Pros of Studying Higher Education in Australia

A record number of Nepalese students are moving out of the country to pursue further education in the top universities around the globe. Some of the favourite countries where Nepalese students prefer to study are UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, India and China among others.

Among the destinations, Australia has emerged as the most preferred destination for the students over the years.

The data from the Nepal’s Department of Scholarship has revealed this trend. The Ministry of Education has issued 15, 000 No Objection Certificate letters for 64 countries, a whopping 8,959 NOCs were for Australia alone. The Australia’s recent data from Department of Immigration and Border Protection has reinforced this fact and stated that Nepalese had become the 8th largest source of international students.

There are numerous reasons behind choosing to study in Australia by Nepalese students. The presence of a quality education system, top-ranked universities, safe environment, and privileges for students. Relaxed visa policies, career options, job prospects, and part-time and post-study work facilities are the top factors influencing the decisions of Nepali students’ to study in regional universities.

Seven of the Australia’s universities are ranked in the Top 100 QS University Ranking. Additionally, the country is a home to 1100 education institutions and 43 universities offering 20, 000 courses in different study areas.

The popular Australia courses for international students are Nursing, Public Work, Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting, Social Work, and Medicines among others. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australia.

The Higher Education System of Australia is ranked 9th globally. Pursuing higher education in the regional universities help students to get valued certifications and skills. It develops strong career prospects and job opportunities for the students.

The students from Nepal come under the scholarship schemes offered by the participating universities to international students. It is a boon for the needy students facing financial constraints in realising their dream careers. The study in Australia for Nepali students prove successful in getting a quality education and move forward in the chosen career.

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Australia Is Unique for Overseas Accounting Graduates

Accounting is crucial to many organisations, so there’s no surprise that the domain is popular among international students coming to Australia. In fact, more than 50 percent undergraduate studying accounting courses in Australia are from overseas.

The courses and job opportunities available depend more on the level of qualification you complete. The most popular course in accounting is the bachelor of accounting, the main pathway into professional practice as an accountant.

The country has many attractive study options in the field of accounting and finance. The country is also popular for its excellent academic courses and programs in accounting. Various initiatives taken by the concerned authorities ensure that the overseas students studying accounting in Australia have rewarding career options.

Apart from these traits, the country is known for its exceptional environment, diverse ethnic background, and high-quality standards of living. Students study accounting in Australia enjoy the opportunities to be trained on new accounting technologies under the supervision of qualified instructors. In addition to that, 6 Australian universities offering accounting courses are included in the Top 50 Band of QS World University Ranking 2017.

International students having solid Business Degree without Accounting Degree with Academic IELTS Score of minimum 6.0 Band (No Band less than 5.5) can pursue diversified courses in Accounting with Scholarships depending on the study ambition and academic achievement. Some courses available for aspirants are Diplomas, Certificate Course, Bachelor Degree, Master and Doctorate in Accounting.

Studying accounting in Australia paves the way for a rewarding career for students. Moreover, overseas students can opt for the Professional Year to gain practical skills and thus increase employability with a smooth transition from student to professional in the domestic market. The Professional Year Program is developed for international students who have studied accounting, IT or engineering courses in Australia.

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Why Choose Australia for Higher Education?

When you are looking to pursue higher education abroad, the question of choosing the right country is on the top of your list. Though the choice of a country or course depends more on individual preferences, you should know about the hottest destinations for international students.

In the last few years, Australia has become one of the top three sought-after countries for higher education. Here are some reasons to the question “why study in Australia”:

World-Class Education

With a total population of 24.13 million, the country follows world-class education standards. Eight Australian universities have been placed in the top 100 universities across the globe. Some other Australian universities are also featured in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

Great Work Opportunities

International students can work up to 20 hours a week during a full-time course. Opportunities such as the Professional Year Program allow accounting, IT and engineering students graduates to gain experience in an Australian workplace.

The country offers great opportunities to the students who study nursing in Australia. The professional year program can help you to seek permanent residency in the country.

Cultural Diversity

With a large population of international students, Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries across the globe, meaning you will get the opportunity to enjoy homely comfits – from grocers and restaurants to food fairs and film festivals.

Beautiful Landscape

What people think about Australia, is beautiful white sand beaches and famous landmarks. But, what you may not aware of is that the diversity of the country and different types of landscapes- from vast deserts to lush green rainforests.

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Why Choose Accounting Courses in Australia?

Accounting is known as the backbone of large scale businesses, but it can also be a vibrant career option for you. Once you complete your graduation in accounting, your get opportunities of becoming a financial analyst, forensic accountant, manager, banker, taxation officer or entrepreneur.

When it comes to Australia, the numbers are drastic-but only if you are a native Australian. According to a report published in The Sunday Morning Herald, “the number of Australians studying in accounting has fallen 20 per cent since 2001”.

The report further adds that international students are outnumbering the local graduates. Since Australians are deserting the accounting profession, an avalanche of overseas students studying accounting courses in Australia has hit the Australian universities. Sighting the great opportunities in the field, students from all around the globe have flooded to Australia. The number of accounting undergraduates has ‘skyrocketed by 500 per cent between 2001 and 2012.

On the other hand, the rise of small as well as large scale firms has led to the emergence of thousands of accountants in the country. The government of Australia has also made some efforts to promote accounting graduates. The Professional Year Program in accounting is one astonishing example of the steps taken by the authority.

The program not only allows overseas accounting graduates to get familiar with the Australian workplace but also increases the chances of securing permanent residency in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? You should prepare yourself to study accounting in Australia. There can be no better option than this.

The nation has dozens of universities, whichever you choose, you can be sure of innovative teaching styles, excellent education standards, and a focus on giving both intellectual ability and practical skills. In fact, many countries turn to Australia for seeking advice on improving their education system.

Apart from accounting, you may opt for Nursing, IT or Engineering courses in Australia as well, as these courses are equally popular and adds long term career growth and migration opportunities in future with return of your investment. In case you are uncertain about your career and looking for some fruitful guidance, you can turn to our expert education consultants at AECC Global. The agency provides you with effective, reliable, and friendly consultancy.

What You Should Do Before Getting Your Flight to Australia?

In one of its reports, the Kathmandu Post, a renowned daily newspaper published in Nepal, reveals that Australia has climbed to the top of the list of most sought-after academic destinations for Nepalese students. The country has left behind the United Kingdom and the United States that earlier stood the first and the second, respectively. The fact that top class universities, part-time and post-study work facilities, and more importantly a relatively safe environment for the students are what have made the country the most preferred place for pursuing higher study at present.

Exciting scholarship in Australia for Nepalese students has also made students think about the country and fulfil their career dreams. However, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind before taking the flight to this amazing country.

For instance, you should ensure that everything related to picking the right university or institution is settled. The issues concerning finance, paperwork, and the schedule of the course you have chosen are thoroughly tackled.

Secondly, you must know where you are going to stay right after deboarding the plane. In case you have opted for a Homestay program, make sure that the family you are going to stay with is ready to for you. If you are facing any query, reach out to study in Australia consultants. Expert consultants can resolve your problems related to visa, accommodation, medical concerns etc.

Finally, you should have some knowledge about Australian cultural values and social customs. You can browse through the transportation system of the city you are going to locate in. Once you go through all these inspections, half of your problems are sorted out.

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Top Courses International Students Prefer to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the top three countries where overseas students prefer to go for higher studies. The country has a robust education infrastructure, and its higher education system is ranked 9th globally. It is a home to 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities providing over 22, 000 approved courses in different study areas. Best of all, seven of these universities have been featured in the top 100 QS University Ranking. Pursuing higher education in the Australian universities means you’re getting a step closer to a bright career.

Are you planning to study higher education in Australia?

If yes, you need to decide what to study in Australia before applying to the education provider. You also need to decide where to study based on your preference for lifestyle, universities, and assessment of other factors. The favourable student cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra among others. These are the top student cities of Australia where the students prefer to go due to the presence of conducive environment for higher studies.

Most of the international students prefer to study courses that help in getting job prospects globally. If you’re interested to know the top courses in Australia for international students, with higher career opportunities:

  • Accounting courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Information Technology
  • Public Health
  • Nursing Courses
  • Social Work
  • Hospitality course

However, it is also important to consult with education experts to get information about the potential courses that holds better career options with solid Visa Prospects. They know the education system well and can provide reliable information about the best courses and universities. They can even provide the study in Australia cost for your chosen course of different education providers.

The role of education agents in recruitment and placement of international students is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that over 50% of international students are placed through the local and overseas agencies to the regional universities.

Are you from Nepal and planning to study in Australia?

Opting a certified agency is very important to get a successful educational journey. The best consultancy in Nepal for Australia can provide career counselling, visa consultancy, and other services needed in your education journey. Book an appointment with our AECC Global education experts for counselling today.

What You Need to Know Before Deciding to Study in Australia?

Australia is a home to 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities offering over 20,000 courses in different study areas. Best of all, seven of Australia’s universities have been featured in the top 100 QS World University Ranking. The country is ranked 9th in the higher education system worldwide. It shows the robust and quality education system available in the country. Additionally, there is a conducive environment for higher learning like relaxed visa regime, low tuition fees, scholarship schemes, and others, making Australia the third most loved country by international students.

Are you also planning to pursue higher education in Australia?

It is necessary to know certain things that would be useful in making your education journey convenient and fruitful as an aspirant.

First, you need to decide where to study in Australia based on your preference for lifestyle and universities. The cities overseas students prefer to reside are Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. These cities are ranked highly in the list of students favourite cities, with Melbourne in the top. The ranking is made based on these factors like the presence of reputable institutions, affordability, accommodation facilities, and others.

Second, you need to choose the best courses available in the universities based on your career goal. There are courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students. It is essential to find out the chosen course is recognised to get valued certification to get high career prospect globally. Know the favourite courses of overseas students, and some of them are engineering, accounting, IT, public health, social work, medicines, and nursing among others.

For example, the nursing courses in Australia are recognised and popular among aspirants looking to start a successful career in the health care industry. The quality of education in nursing is high as the training modules are set under the strict guidance of Australian Quality Framework (AQF).

Additionally, you need to know about the education system, lifestyle, environment, and accommodation facilities available in the chosen place. But, you will get all these information consulting with education experts. You can get a smooth education journey right from visa services to enrollment in the top institution taking help of the experts.

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Why should you choose best consultancy in Nepal for Australia?

Every aspiring student willing to build a lucrative career, dreams to move out to Australia for higher education. Studying in this country means a lot to international students. The quality education with globally recognised degrees carrying institutional prestige provides the edge to overseas students. And study in Australia paves the way to have a fulfilling career with vast employment scope just not confining to this country but scope and opportunities lying outside as well.

However, studying abroad and in advanced countries like Australia is no easier as it appears. If you are new and do not know the right procedure of applying for different courses, you must take help or approach to best consultancy in Nepal for Australia. Getting acceptance of your application to study at leading universities requires following a correct procedure which always appears to be a daunting task for newly passed out aspiring students.

Besides, you need to be prepared in advance and meet essential pre-requisites when it comes to applying for admission and student visa. If you find all these challenging and you run short of time, it is always a better idea to seek assistance from expert consultants. The education experts professionally engaged in the market can come ideally handy assisting you all the way from applying admission and visa to guiding you in detail. They are experts and always remain updated with latest happenings in the Australian education industry and markets.

How does education consultant ease your process of applying for study in Australia?

The education department of Australia runs around 22,000 different certification courses and programs which may at times confuses overseas students about their course selection. This vast range of courses poses a problem of plenty which always comes up as a challenge for international students. So, are you having a tough time in choosing the right course? Engineering, accounting, computer science, information technology are the major courses in Australia for international students.

Nepalese students prefer studying courses which fetch high prospect towards permanent residency. It becomes easier for the Nepalese students to choose courses after getting reliable information of benefits, possibilities, and career opportunities. In fact, this is the most preferred way of applying for the course in the education institution of Australia. However, one question may be striking at this moment is how much does the study in Australia cost?

When it comes to educational expenses, it varies based on location, city, courses and living standard as well. Are you willing to know more in detail about Australian education? If yes, choose expert consultants sitting at AECC GLOBAL right now!

Why Nepalese Students Prefer to Study Engineering in Australia?

The good education is valued and helps in carving out a bright future. The desire to acquire quality education compels the students to move out of their countries to pursue higher education in the reputed and recognised global universities. Studying abroad has become a trend and considered as a step towards a successful career in life.

The globalisation has opened cultural and educational exchanges between the countries besides the trade and commerce. Moving out the country for higher education has become a common phenomenon for the Nepali students over the years. The popular study destinations for the students are US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada among others.

Top Courses Nepalese Students Prefer to Study

Many factors influence the career choice of a student. Some of them are like hobbies, recommendation, availability of top institution, and job opportunities among others. It is very true that students prefer to pursue a career which is in high demand in the industry.

Assessing these factors, find out what to study in Australia in the regional universities. Choosing the right course always help in achieving success in your dream career. Make sure to make the career decisions after consultation with experts and help from experts.

Nursing, public health, social, hospitality, medicines, engineering and IT are the popular courses for the students. Pursuing engineering courses in Australia has become an ideal way to becoming a successful engineer acquire skills and knowledge. Aspirants have many courses on offer like an advanced diploma, bachelor degree, and master in Engineering with a specialisation. Training is provided on modern facilities to deliver quality education to the students in the course.

Studying engineering courses in the regional university is a preparation for your dream career. It is an outstanding course listed in the MLTSSL and STSOL of Australia. It means the qualified engineers enjoy higher employability in the domestic market. The study in Australia courses can be chosen after getting guidance from the education consultants. It is an important way of starting your dream career quickly.

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