Pros of Studying Higher Education in Australia

A record number of Nepalese students are moving out of the country to pursue further education in the top universities around the globe. Some of the favourite countries where Nepalese students prefer to study are UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, India and China among others.

Among the destinations, Australia has emerged as the most preferred destination for the students over the years.

The data from the Nepal’s Department of Scholarship has revealed this trend. The Ministry of Education has issued 15, 000 No Objection Certificate letters for 64 countries, a whopping 8,959 NOCs were for Australia alone. The Australia’s recent data from Department of Immigration and Border Protection has reinforced this fact and stated that Nepalese had become the 8th largest source of international students.

There are numerous reasons behind choosing to study in Australia by Nepalese students. The presence of a quality education system, top-ranked universities, safe environment, and privileges for students. Relaxed visa policies, career options, job prospects, and part-time and post-study work facilities are the top factors influencing the decisions of Nepali students’ to study in regional universities.

Seven of the Australia’s universities are ranked in the Top 100 QS University Ranking. Additionally, the country is a home to 1100 education institutions and 43 universities offering 20, 000 courses in different study areas.

The popular Australia courses for international students are Nursing, Public Work, Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting, Social Work, and Medicines among others. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australia.

The Higher Education System of Australia is ranked 9th globally. Pursuing higher education in the regional universities help students to get valued certifications and skills. It develops strong career prospects and job opportunities for the students.

The students from Nepal come under the scholarship schemes offered by the participating universities to international students. It is a boon for the needy students facing financial constraints in realising their dream careers. The study in Australia for Nepali students prove successful in getting a quality education and move forward in the chosen career.

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