Popular Courses for Nepalese Students in Australia


Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant surge in the number of Nepalese students stepping out to pursue higher education in countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, USA, Canada, and others. Out of these countries, Australia has always been on the top of their list for studying abroad.

Comparatively, low fee simplified visa process, plenty of scholarship schemes, part-time job opportunities, attractive career prospects, and friendly natives are some of the decisive factors Nepali students choose to study in Australia. A recent survey reveals that more than 20 thousand Nepali students are in Australia for study purposes.

How about the courses Nepali students wish to study there?

In general, students often choose a course based on their personal interests. Nepalese students are no exception. However, the choice of the course is often influenced by the available job opportunities and growth prospects.

Following are some of the most famous Australia courses for international students, more precisely for Nepali students:

Engineering Courses

Australia is a home to 7 top universities in the world, offering engineering and technology courses. Engineering courses and programs provided by these universities are known for its quality clubbed with advanced training facilities, helping students to enhance skills for career development.

IT Courses

Information Technology is one of the most sought-after career options for Nepali students in Australia. Studying IT courses in top universities helps students to attain skills through quality education and take a step towards making a bright career. Certificate courses, diplomas, bachelor and master in IT are some excellent options to study in Australia for Nepalis students.

Nursing Courses

Nursing is a brilliant career choice for the ones looking to work as a health professional and serve fellow human being. Australian nursing programs are designed to enhance practical skills to the students by introducing them the latest technologies in the field, also making them apt to work in Australian conditions.

Nursing courses completed from an Australian university are recognised globally. Earning a nursing degree from Australia will deliver high career prospects to graduates throughout the globe.

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