Top Class Undergraduate Study in Australia for International Students

Today, when we have explored different branches of knowledge and progressed unprecedently, teaching methods, education standards, and curriculums have also been upgraded immensely. Alike other fields, the clouds of competition are looming large upon education as well. And, parents around the globe want to leave no stone unturned to get their kids into the best colleges and making them able to compete with other students.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, students in the third-world countries are opting for pursuing their higher studies abroad. Sighting the quality of education and fantastic job opportunities, students are finally turning up to well-known study destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK etc. In fact, Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students planning to study abroad. They often make plans to study engineering, IT, accounting, social study or nursing courses in Australia.

Over the last couple of years, the number of Nepalese students studying in Australia has increased significantly. So, what are those reasons that attract these students to study in Australia? Let us find out!

Top Quality Education

Apart from being a beautiful country, Australia is known for its world-class education system. Australian degrees are accepted across the globe, giving students an opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

Seven Australian universities are included in the list of top 100 universities around the world. These universities offer excellent undergraduate study in Australia for international students hailing from different parts of the world.


There are various scholarship options available for international students looking to study in Australia. Every year the Government of Australia sets aside more than $200 million specifically for overseas students going there to study at Australian universities. The scholarship option is open for students from all over the world.

Great Environment

Australia offers you a multicultural environment where people learn so many things interacting people from varied races, nationalities and ethnicity. If you love to have some fun on a sunny afternoon, Australian weather will impress you. The climate there remains moderately warn throughout the year. So, it’s excellent weather for beach activities.

If you have more question like where to study in Australia, how to get an Australian visa, what are the accommodation options there etc., you can meet expert education consultants at AECC Global.

AECC Global is a globally renowned education consultancy in Nepal.

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