Top 5 Reasons for Nepali Students to Study in Australia

How often we hear people talking about sending their kids abroad for further studies. Over the last few years, thousands of Nepali students have settled in different countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK etc. At present, more than 20,000 Nepali students are studying in Australia, making it one of the favourite education destinations around the world.

Have you ever met a student studied in Australia? Do you have the curiosity of knowing why study in Australia? Are you confused choosing the right country for your son/daughter?

If yes, then you must read this piece. Following are some of the reasons that make Australia an ideal country to study, work, and live:

Worldwide Recognition and Top Ranked Institutions

Australia is home to some of the top-ranked universities in the world. Once you earn a degree or diploma from there, it will be accepted in most of the countries. Australian government spends a significant portion of their budget on education. The Australian education system is known for integrating theoretical and practical aspects of education on school as well as college level. No matter whether you are planning to do engineering or study nursing in Australia, you will get a fine opportunity to understand your subject deeply.

Affordable Living

Course fees and living expenses are relatively lower in Australia. There are various living options available for international students such as homestay, college campus, rentals etc. The Australian Government allows overseas students to work 20 hours a week. So, an overseas student in Australia can easily afford his living expenses.

Attractive Scholarships

The Australian government offers numerous scholarships for international students coming from the countries like Nepal, India, Philippines etc. These scholarships are mostly offered to meritorious students and the ones who need them.

A Beautiful and Safe Landscape

Australia is also home to beautiful white-sand beaches and lush green forests. It’s an amazing country which offers both luxury and natural resource. Friendly natives of the country make it easier for students to adapt the conditions well.

The Post Study Work Rights and PR opportunities in Future

Depending upon UG and PG MINIMUM two Years of degree is required to stay further of two years* to claim Post Study Work Rights in Australia, in addition some cases accredited courses in SKILLS OCCUPATION LIST pave the paths to PR as well if not students has to maintain English Proficiency Test depending on Licensing Board  and fulfill professional licensing certification exams to apply PR in future.

There are various education consultants for Australia in Nepal who can help you with their vast knowledge of the education system, student visa, courses, and universities in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Meet our experts at AECC Global and let them help you plan a successful career pathway.

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