Top Class Undergraduate Study in Australia for International Students

Today, when we have explored different branches of knowledge and progressed unprecedently, teaching methods, education standards, and curriculums have also been upgraded immensely. Alike other fields, the clouds of competition are looming large upon education as well. And, parents around the globe want to leave no stone unturned to get their kids into the best colleges and making them able to compete with other students.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, students in the third-world countries are opting for pursuing their higher studies abroad. Sighting the quality of education and fantastic job opportunities, students are finally turning up to well-known study destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK etc. In fact, Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students planning to study abroad. They often make plans to study engineering, IT, accounting, social study or nursing courses in Australia.

Over the last couple of years, the number of Nepalese students studying in Australia has increased significantly. So, what are those reasons that attract these students to study in Australia? Let us find out!

Top Quality Education

Apart from being a beautiful country, Australia is known for its world-class education system. Australian degrees are accepted across the globe, giving students an opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

Seven Australian universities are included in the list of top 100 universities around the world. These universities offer excellent undergraduate study in Australia for international students hailing from different parts of the world.


There are various scholarship options available for international students looking to study in Australia. Every year the Government of Australia sets aside more than $200 million specifically for overseas students going there to study at Australian universities. The scholarship option is open for students from all over the world.

Great Environment

Australia offers you a multicultural environment where people learn so many things interacting people from varied races, nationalities and ethnicity. If you love to have some fun on a sunny afternoon, Australian weather will impress you. The climate there remains moderately warn throughout the year. So, it’s excellent weather for beach activities.

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Top Three Student Cities in Australia

Are you looking to study abroad in Australia? If yes, then you will get the opportunity to study in famous universities and enjoy a highly cosmopolitan environment. The country also allows you to experience a vibrant city life, complemented by beautiful landscapes.

However, finding out the best student city in Australia is always a chaotic task. Let’s have a look at the top cities ensuring the top-quality undergraduate study in Australia for international students.


Ranked 5th in the list of most livable cities in the world, Melbourne is a cultural centre of Australia. Many top-class Australian corporations are headquartered in Melbourne. The city is a home to some renowned national organisations like the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Business Council of Australia.

The city allows overseas students to complement their studies with different leisure activities, such as attending music events and seeing sporting events and comedy shows. University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School and Monash University are two reputed institutions in Melbourne. Monash University is one of the best universities in the world and the largest university in Australia.


At an average, over 50,000 overseas students come to this city each year. The top reasons for that are the high quality of life and high rate of employability. Being the largest economy in Australia, Sydney is a financial centre of the country.

The city features five world-class universities that offer globally recognised research degree programmes. With a great mix of students, you can admire Sydney for its lovely beaches and green spaces. Meaning, if you are still searching an answer for where to study in Australia, Sydney could be the right option for you.


Brisbane is often called a ‘new-world’ city. As an international student, you will feel a truly multicultural environment here. Four well-known universities in Melbourne are present in the QS world universities rankings. Brisbane is one of the most affordable cities to live and study in Australia.

Local universities of Brisbane charge low tuition fee, and you can choose from more than 9,000-degree courses offered at Bachelor, Master and PhD level.

No matter whether you are planning to study engineering or looking to pursue nursing courses in Australia, above mentioned cities will offer you an amazing study and living experience.

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Top Reasons Why Nepalese Students Choose to Study in Australia

There are plenty of reasons that you should consider studying in Australia. In fact, the country has become one of the top three education destinations for international students. In some countries like Nepal, Australia is the first choice for students looking to study abroad.

According to an article published in the Kathmandu Post on June 10, 2016, “Australia is the most sought-after education destination for Nepali students. This year most of the students from going abroad have chosen Australia, making it the first-choice education destination for students from Nepal.”

In the last few years, the demand for expert education consultants for Australia has also gone up. Meaning, Nepalese students aspiring to study in Australia are leaving no stone unturned to make their studying in Australia experience smooth and positive.

Australia offers a remarkable education experience that makes a real difference. Overseas graduates who have completed their courses at Australian universities are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions globally.

Australia is a vibrant and dynamic country with energetic and friendly natives. The country offers great value for your money and ensures high standards of living.

If you’re still confused about choosing the right education destination or seeking an answer for why study in Australia, let us see what are the things that make Nepalese students study in Australia.


The Australian approach to technical and vocational education is recognised as among the best and most innovation around the globe. It enjoys a global reputation for excellence in all domains of training and education. Australian universities are recognised for excellence in several disciplines.

Institutions there deliver practical as well as career-oriented training so that graduated can be confident they have the skills required by the employers in Australia.


Australia secures a reputation for inventing and adopting new technologies at a faster pace than the other countries. Facilities for training, teaching and research are top-class in terms of state of the art infrastructure, labs, classrooms, libraries etc.

Qualification Recognition

No matter whether you have studied engineering, accounting or IT, Australian degrees and qualifications are recognised by the employers and institutions in many countries across the globe. For instance, if you study nursing in Australia, your nursing degree will be accepted and recognised everywhere.

Cost of Living

An overseas student in Australia gets full value for money in terms of cost of living. The conversion factor there is cheaper than the US and the UK.

Job Opportunities

While the US focuses more on IT professionals and the UK closes doors for doctors, overseas students have started to hit upon Australia, a country which offers more job opportunities in multidiscipline. Be it in aeronautics or agriculture, actuaries or accounts, nursing or social work, Australia provides permits to overseas students like none other.

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Why is Australia a Popular Destination for International Students?

Australia has become one of the top destinations for international students willing to study abroad. Students get a valuable education and gain life-enriching experience while studying in the regional universities. Pursuing higher education in the country is considered a vital step for career development and succeed in the chosen profession.

Are you looking to study higher education in Australia?

If yes, you’re going in the right way to enjoy a successful professional life. As an international student, you will get unmatched study experience and knowledge to take your career forward.

Without much delay, let us know the reasons why Australia has become a popular study destination for international students.

Globally Recognised Education System

Australia’s University Ranking System has ranked 9th globally, ahead of Germany, Japan and New Zealand. It means pursuing higher education in Australia will fetch recognised degrees, improving your career prospects globally. Decide what to study in Australia based on your preference and career goal. Make sure that the selected course is CRICOS approved to get quality training and certificate.

Diverse Career Options

Australia is a home to 8 universities which are ranked in the top 100 of QS World University Rankings for higher education. Meaning, you will have options for applying to best universities for valuable education and professional success.

The country has a robust education system consisting of 22, 000 courses on offer at 1100 educational institutions. There is no dearth of study in Australia courses for the overseas students. But, here is the list of famous courses that overseas students prefer to study in the country:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Social Work
  • Hospitality and Management
  • And others

No matter which course you’ve chosen, you need preparation and planning to get a seamless and fruitful education journey. Consult with an education consultant to get assistance right from applying for admission to collection of necessary documents. Additionally, you will get guidance in applying for scholarships, acquire knowledge of lifestyle, education system, and other relevant things.

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What Makes Australia an Interesting Place for Overseas Students?

Everywhere you go in Australia; you’ll come across nice, supportive and welcoming people. Maybe it’s a nation with good climate, or being so close to the beaches, but you will find relaxed people all around. This is one of the reasons that attract Nepalese students in huge numbers.

Though Australia occupies the third spot in the list of top student destinations around the globe, it has become the first choice for Nepalese students looking to pursue their higher studies abroad. So, what are those leading factors that play a decisive role in alluring Nepalese students towards Australia?

Let us have a look!

Top-ranked Universities

Australia has so many world-class universities that allow international students to study in a multicultural environment and enhance the knowledge, practical and theoretical, of the subjects they study. These universities offer numerous courses, such as engineering, accounting, nursing, social work, IT courses in Australia etc.

Courses offered by these universities are recognised all over the world, giving you an opportunity to work or study anywhere you wish.

Cool Cultural Places

Australia is claimed to be the home of the oldest humans- the indigenous people of Australia. In the Northern Territory, you can explore rock formations and caves that were around in the Dreamtime. While in the Middle of Australia, you will find Uluru, a huge and desert rock sacred to the indigenous people. Apart from this, Australian cities are diverse and ethnic, home to individuals with nationalities from across the globe.

Financial Assistance

Australia enjoys the reputation of a stable economy. There is no dearth of people who come here in search of better employment opportunities and good quality of life. The Government of Australia, Australian universities and professional bodies offer many scholarships to international students.

If you are facing any financial problem, you can collect information about the available government aid and scholarships in Australia for Nepalese students for eligible candidates.

There are various scholarships Government Scholarships cover airfares, tuition fee, living costs etc.  while Merit Scholarships based on students’ outstanding academic covers up to 100 Percent Tuition fees and some cases Overseas Student Health Cover too.

Life Beyond Study

Australia is famous for outdoor activities and sports. It is conducive to an outdoor and healthy lifestyle, with the potential to partake in any recreational activity or sport you wish. Snorkelling and diving? Surfing? Hiking? AFL (Australian Rules Football)? Beach volleyball? Australian Tennis Open? Skiing? Australia has it all.

Where to Seek Help from?

If you are all set to study abroad in Australia, you need to have some knowledge about the country, course, institution and the visa process. There are a plenty of questions that you need an answer to. Where to study, which course would be the right one, or which university would be perfect are some of the questions that need answers.

Though there are various education consultants, you need to choose the right study in Australia consultants if you are going to studying in Australia.

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Here’s Why Nepalese Students Choose Studying Accounting in Australia

Accounting is known as the language of businesses. The field of accounting offers a future-proof career, meaning no matter whether there is global financial crisis or recession, you will hardly see companies or organisations cutting back accounting vacancies. Accounting profession weighs more in the countries like Australia, where there is a shortage of expert accounting professionals.

Keeping all these prospects in mind, Nepalese students prefer to study accounting in Australia. In fact, Australia is the first choice for Nepalese students aspiring to study abroad. As far as studying accounting in Australia is concerned, the number of overseas students who want to pursue their career in the field of accounting has reached to a whopping 500 percent between the year 2001 to 2014.

So, what are those reasons that allure international students to make a career in accounting, especially in Australia? Let us find out!

Job Security

Where there is a business, there is the accounting. The primary role of an accountant is to maintain the financial health of an organisation and produce data to help companies making important decisions. Accountants make it possible for the organisations or companies to measure their performance and progress.

In short, rising number of businesses will lead to the broadening of scope for accounting graduates or the ones who have studied accounting courses in Australia.

Advance Up the Career Ladder

In recent times, accounting professionals are rapidly making their way to the top of the corporate ladder. A significant rise of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is unrivalled by other job position, and giant companies like Phillip Morris, Applebee’s and Krispy Kreme have promoted their CFOs to CEOs over the past few years.

Diversity of the Field

There are plenty of fields available to students who pursue an accounting degree in Australia. You could go to cost accounting, internal auditing, management accounting, forensic accounting – and the list goes on. With an accounting degree, your pathways are far and wide.

Being an accountant means that you will get the opportunities to interact and forge relationships with other departments of the company. Your diversity within an organisation will make it easy for you to move to another department if you ever feel like a change.

So, if you are a wizard with numbers, have a passion for performance and a knack for data- why not study accounting?

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Six Things That Make Australia a Perfect Study-abroad Destination

Did you know that Australia secures the third position on the list of most popular study-abroad destinations in the world, behind only the US and the UK? This is not surprising when you come to know that Australia is a home to eight of the top 100 universities across the globe!

Australia has a highly educated population with a thirst for knowledge and perfection. The country has significantly contributed to science and research through sensational innovations, fascinating discoveries, world-class educational opportunities, and international collaboration.

When people think about this beautiful country, they often talk about green pastures, koalas, kangaroos, clean air and water. However, the land down under offers much more like friendly nature natives, excellent education system, and high standards of living. There are several reasons why overseas students choose Australia to study:


Top-ranked universities and educational institutions offer a wide variety of courses in Australia for international students. Being an international student, you can easily find the best-suited schools and field for you. Students can choose between colleges, universities, vocational courses, and English language training.

Advanced Technology

Australia has prominent scientific research programs available for overseas students. International students studying in Australia can take full advantage of the impressive technology and research resources in the country.

Work Permit

As an international student, you are allowed to work 20 hours in a week, meaning you can afford your living expenses and rentals while pursuing your studies. This work opportunity also enables you to gain useful work experience in a foreign country and meet different people.

Living Expenses

Living and study in Australia costs are reasonably lower in Australia than they are in the countries like the US or the UK. However, the living standards in Australia are very high as compared to other competing nations. Australian government and educational institutions offer a plenty of scholarships which can help lower the cost of studying there.

Globally Recognised Degree

Educational institutions as well as employers all over the world, accept and recognise Australian degrees and other certificates. Graduates in Australia are known for finding jobs successfully and holding key positions worldwide.

Multicultural and Safe Environment

Australia is a safe, sophisticated, and friendly society in which international students are welcomed with open arms. People from almost every part of the world reside there.

So, no matter whether you study engineering in Australia, or are eyeing any other field to explore, there are great chances for you to succeed.

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Top 3 In-Demand Courses for International Students to Study in Australia

If you have found an answer for why to study in Australia after 10+2, you will come across the next question: which course should I study there?

Though choosing the right course is a tough task, it is often influenced by the personal choice of a student. Being the top 3rd education destination for overseas student¸ Australia is a home to some top-ranked universities which offer numerous courses for both local and international students. Out of which some are expensive while others are cheap.

However, we are not going to discuss the cheap course here. In fact, the blog is about the courses that are popular among Nepalese students and in-demand by employers in Australia.

Owing to the rising demands of these courses, it gets easier to find employment. It’s no coincidence that all these courses are also on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. There are five different types of jobs in demand in Australia: health, engineering, IT, trades and miscellaneous. Most of these Australia courses for international students are not only in demand in Australia but also across the globe.

Let us find out top three courses:


Nursing is the occupation that will always be in demand in Australia. The country has been experiencing a lack of qualified and registered nurses for a long time. There are different nursing professions in demand in Australia, such as aged care registered nurse, nurse practitioner, and surgical nurse. Two main nursing courses offered are:

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing


Although the mining boom is over, there is still a high demand for all types of engineers in Australia. Qualified and experienced engineers are highly paid in Australia. If you want to become a successful engineer in Australia, you need to study and complete a Bachelor of Engineering offered by many Australian universities. Engineering is one the most popular and in-demand courses to study in Australia.

Information Technology (IT)

Occupations such as System Analyst, ICT Business Analyst and Software Engineer are also on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. If you want to make a successful career in IT sector, you can opt for doing an IT course at an Australian university.

Many universities throughout the country offer IT courses.

To know more about the popular and in-demand courses for international students in Australia, you can meet one of our education agents at AECC Global, an education consultancy and agency in Nepal.

Know the Top Reasons of Studying Nursing in Australia

Nursing is a unique profession that allows professionals to save precious lives, bring cheer and comfort to those in need. It is a rewarding and gratifying occupation for the professionals. Skilled nurses enjoy high employment opportunities in the healthcare setting around the globe.

Do you want to start a successful career in nursing?

If yes, pursue your higher education in the top institution of Australia to get quality education. The country has renowned universities offering nursing programs and courses. Modern facilities are used in the training and simulated projects. Study nursing in Australia to be equipped with skills and expertise necessary to get jobs in the industry. Thus, it is considered a crucial step towards a successful career in the healthcare sector.

Apart from that, there are additional benefits of studying in Australia for the aspirants. Let us look at the top reasons why study in Australia is beneficial for you.

Career Options

Nursing is one of the finest career options for the youngsters. It opens huge employment opportunities for the students after completing their studies. You can work in different healthcare settings in the following sectors:

  • Childcare
  • Aged care
  • Care for differently-abled
  • Maternity centre
  • Community welfare
  • Critical care unit
  • And others

You will get jobs in the industry based on your specialisation in the graduation.

Job Opportunities

Nursing is one such sector which is facing skill shortage in Australia. Several studies have found that the country will need 1,09, 000 nurses by 2025. So, there is a high possibility of getting a job in the domestic market after graduation.

Global Recognition

Australian nursing courses are popular and recognised worldwide for their quality. Acquiring the nursing degrees will help in getting jobs in the healthcare settings around the globe.

Studying in Australia isn’t devoid of obstacles and problems. As an international study, you may face confusion in choosing the right courses, universities, and accommodation facilities. Get guidance and help from the education consultants for Australia for a seamless studying experience. Additionally, you will get guidance on applying for a scholarship if it is available in the institution.

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Top Things to Know Before Flying to Australia for Higher Education

Is studying higher education in Australia on your mind?

If yes, you have chosen one of the best study destinations in the world for higher education. The country has world-class universities offering quality education and academic courses with worldwide recognition. Students enjoy career development post study in Australia courses which help in getting jobs in the industry.

But, it is essential to know certain things before taking your flight to Australia to get a seamless and fruitful education journey.

Here are the top things you should know as an aspirant:

  1. Apply for a Course in the Selected Institution

Based on your career goal and preference, decide what to study in Australia in the top institution. Make sure to collect information about faculties, curriculums, fee structure, reviews of previous students, etc., of the educational institution in which you intend to study before applying for the course.

If your academic qualification, English proficiency skill, and other documents meet the requirement of the institution, you will be selected for admission. You will get a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) in the chosen course from the provider online.

  1. You Need a Student Visa

Pursuing courses with duration more than three months require a student visa. Applying for a student visa has become easier with the launch of e-Student Visa (500) for all courses. However, you need to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements to grant you a visa.

Here are the top documents you need for this:

  • Submit a proof of English language skill
  • Electronic copy of CoE from an approved education provider
  • Evidence of sufficient fund for admission, tuition fees, airfare, etc.
  • Academic qualification
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Character certificate
  1. Know the Education System

Australia has a recognised education system, and its University Ranking System ranked 9th globally. Use of technology in the research projects and practical training are prevalent in the country. The education system encourages students to be creative, rational and problem-solver inculcating professional skills. However, it is important to note the admission procedures, norms, and regulation are different.

  1. Study in Australia is Expensive

Studying in Australian universities is not cheap. You should have enough fund for your financial costs of admission fees, living expenses, transports, and so on. It is why overseas students prefer to work part-time in the local stores to earn additional money for these costs. Additionally, students may apply for a scholarship to the concerned authority if eligible.

Apart from that, Australia is a progressive nation with a liberal society. Be ready to face culture shock, lifestyle, and other things. Consult with the best consultancy in Nepal for Australia to get more reliable information and guidance from experts.

Do you want to get a seamless and successful education journey in Australia?

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