Top 3 Courses Popular among Nepalese Students Studying in Australia

Australia is a beautiful and uniquely distinctive country. The country is known not only for its pristine beaches, temperate climate, unique flora and fauna, and friendly and welcoming natives but also for high standards of educational opportunities.

Being a multicultural country, Australia has a rich blend of languages, architecture and cuisines, adding much to its cultural diversity.

Why Study in Australia?

No matter whether you are going to enroll in accounting courses in Australia or social work courses, the country has some world-class institutions providing numerous courses for both domestic and international students.

Besides its reputation for being the top 3rd education destination for international students, Australia is the first choice for thousands of overseas students from Asia continent, especially from Nepal.

The living costs and tuition fees in Australia are cheaper in comparison to other nations such as the US, the UK and Canada.

Popular Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia

Engineering Courses

Australia is home to seven top institutions or universities offering engineering and technical courses. The engineering courses in Australia are recognised globally for their quality clubbed with modern training facilities, helping students to gain skills required for career development.

Nursing Courses

Nursing can be an excellent career choice for the ones looking to work as health professionals and serve fellow human being. Nursing programs in Australia are an ideal choice to reach towards the target of becoming a successful nurse. Students can pursue diploma, bachelor and master degree in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Accounting Courses

Australia offers several flexible and attractive study options in the field of accounting. Accounting provides a rewarding career for the ones who are studying it in Australian universities. Students study accounting in Australia have opportunities to be trained on different accounting technologies under the thumb of highly qualified instructors.

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Some Tips for Nepalese Students Planning to Study in Australia

Australia is a unique multicultural study abroad destination which welcomes overseas students with open arms. In fact, It’s the third most popular education destination for international students, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

Over the last few years, the number of Nepalese students studying in Australia has increased significantly. Friendly and welcoming natives, diverse natural environment, exciting scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students, various courses, the best student cities and world-class universities are some of the significant factors that allure Nepalese students towards the amazing land of Australia.

Higher education system in Australia is based on the prominent British model. Australian degrees and courses are recognised all over the world. What else can you expect from a country? Let us have a look at some practical information about studying in the country.

How to apply to educational institutions in Australia

There are mainly two methods for applying to an institution or university in Australia:

  • You can opt for applying online directly by downloading the application form and submitting required documents.

Once you have applied successfully, you will get a ‘Letter of Offer’. In order to confirm your application, you must reply to this letter.

  •       You can apply through an education consultancy dedicated to higher education studies in Australia.

What to study in Australia

The selection of a course or university depends much on the personal choice of the candidate, but nursing, engineering, accountancy, and IT courses in Australia are some of the programs popular among the Nepalese students aspire to study in Australia.

English-proficiency tests

Alike other English-speaking nations, Australian universities also want you to be proficient in the English language. Various English proficiency tests will help you prove the evidence of your command of the language, but the following are the official English exams accepted by all Australian universities:

  •  IELTS
  • CAE
  • CPE
  • PTE-A

How is it like to study in Australia?

Australian universities and natives share a long history of welcoming international students. Universities in Australia assist students in arranging accommodation, organise student orientation weeks, and provide many other student services throughout the year.

Higher education in the country is focused using problem-based learning, helping students become independent learners.

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Top Benefits of Studying in Australia for International Students

Are you thinking of studying higher education abroad?

If yes, many top study destinations are in your mind. However, you need to choose a place that is not only within your financial budget but accessible as a quality education spot. When we talk of such destinations, Australia always comes into the mind of consultants and students.

Australia has a lot to offer to you. As an international student, you may enjoy numerous benefits and privileges while studying in the local universities. Thus, overseas education consultants always talk highly of the education system, training facilities and so on necessary to start a successful career.

Read on the blog to know the top benefits of studying in the island country.

Recognised education system and career options

The quality of Australian education system is recognised and famous worldwide. The University Ranking system is ranked 9th globally ahead of Germany, New Zealand, and Japan. Finding your desired course won’t a problem as over 22, 000 courses are offered at 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities. Studying in the local universities means gaining quality education and certificates increasing your career prospects.

Work and Study Facility

Australian student visa automatically allows holders to work in the local firms while pursuing regular courses in the local universities. It is a boon for financially struggling students to earn additional money for tuition fees and living costs. The privilege of study and work in Australia is helping thousands of overseas students to follow their dreams in the country.

Scholarship Schemes

Many scholarship schemes are available for international students given while pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate and PhDs in the universities. Selected candidates get concession in tuition and admission fees, contribution in living expenses, airfare, and others. Meritorious students with an excellent previous academic qualification are selected for the awards.

Job Opportunities

Australia is a land of opportunities. The country has a huge skill shortage in many industries. If your occupation comes under these categories, you may find employment after completion of studies.

Further, you will get many life-enriching experiences which will help in taking your career forward.

So, what are you waiting for? Consult with Australian education consultants to know more and outline your career pathway.

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Top Reasons to Consider Studying Accounting in Australia

Accounting is a future-proof career option with excellent employment opportunities and growth. It is because there will be a need for accountants irrespective of economic conditions for every organisation small or large. The accounting professionals are essential for calculation of taxes, account audit, financial strategies, bookkeeping and the list goes on.

Accounting is no longer considered a bean-counting profession. Depending on the specialisation, accounting graduates can find employment as a financial analyst, Finance Manager, Business Manager, Investment Advisors, Auditor, and many more in different state-owned and private organisations.

Do these professions and numbers attract you?

If yes, a career in accounting and finance may be ideal for you. Pursuing the accounting courses in Australia will be the right move to be successful in your dream career. Further, you may avail the scholarship schemes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses to study in the top institution with less financial costs.

Accountants are known to work in an organised, logical and rational manner. To be successful as an accountant, you need to develop these professional skills in the training. Australian universities offer training on advanced curriculums with the utilisation of technology. Working on simulated projects helps students to get industry-relevant expertise necessary to succeed in the profession.

Apart from getting international standards knowledge and skills, you will enjoy high career prospects in the Australian market and globally. It means you may enjoy a high possibility of getting jobs in the domestic market post study accounting in Australia.

Apart from accounting, Australia is one of the top destinations for overseas engineering students. Studying engineering courses in Australia is considered an important step to be successful in the profession. With a high demand for skilled engineers in the domestic market, you may get jobs after completion of higher studies there.

Are you planning to study accounting in Australia?

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Undergraduate Study in Australia: Courses, Qualification, Cost and Entry Requirements

Australia is a remarkable country that has built an excellent reputation for quality and excellence across its higher education programs. A huge number of overseas students looking to pursue higher education in Australia amply reflect this global reputation.

Higher education courses in Australia are offered by private colleges, universities and some TAFE institutes. Some professional courses- such as veterinary, medicine, architecture and law- are offered only by universities.

Let us find out more about undergraduate study in Australia for international students, top courses, average cost, and entry requirement.

Courses and qualifications

Australia has a countrywide set of qualifications that are endorsed and accepted by the Australian government. Meaning, there’s a national and international recognition of each qualification and the level of education it represents.

The most common type of undergraduate qualification offered by the majority of higher education institutions are:

Bachelor degree: An Australian bachelor degree provides initial preparation for professional career and postgraduate study. It includes a minimum of 3 years of full-time study (some universities and institutions offer a fast-track system, allowing students to complete a three-year degree in two years). Entry generally requires completion of an Australian secondary school certificate education or the overseas equivalent, or an advanced diploma or diploma from the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector.

Bachelor degree (honours): Honours program may require an optional additional year of study following a 3-year degree or may be awarded for an academic achievement in degrees of four or more years.

Tuition Costs

The average cost of a bachelor program in Australia is A$15,000 to A$33,000. However, the fee or cost may vary depending on the course, university and state you have chosen to study. Cost often influences your decision when you find an answer for ‘where to study in Australia.

Entry Requirements

Entry into most higher education courses in the country is highly competitive. Apart from the academic requirements mentioned above for each qualification, candidates must meet high-level English language requirements. In some courses, additional entry requirements may be needed, such as work experience; prior knowledge in certain subjects; or the successful completion of a portfolio, audition, test or interview. Each university or institution will have different entry criteria, so it’s essential to contact individual education providers to check.

Starting dates for programs or courses also vary widely. Higher education courses mostly run from late February to mid-November. The academic year is often divided into two semesters, though some institutions adhere to a trimester system or offer summers school from December to February.

Popular Courses

As far as popular courses are concerned, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Accounting, Social Work, and nursing courses in Australia are some of the most popular courses among international students from Nepal and other Asian countries.

The decision of selecting a program or college is often influenced by personal choice and interest of the student. However, seeking advice from an education consultant may help you make the right decision.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia After 12th

Australia has emerged as the top destination for Nepalese students for higher education. Availability of lower tuition fees, scholarship schemes, cheap accommodation facilities, high job prospects, and conducive environment for quality learning are the reasons influencing the students’ decision to study in Australia. None of the previous students regrets their choices.

Are you also planning to study in the top universities in Australia?

If yes, it is an important decision to get quality education and prepare for a successful professional life.

Studying in Australia is neither cheap nor easy. You need a proper preparation to adapt to the new place’s environment, lifestyle, language barrier and cultural shock, to name a few of them.

Most importantly, you need to find out what to study in Australia after 12th based on your career goal and preference. It will help to set a goal and turn your passion into a career. In addition to that, you should find out the top universities offering relevant courses, norms, fees, recognition, scholarship fees and how to get enrolment.

If you’re aiming for better career prospects in Australia and other countries, it is essential to study courses that are in-demand. Here are the top Australia courses for international students with high job prospects:

  • Nursing
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Engineering
  • Medicines
  • Hospitality and Management

These are the favourite courses for the international students including the Nepalese in Australian universities. Students may enjoy high employment prospects after completion of studies. However, it is essential to consider your passion and goal before deciding to study the courses at Australian universities.

Though you will get loads of information about the top courses, universities, reviews, and other things on the internet, yet finding a personalised guidance and answer of your queries are difficult.

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How Can Education Agents Help Students in Studying Abroad?

Have you decided to study higher education in Australia?

If yes, you have made one of the finest decisions of your life to start a successful career. The country is the third most preferred destination for international students after the US and the UK. Recognised education system and exceptional training facilities help students to gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen career.

You have realised studying in the top universities of Australia will eventually lead to a brighter future. But, you’re confused regarding career options, immigration process, top institution and others related to your education journey. Despite searching on the internet, you could gather no personalised information that can ease your problems and dispel confusions.

If you’re in a similar situation, talk to education consultants for Australia to clear your doubts and get reliable assistance in fulfilling your dream career.

Education consultants are experts helping students to study higher education in the top universities abroad. Thus, a certified education agent is a trained and experienced professional eligible to answer your queries relevant to your education and career path. In the interaction, you will get to know about the education system, admission norms and regulations, tuition fees, top courses, and universities in Australia.

You will get assistance in selecting the right course based on your career goal and ambition. Apart from that, you will know about the lifestyle, living accommodation, and top places available for the international students in Australia.

Attending counselling session will help you to know why study in Australia is a right decision and how it will help in shaping your future career. Precisely, the education experts are the right person to consult instead of your parents or peers. You will know about the job prospects and how to launch your career after completion of studies.

For example, if you want to study nursing in Australia, they can assist right from selecting the right education provider, applying for the courses, to collecting supporting documents necessary for a seamless studying experience.

However, it is essential to consult with certified agencies to avoid being cheated and lose your hard-earned money.

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Why Students Choose to Study Engineering in Australian Universities?

Are you thinking of studying engineering abroad?

If yes, Australia may be an ideal destination for you. The country has a lot to offer in engineering education which would be useful in succeeding in your future career.

Do you want to know how and why?

The country is a home to seven universities ranked among the top 100 offering engineering courses and programs. Advanced curriculums and use of technologies are integral parts of the training program. Courses are aimed at developing practical knowledge of students with critical thinking and reasoning.

Therefore, you will gain professional skills and knowledge to enjoy better career prospects across the globe. It is why study engineering in Australia is considered a vital step for every aspirant willing to become a successful engineer. It is one of few courses that provide global recognition to students after completion.

There is a conducive environment for research projects and serious studies. The country is at the forefront of innovation and pioneering works. Black box, Google maps, electronic pacemaker, bionic ear, and electric drill are some of the great inventions that took place in Australia.

However, you’re not alone in choosing to study in Australia to study engineering in the local universities. Thousands of students get enrolled for numerous engineering courses for many good reasons.

Let us find out some of them:

Courses Options

Engineering is a vast field of study. Students can opt for many specialisations while pursuing higher education based on the preference and career goal. Some of the favourite study fields in engineering are given below:

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Geothermal
  • Biomedical
  • Aeronautical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Mining, and so on.

Job Prospects

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled engineers to carry out different relevant activities. The graduates enjoy high employment opportunities in the local market. Some of the courses also get professional accreditation from Engineering Australia after the skill assessment and meeting other factors.

Lower Financial Cost

The study in Australia cost is lower than studying in the US or the UK. You can opt for courses with lower tuition and admission fees coupled with special privileges. Cheap accommodation facilities are available in the universities and rentals in the urban areas. The scholarship scheme is a boon for financially struggling students coming from different nations.

It is why engineering is one of the favourite courses in Australia for international students. Additionally, you may be eligible for an internship after graduation to gain work experience in the niche industry.

Do you want to study engineering in Australia? Consult with AECC Global education experts for guidance and outline your career pathway today.

Why Choose Australian Universities to Study IT Courses?

The world today is in the age of information technology (IT).  Whatever type of information you are looking for, one commonly convenient way to get them would be through the internet. This excessive utilisation of internet has led to the emergence and extension of the information technology field and the industry, holding numerous opportunities. In simple words, information technology is about the utilisation of computers, infrastructure and networking to operate, store, retrieve and transmit electronic data.

Therefore, considering IT courses in Australia shouldn’t be a bad idea.

Australia is a home to some renowned institutions offers a variety of IT courses. In addition to that, the world-class education system and multicultural environment are some of the traits that allure the international students from different parts of the world. The beauty of IT courses is that the education and training provided through these programs are applicable in different professional situations.

IT programs in Australian universities are designed so the needs of the domestic and international market could be satiated. If you are interested in studying IT courses in top-ranked Australian universities, there are some leading institutions you can consider:

  • Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  • University of Western Australia, Perth
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Cost often is a factor for many international students while attending any university or college in Australia. Fortunately, options do exist for pursuing higher education possible in this beautiful country. For instance, there are various student exchange programs and scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students and also for the students all over the world.

With a skilled IT workforce, advanced infrastructure and tech-savvy customers, Australia has turned into a technology hub. Information technology conglomerates like Google System, Canon, IBM, and Fujitsu have established their software development centres in the country for testing and implementation of newer technologies. Meaning, studying in the regional institutions help students to get familiar with the latest technology and infrastructure, assisting them to receive advanced education and become future innovators.

Australian IT courses and degrees are accepted and recognised in the academic world all around. Acquiring an IT degree from an Australian university is the passport to commence a rewarding career in the IT industry. Furthermore, the Professional Year Program in IT makes IT courses more lucrative for international students.

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Why Students Choose Australia for Higher Education?

Deciding to study in Australia is one of the most important decisions of your career. The country is a dream destination for students looking for quality and prepares for a competitive market.

Australia has ranked 9th in the University System Ranking ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. The value of pursuing higher education in the recognised universities of Australia is huge for students. Successful completion of the courses brings high career prospects and job opportunities for graduates.

Without much delay, let us look why study in Australia is an important decision of your life. It will help you grow as a professional and acquire experience to move forward in life. It is not surprising to state that Australia is the third most preferred destination for overseas students.

Fantastic Cities for Overseas Students

Australian are known for their warm and friendly nature. They welcome overseas students with open arm to study in the regional universities. Peaceful environment and high standard of living are additional factors attracting students from different nations.

Seven cities are ranked in the top Best Student Cities for their facilities for international students. These are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Coast. You can easily find a living accommodation, part-time jobs, employer activities, and top-ranked universities.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Finding the right course won’t be difficult while studying in Australian universities. There are 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities providing 22, 000 courses in different study areas. The courses are developed to inculcate practical skills and knowledge demand by employers in the industry.

For instance, study nursing in Australia if you want to get valued certification, practical skills and high job prospects in the domestic market.

Scholarship Schemes

Studying in Australia is not cheap. However, the scholarship schemes of Australia help financially struggling students to realise their dream career. The Australian government offers awards for undergraduate and master degrees for meritorious students.

Awards consist of 25% to 100% concession on tuition and admission fees. Selected candidates also get a contribution to living expenses, airfare and Overseas Student Health Cover in some courses. It is a boon for students and eases financial burdens from parents.

Additionally, a student visa allows working part-time jobs to earn money for living expenses while studying fulltime in regional universities. The education consultant for Australia can tell you more about the privileges available for students during higher studies.

Looking for a guide and help to study higher studies in Australia?

Get in touch with our AECC Global education experts for counselling and outline your career pathway.