Why Choose Accounting Courses in Australia?

Accounting is known as the backbone of large scale businesses, but it can also be a vibrant career option for you. Once you complete your graduation in accounting, your get opportunities of becoming a financial analyst, forensic accountant, manager, banker, taxation officer or entrepreneur.

When it comes to Australia, the numbers are drastic-but only if you are a native Australian. According to a report published in The Sunday Morning Herald, “the number of Australians studying in accounting has fallen 20 per cent since 2001”.

The report further adds that international students are outnumbering the local graduates. Since Australians are deserting the accounting profession, an avalanche of overseas students studying accounting courses in Australia has hit the Australian universities. Sighting the great opportunities in the field, students from all around the globe have flooded to Australia. The number of accounting undergraduates has ‘skyrocketed by 500 per cent between 2001 and 2012.

On the other hand, the rise of small as well as large scale firms has led to the emergence of thousands of accountants in the country. The government of Australia has also made some efforts to promote accounting graduates. The Professional Year Program in accounting is one astonishing example of the steps taken by the authority.

The program not only allows overseas accounting graduates to get familiar with the Australian workplace but also increases the chances of securing permanent residency in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? You should prepare yourself to study accounting in Australia. There can be no better option than this.

The nation has dozens of universities, whichever you choose, you can be sure of innovative teaching styles, excellent education standards, and a focus on giving both intellectual ability and practical skills. In fact, many countries turn to Australia for seeking advice on improving their education system.

Apart from accounting, you may opt for Nursing, IT or Engineering courses in Australia as well, as these courses are equally popular and adds long term career growth and migration opportunities in future with return of your investment. In case you are uncertain about your career and looking for some fruitful guidance, you can turn to our expert education consultants at AECC Global. The agency provides you with effective, reliable, and friendly consultancy.

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