, the country has so much to offer. Meaning, you will see there some beautiful white-sand beaches, breath fresh air, and experience breathtaking adventures. The country has an awe-inspiring landscape and a multicultural environment. Australian authorities are putting significant efforts to promote international students and meet the shortage of workforce the country has been encountering for a long time.

Offering exciting scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students is one such effort that the Australian government and universities have made. Australian government-funded scholarship ‘award’ offers students scholarships and fellowships to undertake formal education, research and professional development in Australia. Being a prestigious international scholarship ‘Australian Award’ is a unique initiative to the next generation of global leaders for development.

For this scholarship, the candidates will be assessed based on their personal, professional qualities, academic competence and their potential to impact development challenges in Nepal. The ‘Australian Award’ manual clearly mentions that at least 50 percent of the awards will be given to qualified women applicants.

No matter whether you have enrolled in IT courses in Australia or anything else, you should know about the major fellowships and financial aid offered by the Australian government. There are various benefits of the ‘award. Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • Return air travel
  • Full tuition fee
  • A one-off establishment allowance on arrival
  • Contribution to living expenses
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Supplementary academic support
  • Fieldwork allowance- for masters and research students by coursework which has a required fieldwork component.

University Scholarships

In addition to Australian Government Scholarship, many Universities offer ranges of Scholarships ranging from 10 to 100 Percent concession depending on student’s Individual Academic Merits and Qualifications with combination of Extracurricular Activities.

If you want to no more about various scholarship options, on your choice of course or college selection on all courses ranging from UNDERGRADUATES, MASTER, MASTER BY RESEARCH AND PhD you better seek help from an expert study in Australia consultants.

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Top Places to Study Undergraduate Courses in Australia


Students decide to study abroad for a variety of good reasons. Of course, the first reason is getting the quality education necessary to take your career forward. Studying in the internationally recognised universities will help in getting cutting-edge skills and knowledge that lay the foundation for a successful career. Acquiring a valued certification, rich experience, and learn many ethics and culture to become a global citizen.

Have you decided to pursue higher education abroad?

The first thing you need is to choose a country where top universities offering your dream courses are available. Assess the quality of lifestyle, living accommodation, friendly locals, and other factors necessary for a comfortable stay.

Top Reasons to Choose Australia as a Study Destination

Many Australian cities are ranked in the Best Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast are the top places for international students. Peaceful environment, pleasant weather condition, adventure activities, and other conducive conditions make these places favourite for foreign students.

If you’re thinking where to study in Australia, choose one from these top cities to experience a good studying experience. It may be a good step towards a successful career in your life.

Students prefer to study in these cities due to numerous reasons. Most of the globally recognised universities of Australia are available in these places. These are the prime reasons for pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate study in Australia for international students.

Some of the favourite undergraduate courses which international students prefer to study in Australian universities:

  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Accounting and Finance courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Social work courses
  • Medicines
  • Public Health
  • Hospitality courses

Among the different career options, the nursing courses in Australia has gained popularity among the international students. It may be due to the presence of quality educational institutions offering quality training and certifications.

Another reason may be the job opportunities in the local market. Australia is facing a shortage of Registered Nurses and occupation is listed in the MLTSSL and STSOL published by the states. International nursing graduates, after completion of nursing studies from local universities, get high employment opportunities in the domestic market.

Do you want to study higher education in Australia?

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