Education & Migration Consultants: What You Need to Know?

In this digital age, where major information is only a click away from you, why do people still prefer hiring an educational consultant? No matter whether you are looking to study, work or live in Australia or anywhere else, you will find a consultant as relevant as ever before.

Below are given some reasons why you need their help when planning to study abroad:

Professional Guidance

You can undoubtedly source out available options from the internet, but even internet doesn’t have any tool that guides you the correct path. Certified education agents will tell you what to study in Australia, and help you plan your overseas studies. They will narrow down the options and make it easier to choose the right course and institute.

In-depth Knowledge of Education System and Visa

If you have planned to study abroad, you should try to get familiar with the country chosen. Education consultants provide you with valuable information on the education system, updated visa process, visa documentation and even the lifestyle of natives.

At some point, consultants might have been international students themselves. Thus, they must be knowing what challenges overseas students face when studying outside their country.


Education in most nations is not free, but expensive. It’s not necessary that every student can afford the expenses of living and studying outside. Therefore, scholarships become crucial for such students who aspire to study in Australia but face financial problems.

Besides helping you select to study in Australia courses, good consultants also tell you about available scholarship options and government aid. They can help you ease your financial woes for sure.

Career insights

Education consultants are well-aware of the journeys international students endure, and that also involves the journey after the completion of their studies. They can provide insights on a career pathway and the latest trend of the industry.

Pre- Departure Supports

  • After Visa Int’l students are not aware of Air Routes, Journey to International Routes and Transits
  • University requirements for Enrolment and Registration to their Courses
  • Government-issued advisories and how they affect their plans to stay
  • Healthy travel
  • Insurance, budgets, and travel documents
  • Enrolment Procedures
  • Accommodation
  • Immigration Policies

As a conclusion, we can say that consultants make you focus on other important issues in your transition period while they take full care of your admission.

With AECC Global you are assured of the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia as you will receive valuable guidance from our experienced, certified and registered education and migration agents. Our experts leave no stone unturned in assisting you to pursue your goals in Australia.

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