Top 3 Courses Popular among Nepalese Students Studying in Australia

Australia is a beautiful and uniquely distinctive country. The country is known not only for its pristine beaches, temperate climate, unique flora and fauna, and friendly and welcoming natives but also for high standards of educational opportunities.

Being a multicultural country, Australia has a rich blend of languages, architecture and cuisines, adding much to its cultural diversity.

Why Study in Australia?

No matter whether you are going to enroll in accounting courses in Australia or social work courses, the country has some world-class institutions providing numerous courses for both domestic and international students.

Besides its reputation for being the top 3rd education destination for international students, Australia is the first choice for thousands of overseas students from Asia continent, especially from Nepal.

The living costs and tuition fees in Australia are cheaper in comparison to other nations such as the US, the UK and Canada.

Popular Courses for Nepalese Students to Study in Australia

Engineering Courses

Australia is home to seven top institutions or universities offering engineering and technical courses. The engineering courses in Australia are recognised globally for their quality clubbed with modern training facilities, helping students to gain skills required for career development.

Nursing Courses

Nursing can be an excellent career choice for the ones looking to work as health professionals and serve fellow human being. Nursing programs in Australia are an ideal choice to reach towards the target of becoming a successful nurse. Students can pursue diploma, bachelor and master degree in nursing with a specialisation in the regional university.

Accounting Courses

Australia offers several flexible and attractive study options in the field of accounting. Accounting provides a rewarding career for the ones who are studying it in Australian universities. Students study accounting in Australia have opportunities to be trained on different accounting technologies under the thumb of highly qualified instructors.

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