Top 7 Australian Cities for International Students

Ranked 3rd in the list of hottest study destinations for international students, Australia is one of the most attractive countries, offering students top-quality education in stunning locations. Following are the best seven cities in Australia to be a student- all offering minimum two internationally ranked universities and a unique study abroad experience:


Sydney is the largest city in Australia and known as an economic and financial hub. Thanks to a winning combination of a quality life coupled with a paradisiacal blend of green spaces and beaches. Apart from providing enjoyable student experience, Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most prominent universities perfect for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. The city also receives a high score for employer activity.


If you are the one interested in live music, comedy or sporting events, Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, is packed full of things to do. With the high standards of living and beautiful beaches, the city gets a strong score of desirability.


Having large and internationally diverse student population, Canberra has plenty of attractions- including numerous nature reserves, and a human-made lake right in the city centre. The city also has Australia’s top-ranked university, Australian National University.


Next in our list of the best cities in Australia for international students is Brisbane. The city is home to three major universities and a sizable student population. Considered a very friendly city, Brisbane offers an exceptional mix of students searching a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyle.


The fifth largest city of Australia, Adelaide is known for open spaces, wide boulevards, parklands, and navigable city centre. The Adelaide Nursing School in Adelaide is relatively small, but an ideal place for the ones want to study nursing courses in Australia.

Situated close to beautiful beaches and islands, Adelaide is within easy reach of the Adelaide Hills, great for cycling, hiking, and wildlife-watching.


Offering all the cultural, culinary and recreational amusements, Perth promises an idyllic climate and access to some of the stunning beaches you will ever see. Though the most isolated cities in Australia, Perth has the University of Western Australia ranked 98th in the world. By far, you might have got the answer to “where to study in Australia” for sure.

Gold Coast

Located in Queensland, Gold Coast boasts 52km of golden sands and 300 sunny days each year. Surfers and general beach-lovers will feel right at home here. Away from all the skyscrapers, Gold Coast has beautiful rural hinterland surrounding, numerous mountains, natural rock formations and spectacular waterfalls.

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