Favourite Courses for International Students to Study in Australia

Australia is a hot destination for international students to study further education. There are 1100 educational institutions, consisting of top universities and colleges, providing 22, 000 approved courses in Australia. The University System is ranked 9th globally, ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. That is why study in Australia a good step to start a successful career in life. It helps in getting certification from recognised institutions and improves your career prospects globally.

If you go by the number of international students in Australian universities, Nepal stands eighth. China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines come at the top of this list. Data revealed that Australia as a study destination is increasing its popularity due to the availability of favourable conditions. Further, there are Australia courses for international students which are useful in starting successful careers.

Here are top courses that overseas students prefer to study in the regional universities of Australia:

  • Nursing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Medicines
  • Hospitality and Management

Australia is a top place to start your career in any of these fields. You can pursue certificate courses, diploma, bachelor degree, and master degree with a specialisation in the regional universities. Most of the students prefer to study undergraduate and master degrees in the regional universities. These are the top courses to study in Australia after 12th with high career prospects and job opportunities in the local market. Best of all, the graduates of these courses get high-end employment opportunities after completion of studies.

Apart from that, Nepalese students get numerous privileges while studying higher education in the regional universities. There are scholarship schemes for students for undergraduate and master degrees in the institutions. Selected candidates get 25% to 100% concession on tuition and admission fees, and Overseas Student Health Cover in some cases.

Other than that, students can enjoy a high standard of living, excellent job prospects, post-study work facilities, and cheap accommodation facilities. These are the prime reasons why overseas students are choosing to study in Australian universities.

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Why is Australia a Top Destination to Study Nursing?

Nursing is one of the top career options in the healthcare industry. As a nurse, you will serve patients to regain health and provide services to fellow human being. There is no profession which offers so much of job satisfaction and good pay with higher growth. With rising population and epidemic, there will be no dearth of jobs for qualified and experienced nurses around the globe.

Looking to start a successful nursing career in life?

Providing the right medical services to patients needs experience and knowledge. One can develop these skills through practices and extensive studies. As an aspirant, it is essential to study nursing in the top universities to get quality and skills.

Australia has seven student-friendly cities which are ranked high in the list. Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast are the top favourite places where student prefers to study in the country. Choose one of those cities while deciding where to study in Australia to get better studying experience.

Studying the nursing courses in Australia help candidates to get industry-relevant experience. The curriculums are advanced and designed based on the international standards. There are many universities which are popular for providing quality training to the aspirants. Thus, studying in the regional university is an important step to become a successful nurse.

Australia is the third most preferred destination for higher education for international students after the UK and US. Undergraduate study in Australia for international students help to get valued certification and enjoy high career prospects. Further, students enjoy privileges like scholarship, lower tuition fees, accommodation facilities, and others.

No matter which course you decide to study in Australia, research the internet or consult with an expert to know more about them. AECC Global is doing the same thing for Nepalese students looking to study in Australia. It provides counselling on education journey, cultures, top universities, and courses to realise their dreams. Contact our education experts for counselling today.

Top Courses, Costs and Job Opportunities for International Students

Are you thinking of pursuing higher education in Australia? Are you exploring the courses, costs, and job opportunities in Australia?

If you’ve any of these questions, read on the blog to know the answers before making your final decision.

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. The country has a robust education infrastructure offering over 22, 000 courses in 1100 education institutions.

Let us look at the top courses in Australia for international students that are available for study in regional universities:


Engineering is one of the oldest and established fields of study. Australia has top-ranked universities offering different courses in civil, mechanical, electrical, nuclear, etc. Study engineering in Australia is a crucial decision to become a successful engineer.

Job Opportunities: More than 40% of Australian engineering workforce was of foreign origin. It is one of the best sought course that increases employment opportunities for international graduates in the international as well as domestic market as well.


Australian nursing courses and programs are designed to the international standards and recognised worldwide. Students can pursue certificate course, diploma, bachelor and master degree with a specialisation. Training is offered on the simulated projects helping students to acquire industry-relevant skills.

Job Opportunities: The demand for skilled nurse has increased manifolds in the Australian healthcare settings. There is a possibility of getting a job after completion of studies for students.


Accounting is one of the best career options in the business world of today. Students pursuing accounting in Australia enjoy high career development and professional success. There are world-class universities offering accounting courses preparing students for workplace challenges. The Outlook, a job portal, has found there would be 40, 000 job openings in Australia by 2020.

Information Technology

IT is one of the top study options for overseas students in Australia. The country has reputed institutions offering IT courses and programs to the students. IT occupation is also in shortage professional category in the Australia and Australia produces talented IT Professionals sought internationally too. Thus, overseas graduates may get jobs in the domestic as well as international market too.

Apart from that, social work, public health, education, and medicines are the favourite courses that overseas students prefer to study in Australia.

Studying higher education in Australia is expensive. However, the study in Australia cost depends upon your choice for courses, location, and lifestyle. The average cost of pursuing a bachelor degree is AU$29,235, AU$20,000 to $37,000, and AU$14,000 to $37,000 for undergraduate, master and postgraduate degrees respectively.

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Accounting in Australia: Career Scope and Job Opportunities

In the last ten years, the number of overseas students enrolling in accounting courses in Australia has increased by more than 500 percent. What makes accounting so special for international students? What are the important roles played by an accountant? Why has Australia seen an inflow of accounting aspirants? Let us find out!

After the commencement of your start up, it’s important to maintain consistent growth. Though many small business owners believe that they can handle their finances effectively, this is rarely the case. It’s common to outsource getting your taxes done, accounting advice given by professional accountant must not be overlooked.

An accountant manages your finances early and stays a step ahead with financial risks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. An accountant not only offers you financial freedom but also minimises risks and enables you to spend more time on strategic business matters. That’s the reason why the role of an accountant become very crucial for business owners.

Accounting is a future-proof profession. No matter whether it’s inflation or recession, if you are an accountant, you will always be in demand. Since Australia offers many attractive and flexible study options in the field of accounting, international students opt for a degree course in Australia.

There are some reasons why overseas students love to study accounting in Australia:

  •  Australian universities are popular globally for their excellent academic programs and courses in accounting.
  • The accounting graduates in the country have rewarding career options.
  • The country provides a unique multicultural environment and quality standard of living.
  • Most of the institutions in the country offering accounting course are equipped with the latest technology and qualified accounting instructors.
  •  Six Australian universities offering accounting courses are listed in the Top 50 of QS World University Rankings 2017.
  •  Overseas students pursuing higher education in the country can work up to twenty hours a week during the semester.
  • Studying accounting in Australia is the passport to a lucrative career for students.

Apart from these common factors, the Professional Year Program enables the international accounting graduates to gain practical skills of the profession and enhance the employability. The Professional Year is also applicable to the international students who have completed IT or engineering courses in Australia.

For more information about the Professional Year, accounting courses or colleges, you can meet one of our education consultants from AECC Global.

How to Make Study in Australia Seamless and Fruitful?

Study abroad has become a trend among the students aiming high in life. Studying in the reputed universities helps in getting world-class education and certification to improve your career prospects.

Your decision to study in Australia is crucial for a successful career in life. But, you need proper planning and preparation to get a seamless education journey. Obstacles in the Australian study can be avoided with an appropriate plan to get an enriching studying experience.

Once you decide what to study in Australia, you can search a reputable institution providing that course. You can apply for admission to the education provider directly or through a certified education agent.

Applying directly to the educational institution is a good idea but only if you know the rules, process, and possess experience in visa documentation. A slight mistake in the application leads to rejection from the institution and DIBP too. In addition, course provider too will request student meet and process visa application to avoid any visa mishaps as Institutions and DIBP both follows Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) measures to recruit potential students for visa grant objective needs as Institutions had their representatives to recruit potential genuine students to their courses with smoother visa process.

However, you may minimise that risk applying through experienced consultant through Trusted Agents of the University or College. These experts provide help in applying the form to the institution where you intend to study with necessary documents like education qualification, English proficiency proof, and others fulfilling University and DIBP GTE Compliances EXPECTATIONS to file visa application.

Further, most of the education agents have partnerships with institutions to provide overseas students visa services for their different courses. Thus, you enjoy a high chance of getting enrolment at the chosen institution.

After receiving your Confirmation of Enrolment from the education provider, you can apply for a student visa to the Australian Embassy. An education agent may help with the visa application. It includes applying for visa application attaching supporting documents and CoE to the embassy.

Now, you can select a place to reside and study based on your preference for lifestyle. Australia has seven cities which are ranked in the top of Best Student Cities Index. The favourite places for overseas students are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.

Students should choose the top-ranked universities to get a quality education and be ready for the competitive market. The popular study in Australia courses for the international students:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Nursing
  • Hospitality and Management
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Information Technology

The decision of choosing a course should be made based on your goal, career prospects, and job opportunities in the market. AECC is considered the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia guiding aspirants with counselling and one-to-one consultation. Book an appointment with our education experts today.

Education & Migration Consultants: What You Need to Know?

In this digital age, where major information is only a click away from you, why do people still prefer hiring an educational consultant? No matter whether you are looking to study, work or live in Australia or anywhere else, you will find a consultant as relevant as ever before.

Below are given some reasons why you need their help when planning to study abroad:

Professional Guidance

You can undoubtedly source out available options from the internet, but even internet doesn’t have any tool that guides you the correct path. Certified education agents will tell you what to study in Australia, and help you plan your overseas studies. They will narrow down the options and make it easier to choose the right course and institute.

In-depth Knowledge of Education System and Visa

If you have planned to study abroad, you should try to get familiar with the country chosen. Education consultants provide you with valuable information on the education system, updated visa process, visa documentation and even the lifestyle of natives.

At some point, consultants might have been international students themselves. Thus, they must be knowing what challenges overseas students face when studying outside their country.


Education in most nations is not free, but expensive. It’s not necessary that every student can afford the expenses of living and studying outside. Therefore, scholarships become crucial for such students who aspire to study in Australia but face financial problems.

Besides helping you select to study in Australia courses, good consultants also tell you about available scholarship options and government aid. They can help you ease your financial woes for sure.

Career insights

Education consultants are well-aware of the journeys international students endure, and that also involves the journey after the completion of their studies. They can provide insights on a career pathway and the latest trend of the industry.

Pre- Departure Supports

  • After Visa Int’l students are not aware of Air Routes, Journey to International Routes and Transits
  • University requirements for Enrolment and Registration to their Courses
  • Government-issued advisories and how they affect their plans to stay
  • Healthy travel
  • Insurance, budgets, and travel documents
  • Enrolment Procedures
  • Accommodation
  • Immigration Policies

As a conclusion, we can say that consultants make you focus on other important issues in your transition period while they take full care of your admission.

With AECC Global you are assured of the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia as you will receive valuable guidance from our experienced, certified and registered education and migration agents. Our experts leave no stone unturned in assisting you to pursue your goals in Australia.

What Do You Need to Know to Study Engineering in Australia?

Do you want a successful career in engineering?

If yes, you’re not alone. Thousands of students are taking up engineering as their career choice. No career option has high employment opportunities and growth prospects as this field. The subject is continually evolving with the addition of new practices and to tackles challenges in the industry. Integration of engineering study with project development or management is common these days. Hence, you need to get quality education studying at the top-ranked universities and colleges.

Australia is a top choice for students looking to get quality education and skills. Seven of Australia’s universities have been featured in Times Higher Education World University Ranking Engineering and Technology. The decision to study engineering in Australia brings s benefits for overseas students. Valued certification and technology-oriented learning help acquiring skills to be successful as an engineer.

You can start your career in engineering with a certificate course or diploma from an approved provider. Pursue higher education in the same with a bachelor degree and master degree with a specialisation. Education providers are registered with CRICOS and offer international standard training in the courses.

The admission and tuition fees for engineering courses are different and vary among the institutions across Australia. The total study in Australia cost will also depend upon the choice of Living City, accommodation and living standards. Putting up in the rented room is a bit expensive than lodging in the university hostel or urban areas.

However, deserving students can apply for scholarships in the chosen program to get concession on the tuition fees, and rest they must pay full for Overseas Student Health Cover and should manage the living expenses and airfare.

Another appealing reason to study engineering in regional universities is job opportunities. A high percentage of current engineering taskforce consists of overseas graduates. The shortage of skilled engineers is widening in industries creating huge opportunities for trained professionals.

Thus, engineering has become one of the top courses in Australia for international students looking to get high career prospects. As Australian Engineering Degrees are validated by world’s Top Countries under Washington Accord.

Do you want to study engineering courses in Australia?

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Why Nepalese Students Study Engineering in Australia?

Studying abroad is a significant step towards getting quality education and a successful life. This thought must have gripped the mind of Nepalese students. Thousands of students are moving out from home for higher education in countries like US, UK, Australia, and France. However, Australia has emerged as the most preferred country for Nepalese students over the years.

Australia has a lot of offer while pursuing your higher education to students. Peaceful environment, high living standard, modern lifestyle, cheap accommodation facilities, and scholarship facilities are the reasons attracting Nepalese students over the years.

Australia Quality Framework maintains the quality of courses in Australia for international students to deliver global standard education. Top-ranked universities provide recognised courses in different study areas.  Pursuing higher education in the world-class universities is an important step to start a successful in the chosen field.

However, engineering has emerged as the most preferred courses for students. Keeping pace with the changes of engineering industry or tackle challenges, aspirants must study courses in the top-ranked universities. Top research facilities and training on latest technology develop your skills and expertise had marked name to get recognized with The Washington Accord which is an international accreditation agreement for professional engineering academic degrees, between the bodies responsible for accreditation in its signatory countries. Established in 1989, the full signatories as of 2017 are Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Philippines and the United States.  That’s why study engineering in Australia is considered a necessary step to become a successful engineer.

Tuition fees in Australian universities are low in comparison to the counterparts of the US and the UK. But the students receive international standard training and education as the University System is ranked 9th globally, well ahead of Germany, New Zealand, and Japan.

Seven Australia’s cities made to the list of Student Best Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for overseas students. The study in Australia cost varies on the selection of destination and lifestyle during your study. You can live in a rented room in Melbourne or put up in the university’s provided hostels to save dollars based on your preference.

You should gather information about the lifestyle, admission norms, hostel facilities, and weather condition before flying to Australia. Get all these information in a place consulting with a skilled education expert.

AECC Global has been providing the same service to international students since its foundation. Get in touch with our education experts for career counselling and assistance today.

Top Four Courses Popular Among International Students in Australia

International students in Australia comprise 36% of the higher education enrolment. For every three university/college students in Australia, one of them is studying abroad. At present, more than 300,000 international students are studying in different Australian institutions.

These numbers tell a story. Australia has come up to compete with the United States and the United Kingdom in attracting international students. The country provides not only top-quality education but also presents lucrative career options to the students.

It’s essential for the students aspiring to go overseas- particularly Australia- to know about the career prospects and popular courses, such as engineering, nursing, IT and accounting courses in Australia. The advantage students enjoy today is a variety of subjects to choose from depending on their areas of interest.

An Australia educational qualification may conveniently lead to permanent residency and work visa. Let us embark on a journey and explore few courses popular among international students. The country offers a considerable advantage for overseas students, as its universities are held in high repute globally, and offer a wide range of subjects in every discipline.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) course is one of the most preferred courses among international students. IT courses in the country is a mix of technical knowledge and theory added with the practical experience. The practical approach of these courses means that it produces the right candidates the employers want.


The next major area of interest among international students is engineering. Engineering courses in Australia are very popular as the areas of specialisation, and job opportunities are too many. Some areas of specialisation are:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering, and
  • Environmental Engineering etc.


Accounting is an integral part of most of the businesses. If this is the subject that you find interesting, Australia has so much to offer you. The country has many world-class universities offering accounting courses.

If you want to study accounting in Australia, you should take it as a passport to a rewarding career. The ones who have recently graduated in accounting can opt for the Professional Year program to sharpen their skills and gain practical knowledge of the Australian workplace culture. The successful completion of the program earns five migration points for you.


The nursing profession is gaining grounds more because of its scope and great opportunities. It’s a well-paid occupation in Australia as compared to other countries.

The nursing programs in Australia have been designed to impart advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed in providing quality healthcare services.

If you encounter any problem related to visa, course or college selection, PR etc., you can consult with one of our education & migration consultants at AECC Global.

Why is Australia An Ideal Destination for Higher Studies?

An increasing number of international students are choosing to study in Australian universities. Currently, the country stands third as the most popular destination in the world for higher education. The recognised higher education system, top-ranked universities, and numerous privileges are responsible for attracting thousands of international students in the regional universities.

Do you want to pursue higher studies in Australia?

Studying in Australia involves financial costs, effort, time, and of course, dedication. Avoid hurdles in the educational journey with better planning and gathering information from experts. New norms and rules for admission in the top courses and universities may create confusion.

Decide where to study in Australia to get quality education and lifestyle based on your preference. Fortunately, there are many desirable places for higher education. Some of them are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.

These cities are also called student cities and ranked higher in the Global Student Cities Index due to the presence of favourable conditions for international students.

Another important thing you need to consider is the selection of a course based on your career goal. The Australia Department of Education and Training has 22, 000 approved courses in different study areas provided at 1100 education institutions and 43 universities. So, you can easily find your dream course in the regional universities.

However, there are certain courses that overseas students prefer to study in Australia. These courses have numerous benefits to graduates like high job prospects, PR possibility, and a chance for nomination from the states with range of scholarships available to deserving students.

Here are the top courses for undergraduate study in Australia for international students in the regional universities:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering courses
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing courses
  • Social Work
  • Building and Construction
  • Automotive courses
  • Bakery and Hospitality courses
  • English Language

Among them, the nursing courses in Australia are one of the most popular among the international students. Aspirants find quality education and skills in the top-ranked institutes of Australia. It is an important study for students looking to start a successful nursing career in life.

Do you want to move to Australia to higher education in nursing or another course?

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