What Makes Australia an Interesting Place for Overseas Students?

Everywhere you go in Australia; you’ll come across nice, supportive and welcoming people. Maybe it’s a nation with good climate, or being so close to the beaches, but you will find relaxed people all around. This is one of the reasons that attract Nepalese students in huge numbers.

Though Australia occupies the third spot in the list of top student destinations around the globe, it has become the first choice for Nepalese students looking to pursue their higher studies abroad. So, what are those leading factors that play a decisive role in alluring Nepalese students towards Australia?

Let us have a look!

Top-ranked Universities

Australia has so many world-class universities that allow international students to study in a multicultural environment and enhance the knowledge, practical and theoretical, of the subjects they study. These universities offer numerous courses, such as engineering, accounting, nursing, social work, IT courses in Australia etc.

Courses offered by these universities are recognised all over the world, giving you an opportunity to work or study anywhere you wish.

Cool Cultural Places

Australia is claimed to be the home of the oldest humans- the indigenous people of Australia. In the Northern Territory, you can explore rock formations and caves that were around in the Dreamtime. While in the Middle of Australia, you will find Uluru, a huge and desert rock sacred to the indigenous people. Apart from this, Australian cities are diverse and ethnic, home to individuals with nationalities from across the globe.

Financial Assistance

Australia enjoys the reputation of a stable economy. There is no dearth of people who come here in search of better employment opportunities and good quality of life. The Government of Australia, Australian universities and professional bodies offer many scholarships to international students.

If you are facing any financial problem, you can collect information about the available government aid and scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students for eligible candidates.

There are various scholarships Government Scholarships cover airfares, tuition fee, living costs etc.  while Merit Scholarships based on students’ outstanding academic covers up to 100 Percent Tuition fees and some cases Overseas Student Health Cover too.

Life Beyond Study

Australia is famous for outdoor activities and sports. It is conducive to an outdoor and healthy lifestyle, with the potential to partake in any recreational activity or sport you wish. Snorkelling and diving? Surfing? Hiking? AFL (Australian Rules Football)? Beach volleyball? Australian Tennis Open? Skiing? Australia has it all.

Where to Seek Help from?

If you are all set to study abroad in Australia, you need to have some knowledge about the country, course, institution and the visa process. There are a plenty of questions that you need an answer to. Where to study, which course would be the right one, or which university would be perfect are some of the questions that need answers.

Though there are various education consultants, you need to choose the right study in Australia consultants if you are going to studying in Australia.

AECC Global is the finest education consultancy and agency in Nepal which provides you with experienced education consultancy services.

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