Why Choose Australia for Higher Education?

When you are looking to pursue higher education abroad, the question of choosing the right country is on the top of your list. Though the choice of a country or course depends more on individual preferences, you should know about the hottest destinations for international students.

In the last few years, Australia has become one of the top three sought-after countries for higher education. Here are some reasons to the question “why study in Australia”:

World-Class Education

With a total population of 24.13 million, the country follows world-class education standards. Eight Australian universities have been placed in the top 100 universities across the globe. Some other Australian universities are also featured in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

Great Work Opportunities

International students can work up to 20 hours a week during a full-time course. Opportunities such as the Professional Year Program allow accounting, IT and engineering students graduates to gain experience in an Australian workplace.

The country offers great opportunities to the students who study nursing in Australia. The professional year program can help you to seek permanent residency in the country.

Cultural Diversity

With a large population of international students, Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries across the globe, meaning you will get the opportunity to enjoy homely comfits – from grocers and restaurants to food fairs and film festivals.

Beautiful Landscape

What people think about Australia, is beautiful white sand beaches and famous landmarks. But, what you may not aware of is that the diversity of the country and different types of landscapes- from vast deserts to lush green rainforests.

In the event, you encounter any problem related to the student visa, accommodation, scholarships, grants, course or college selection etc., expert education consultants for Australia have so much to offer.

AECC Global is a top-notch migration and education agency which has been serving international students for many years now.

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