Why is Australia An Ideal Destination for Higher Studies?

An increasing number of international students are choosing to study in Australian universities. Currently, the country stands third as the most popular destination in the world for higher education. The recognised higher education system, top-ranked universities, and numerous privileges are responsible for attracting thousands of international students in the regional universities.

Do you want to pursue higher studies in Australia?

Studying in Australia involves financial costs, effort, time, and of course, dedication. Avoid hurdles in the educational journey with better planning and gathering information from experts. New norms and rules for admission in the top courses and universities may create confusion.

Decide where to study in Australia to get quality education and lifestyle based on your preference. Fortunately, there are many desirable places for higher education. Some of them are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.

These cities are also called student cities and ranked higher in the Global Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students.

Another important thing you need to consider is the selection of a course based on your career goal. The Australia Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses in different study areas provided at 1100 education institutions and 43 universities. So, you can easily find your dream course in the regional universities.

However, there are certain courses that overseas students prefer to study in Australia. These courses have numerous benefits to graduates like high job prospects, PR possibility, and a chance for nomination from the states with range of scholarships available to deserving students.

Here are the top courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students in the regional universities:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering courses
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Social Work
  • Building and Construction
  • Automotive courses
  • Bakery and Hospitality courses
  • English Language

Among them, the nursing courses in Australia are one of the most popular among the international students. Aspirants find quality education and skills in the top-ranked institutes of Australia. It is an important study for students looking to start a successful nursing career in life.

Do you want to move to Australia to higher education in nursing or another course?

Consult with AECC Global education experts to get career counselling and assistance in the migration process to get a seamless studying experience.

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