Why Students Choose Australia for Higher Education?

Deciding to study in Australia is one of the most important decisions of your career. The country is a dream destination for students looking for quality and prepares for a competitive market.

Australia has ranked 9th in the University System Ranking ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. The value of pursuing higher education in the recognised universities of Australia is huge for students. Successful completion of the courses brings high career prospects and job opportunities for graduates.

Without much delay, let us look why study in Australia is an important decision of your life. It will help you grow as a professional and acquire experience to move forward in life. It is not surprising to state that Australia is the third most preferred destination for overseas students.

Fantastic Cities for Overseas Students

Australian are known for their warm and friendly nature. They welcome overseas students with open arm to study in the regional universities. Peaceful environment and high standard of living are additional factors attracting students from different nations.

Seven cities are ranked in the top Best Student Cities for their facilities for international students. These are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Coast. You can easily find a living accommodation, part-time jobs, employer activities, and top-ranked universities.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Finding the right course won’t be difficult while studying in Australian universities. There are 1100 educational institutions and 43 universities providing 22, 000 courses in different study areas. The courses are developed to inculcate practical skills and knowledge demand by employers in the industry.

For instance, study nursing in Australia if you want to get valued certification, practical skills and high job prospects in the domestic market.

Scholarship Schemes

Studying in Australia is not cheap. However, the scholarship schemes of Australia help financially struggling students to realise their dream career. The Australian government offers awards for undergraduate and master degrees for meritorious students.

Awards consist of 25% to 100% concession on tuition and admission fees. Selected candidates also get a contribution to living expenses, airfare and Overseas Student Health Cover in some courses. It is a boon for students and eases financial burdens from parents.

Additionally, a student visa allows working part-time jobs to earn money for living expenses while studying fulltime in regional universities. The education consultant for Australia can tell you more about the privileges available for students during higher studies.

Looking for a guide and help to study higher studies in Australia?

Get in touch with our AECC Global education experts for counselling and outline your career pathway.

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