Top 3 Reasons Why Nepalese Students Should Study in Australia

Choosing the right country to study abroad can be a difficult decision. If you are looking for a country which is close to multiple oceans, has amazing hiking trails and high-tech cities, then Australian may be an ideal choice for you. This fantastic country doesn’t lack in extraordinary traits, and its educational institutions rank high across the globe. Here are top three reasons why study in Australia:

Top-Ranked Universities

Australian universities, such as the University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Monash University etc., are among the top-ranked universities in the world. Many of the universities and colleges in Australia have special study abroad programs which offer competitive tuition and housing.

It is really tough to go abroad, take classes, and try to get a temporary job, all while trying to enjoy the surroundings. That’s the reason why some Australian universities offer internships and work placements during your study abroad experience.

You can know more about these universities and interesting programs by hiring experienced education consultants for Australia.

Exotic Wildlife

Away from being one of the top three education destinations for international students, Australia is also one of the most biologically-diverse landscapes across the globe. It is home to some of the rare species of animals on the Earth, like the Quokka. It’s a hot spot for a variety of reptiles which can be found in certain locations.

Science students aspiring to be biologists or botanists travel thousands of miles just to experience the abundant wildlife prowling Australia. There are plenty of conservation sites and parks in Australia which may offer internships in biological studies and animal conservation.

Cultural Diversity

Studying abroad means that you will be introduced to an unknown and challenging culture than the one to which you are accustomed. This may often seem intimidating at first, but it’s sure to result in a worthwhile experience. Many travelling students often recount their study abroad experiences through personal blogs for prospective students to read.

The diversity found in Australia allows international students to know multiple cultures and gather worldly knowledge.

So, above said are the top three reasons why international students want to study in Australia. Whether you want to study nursing in Australia or are planning to enrol in an engineering course, Australia is the best place to pursue a career in your chosen field.

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Five Interesting Things That Make Australia a Unique Study Abroad Destination

Australia is rapidly becoming a preferred destination in terms of education among Nepalese students. It provides an exceptional education and learning style that encourages you to be creative, innovative and think independently. No matter whether you study engineering, nursing or IT courses in Australia, it is an ideal place to live and study.

The country offers excellent value for money and a standard of living that’s among the highest in the world. Tuition fees and living expenses in Australia are relatively less than the US and the UK. Here are top five reasons why you should think about studying in this beautiful country.

Excellence: The Australian approach to technical and vocational education is now recognised as among the finest and most innovative in the world. Australian universities are globally renowned and featured in global rankings constantly. Institutions there deliver practical and career-oriented training so that graduates can be confident they have the skills required to work in the Australian workplace.

Innovation: Australia secures the reputation for adopting latest technologies at a faster rate than in many other countries and enters the new millennium with one of the highest rates of internet access across the globe. Facilities for training, teaching and research are world-class regarding hi-tech laboratories and classrooms, outstanding libraries and modern technology.

A Possibility of More Scholarships: Being comparatively new regarding attracting overseas students, Australia offers more scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students compared to the US or the UK.

Qualification Recognition: Australian degrees and qualifications are recognised by employers and top-class educational institutions in many countries around the world. Moreover, most programs and training undertaken by overseas students in Australia are covered by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). It’s a system of learning which is authorised by the Australian government.

Job Opportunities: The land down under offers more job facilities in multiple disciplines. Be it in aeronautics or agriculture, actuaries or accounts, Australia offers the work visa to international students like none other.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia for Nepalese Students

An investment in education brings high dividend in future. It is the desire to get the valuable knowledge necessary for bright future compelling Nepalese students to study in Australia. And, students are not regretting deciding to study in the Australian best universities.

Are you one of those students willing to study in Australia?

If yes, you are moving in the right direction to get international standard education and degrees that are accepted globally. But, you must decide what to study in Australia based on your career goal and ambition before flying to the country. It will improve your study experience and

Australia has a quality education system with robust infrastructure supporting modern training and researches. The country is a home to 7 universities ranked in the Top 100 QS World University. In total, there are 1100 educational institutions providing over 22000 courses in different study fields.

However, the Nepalese students prefer to study the following courses in Australian universities:

  • Hospitality and management courses
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Social work
  • Public health

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing study in Australia courses is employability. It is a crucial factor for students eyeing to work in the country after completion of higher education. The abovementioned courses have top employment prospects and career avenues for graduates in the Australian market. Almost all the relevant occupations are in the in-demand profession list as released by the country every year.

Career mobility is another benefit that international graduates enjoy after completion of studies in Australia. Receiving a renowned and accepted degree at hand, you will enjoy high career prospects anywhere in the world.

Besides getting a recognised degree and employment opportunities, Nepalese students enjoy many benefits while studying in Australia. Some of them are scholarships, part-time jobs, and better life skills necessary to take your career forward.

Want to get more information about the top courses in Australia?

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Top Reasons Why is Australia an Ideal Destination for Nepalese Students

Are you all set to move to Australia for higher education?

If yes, you are going in the right way to receive quality and valuable education – a vital step towards a bright future. Of late, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for Nepalese students looking to study abroad. It is getting popularity for all the good reasons and facilities that students enjoy studying in regional universities.

Before flying to Australia, make sure that you have necessary documents and information about the top courses, universities, and so on from expert Australian education consultants. It will help you in getting a seamless studying experience without facing many obstacles in the educational journey.

Top Things Attracting Nepalese Students in Australia

Australia is considered one of the best countries to live and study due to the presence of many conducive conditions. With a liberal society and welcoming locals, the students feel accepted and integral part of their communities, learning new cultures and values. It means the students get absorbed into the city very quickly.

The weather condition is pleasant and fabulous for outdoor activities in the sunshine. There are seven top-ranked student’s cities available in Australia for overseas students.

The country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world producing huge job opportunities for residents. You can opt for work and study in Australia while pursuing a degree in a regional university. Finding a part-time job is easy in the retail chain, department stores, and hospitality sectors. The scholarship is another facility available to eligible and meritorious Nepalese students.

On the educational front, the country has seven universities featured in the Top 100 QS World University Ranking. Studying in these universities, you will be trained by best faculties in modern infrastructures to develop industry-relevant skills in your chosen field. The degrees offered in Australia are recognised and accepted by governments, employers, and universities across the globe.

Australia prepares a list of occupations that need skilled professionals every year. The list has many sectors which are facing skill crisis in the domestic market. Overseas education consultants can provide more information regarding the in-demand courses in Australia and help to get a hassle-free visa process.

Want to get a hassle-free experience while studying in Australia?

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How an Education Consultant Helps You Realise Your Australian Dream?

Over a couple of years, the increasing trend of Nepali students leaving the country for gaining higher education has been in the spotlight. It’s been statistically substantiated that the number of students aspiring to study abroad has leapfrogged, indicating that foreign degrees are growing in popularity, precisely at the tertiary level education. In fact, Australia has become the first choice for Nepali students who are looking to pursue higher education abroad.

With the rising popularity of overseas education has increased the demand for expert education consultants for Australia. When you plan to leave your country, there are many things that you need to know and understand. Though there can be different ways to gather information about a country, course, university or visa process, hiring an education consultant is the finest and easiest one.

Let us find out why you need an education consultant!

Career Counselling: Career counselling is the first step when deciding to study overseas. It helps you take the right decision for a bright future. Effective and relevant counselling is offered by an experienced consultant only.

Meaning, whether it’s about why study in Australia, where to study in Australia or what to study in Australia, an education agent or consultant will suggest you the right pathway.

Gain coaching: You are required to go through many processes and clear different exams before you finally get your visa interviews. The tests need great learning and practice efforts. You can directly log onto the websites of the specific tests and examinations, but that wouldn’t help you ace the examination. An education consultant will help you prepare for the exams.

Admission Guidance: A consultant helps students by telling them about the right universities and courses. Also, they will tell you about the right course and institution, fees structure, and living expenses etc.

No matter whether you want to study nursing in Australia or pursue a career in accounting, an education consultant will tell you about the job opportunities available in your chosen field and what would be better for you.

Apart from these aspects, there are many other things, including suggesting accommodation, assisting with the visa application, job awareness etc., that a consultant can help you with.

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Why Nepalese Students Aspire to Study Accounting in Australia?

Some years ago, accounting was restricted to just numbers. But, nowadays, it is widely accepted as an in-demand profession. Accountancy is crucial for businesses or organisations as it provides updates on their financial health. An accounting professional advises a company of the progress and impending problems that need to be addressed. This is the department that makes figures and numbers exciting during management meetings.

Seeing the rising popularity of accounting, Nepalese students have started opting to study accounting in Australia. In fact, Australia is the first choice of Nepalese students when it comes to studying abroad. Let us see why Australia is so much popular among Nepalese students who’re planning to study abroad!

Cutting Edge Technology: Accounting students in Australia are taught and trained using the latest technology in the field of accountancy. Education providers there invest in developing applications, systems and research.

Qualified Instructors: In Australia, you will be educated and trained under the highly qualified instructors coming from different parts of the world. Overseas students in Australia are exposed to many disciplines, enabling them to understand the practices performed in other parts of the world.

Accreditation: There are three professional bodies for accountants in Australia: Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, and CPA Australia. Completing an accredited degree is a recognised pathway to associate membership to Institute of Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia.

High Employment Prospects: Students who have completed accounting courses in Australia will benefit from high employment prospects. There is no dearth of job vacancies in Australia, in the near future. Accounting is known for offering a future-proof career.

Global Demand: With the progress of world economy, the demand for accountancy graduates will also grow. Since Australian qualifications and degrees are recognised throughout the globe, you can seek jobs anywhere around the world.

Courses on Offer: Nepalese students will be able to choose courses offered by top-ranked institutes and universities. A few courses are:

Advance Diploma in Accounting

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Master of Professional Accounting

For more information about accounting, nursing or engineering courses in Australia, you can reach out one of our experts at AECC Global, a leading education consultancy and agency in Nepal.

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Why Should Overseas Students Study Accounting Courses in Australia?

Accounting, the backbone of the business, can be your ticket to a vibrant career in Australia. Facing the shortage of professional accountants for a long time, Australia is promoting the accounting profession. Australian universities offer a wide range of accounting courses for international students to study accounting in Australia.

If you are an accounting graduate, you can choose to be a taxation officer, financial analyst, manager, forensic accountant, banker or entrepreneur in Australia. So, where will an accounting degree take you?

Here are six good reasons to study accounting at an Australian university:

Top Class Teachers

Australia is globally renowned for its innovation and high-quality teaching at undergraduate and graduate level.

Accounting institutions in Australia offer classes that involve students in interactive and thought-provoking discussions. They often use the web as a learning tool.

Cutting Edge Courses

Accounting courses in Australia are constantly revised and upgraded to meet new challenges in a globalised and digitised world. Institutions in the country expose the students to e-businesses, offers advanced courses in assurance and business risk, encourage students to understand the links between business processes and strategy, and help them appreciate global influences on financial reporting and management.

Program Range and Flexibility

The depth of the courses offered by Australian institutions is extensive and includes courses in marketing, finance, information system, business law and taxation.

The course structures are flexible, and students can switch from full-time to part-time study, and vice versa. Most of the students can complete double majors. The popular double majors are Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Information System, Accounting and Business Law and Taxation.

How Accounting Makes an Impact?

In a broader term, accounting makes sense of numbers. It includes:

  • Managing economic activities and resources. This is done by interpreting and measuring financial data and communicating the findings to those who are in need.
  • Developing an innovative information system
  • Keeping on the top of an organisation’s finances to guarantee it achieves its goals.

Accounting also helps businesses and organisations better manage their people, products, services, brand and customers.

Since Australian accounting degrees and qualifications are recognised everywhere in the world, you will get an opportunity to work where you wish to.

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Six Powerful Reasons to Study in Australia

What do most people think of Australia? Perhaps, the wide-open spaces of the outback bush, koalas, kangaroos and clean water and air. However, the country has much more to offer than just that! Many overseas students are choosing Australia to pursue their higher studies largely, because of its laid-back and friendly natives, excellent education system, and top standard of living.

But, various other reasons make you visit this fantastic city to study. Here are some factors exhibiting why study in Australia:

Growing Destination

At present, Australia is the third most popular education destination for overseas students, behind the US and the UK. Plenty of students choose to study there because of the high-quality education, cultural diversity, and friendly natives.

Global Recognition

Educational institutions and employers across the globe recognise Australian degrees. Graduates from Australian universities and schools are highly sought after due to a strong international reputation of the Australian education system. The education system in Australia is regulated by the Australian government to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country.

Cost of Living

Australia’s living standard is amongst the highest in the world. Tuition fees and living costs are considerably lower in the country than they’re in the US and the UK. Overseas students can work part-time while they study, enabling them to offset their living costs. There is the possibility of scholarships, which can assist in lowering the cost of study in Australia for overseas students.

Diversity of Education

No matter if you want to study nursing in Australia or any other course, Australian institutions and universities offer a wide variety of courses and degrees. Meaning, you can choose the field and school that are right for you. International students can choose between universities, English language training, and vocational education.


The quality of scientific research is one of the most appealing aspects of Australia for overseas students. The country is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students studying in Australia can take advantage of Australia’s impressive technology and research resources.


Students pursuing their studies in the country are allowed to work up to twenty hours per week. This is an excellent opportunity for the ones who wish to earn money to help with living expenses during their stay and gain work experience while they study.

If you want to get more information, you can hire expert education consultants for Australia from AECC Global, a renowned education consultancy in Nepal.

Top 3 Courses Nepalese Students Choose to Study in Australia

It is quite an interesting fact that there’s been a consistent increase in the number of Nepalese students planning to study in Australia after 12th. They often chose the countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and India. Out of these countries, Australia has emerged as the first choice for Nepalese students to study abroad.

Simplified visa process, low tuition fee and living expenses, several scholarships, part-time job opportunities, and great career prospects are some of the major key factors that lure these students towards Australia.

A recent study exhibited that over 20,463 Nepalese students choose the Australian universities, making Nepal the 8th largest source of overseas students in Australian since September 2016.

What about the courses? What are the programs and courses that Nepalese students wish to study?

In general, students choose a course depending on their interest in a subject or field. And, Nepalese students are not an exception. However, their choice of programs is often influenced by the available job opportunities and career prospects for a subject in the given country.

Following are some of the most popular Australia courses for international students that Nepalese students love to enrol in:


Australia is home to seven top-ranked universities offering engineering programs. Australian engineering programs and degrees recognised globally, helping candidates to gain knowledge and skills required to achieve success. Internship programs for fresh students, bagful scholarships, and abundant job opportunities attract Nepalese students to study engineering in Australia.


Nursing is a future-proof career for the candidates who are looking to work as a health professional and want to serve fellow human being. Australian nursing programs are an ideal choice to reach towards the goal of becoming a successful nurse.


Hospitality is a unique career option for the ones who love to serve guests and manage them. Hospitality aspirants can pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree course in hospitality and management in Australia. Advanced theocratical as well as practical skills in the training help graduates to be ready for the industry.

The Australian Hospitality and Management Industry is growing at a rapid pace due to the constant inflow of tourists in the country. So, hospitality could be an attractive area to study in Australia and kickstart your career.

Besides these three courses, IT, medicine, and social work are other fields that Nepalese students prefer to study.

To get more information about popular courses, universities, scholarships, accommodation etc., you can reach experienced education consultants at AECC Global, a globally renowned agency in Nepal.

Hire Study in Australia Consultants to Make a Hassle-Free Entry in Australia

The trend of studying abroad has become very common, and students from different countries wish to pursue their higher studies in the countries such as Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand etc. When it comes to Nepalese students, they prefer going Australia to pursue higher studies.

In this era, when competition is looming large upon us, and parents wish their kids to be equipped with necessary skills, studying abroad can be an ideal way to reach the excellence. For this, it’s important to be prepared and plan your steps carefully. To help you do so, you can seek assistance from the study in Australia consultants.

Why Do You Need the Help of Education Consultants?

Study abroad education consultants have the necessary skills and expertise in guiding you about the finest universities and top courses available in Australia, or in the country you want to study in. They will provide you detailed information about the study destination, natives, environment, visa process and admission procedure. If students fail to meet the standards of a particular university, the education consultants will give them information about the alternative options.

They will let you know about the admission session/season of the universities. They will also tell you about the estimated expenses you are going to spend in order to bear tuition fees, living costs etc. In some cases, they will tell you about scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students and accommodation options.

You can also hire an education consultant if you need any assistance in applying for a student visa. Experienced agents are aware of all the necessary documents a student need in applying for a visa. They make sure that you have the necessary documents and ensure all paperwork is ready so that the student visa application can be submitted with ease.

Considering to Study in Australia

The world-class education system, multicultural society, welcoming natives, fresh environment, and white-sand beaches of Australia entice international students to study there. No matter whether you are determined to study engineering, accounting, nursing or IT courses in Australia, the country secures the third place on the list of most popular study destinations in the world.

If you want to know about top Australian universities, courses, student visa process, accommodation etc., you can meet our expert Australian education consultants at AECC Global, an internationally recognised education agency in Nepal.